Let’s find out how each zodiac sign behaves on social networks.

Social media are now part of our life. From Facebook to Instagram it is really difficult to find someone who can not get involved or who does not have their own opinion on the use that should be made of it. What many do not know, however, is that even the way of approaching a social network is affected by the influences of the stars, just pay a little attention, to notice that people with a certain zodiac sign tend to have ways of behaving on social networks in common compared to those of another sign. After all, when you are on the web you can be detached, fixed, constantly connected, curious about the thoughts of others, obsessed with selfies, etc … There are really many ways of being and behaving, so if you are curious to discover you just have to read the profile corresponding to your zodiac sign or your ascendant (which in these cases can have its influence in this regard). After all, why not explore another part of us?

How does each sign on social media

Aries – Arranging your photos
You know well that social networks can also act as a personal showcase and so you never miss an opportunity to look for the best photos to upload, possibly with the addition of some retouching that can make them look their best. After all, what on the web is a world that speaks mostly through images, so why not offer the best perspective you can give of yourself?

Taurus – Painting yourself at your best
Sometimes on social networks you tend to exaggerate a little and inflate some information also playing on half-truths in order to show the best of you. It is not about who knows what lies but doing it makes you more tense than you yourself can imagine. Describing yourself for who you are, in fact, you would like yourself anyway without the burden of having to prove something more when a virtual knowledge were to turn into real.

Gemini – Playing and joining ever new groups
For you, wandering around on social networks is a great way to stave off boredom and have new experiences. Unfortunately, even there you are afraid of running into contexts that you think are monotonous and to avoid it you end up subscribing to various groups and pages, reaching numbers that you will hardly be able to follow. In short, even with social media the problem of boredom seems to be looming. Luckily there are photos to look at and those, at least for now, almost never seem to get tired, especially when you are tagged in those of others, discovering new shades of you and how you can appear in the eyes of others.

Cancer – Following pages and pages on the topics they like
Your presence on social media seems to be fluctuating because days can go by before reading your post. In truth, the time you spend between Facebook, Instagram and other services of this type is always the same. Except that more than talking about yourself, you see social media as a means to broaden your knowledge and to get information on the topics you like. For this reason you tend to follow the pages and groups of the topics that are most close to your heart and there you are always active, ready to comment or like the places you consider most interesting.

Leo – Showing off
Let it never be said that you are sinful of consistency. In social media, just like in everyday life, your ambition is to get noticed and stand out on everyone. For this reason, you spend a lot of time expressing important thoughts or posting photos in which you communicate messages or show special moments in your life. Those who have contacts, will hardly forget that they have added you because your posts will continue to appear as small meteors in the firmament. What more than fair for someone like you who aspires to be a star, right?

Virgo – Sharing Photos
Being on social media is not your greatest aspiration and if you do it is only to keep yourself informed about your friends’ activities. Similarly, you try to let them know if a thought has reached you and to do so you often share photos and thoughts of your contacts. A way of doing that is probably also nice but that you could enrich with more comments, in order to make yourself socially visible. Assuming it matters to you, of course.

Libra – Discovering events to participate in
Facebook is for you a sort of great online newspaper, in which to find out what is happening in the world, to your friends and in the circle of your interests. For this reason, you often come across events in which you want to participate so much that you share them to convince your friends to follow you on one of your adventures. After all, social networks are used to socialize and you, from your point of view, have found the right way to take advantage of this service.

Scorpio – Grasping the smallest details from each status
Your predisposition to investigative life and the insight you display in various circumstances make you an excellent observer of the behavior of others. Thus, it is easy that browsing through the contacts of your friends you will notice some important detail. After all, this is how you discovered a betrayal against a dear friend or a love that was about to be born, right? Requirements that for those around you are almost magical powers and that could make you the person to turn to in case of doubts about someone. Be careful to let people know about your predisposition, therefore, unless you are ready for the various requests you may receive.

Sagittarius – Having fun with others
On social media you always like to tear a smile and collect funny likes and comments for your jokes. It is a different way than usual to get noticed and it is also what you feel most in your hearts and that allows you to meet new and nice people who in some cases can also turn into friends to live outside the virtual world. In short, your way of experiencing social media is decidedly healthy and relaxed.

Capricorn – With a relationship that is more than fluctuating
For you who were born under this sign, the relationship you have with social networks is of a variable type and a lot can depend on your ascendant. You can therefore be very active and attentive to every move of friends and acquaintances or completely indifferent and able to not connect for days unless you have a valid reason to do so. What matters is that others always know that it is best to use traditional means to contact you.

Aquarius – Always saying his
Spontaneous as never before and completely indifferent to what others may think, on social media you are simply yourself and you love to like or share photos and thoughts that reflect your way of being and feeling. For this reason you can be loved or be on the boxes to those who may see you unwilling to fill them with likes. But, hey, those have to be earned too, right? And nothing is worth more than the sense of freedom given by being able to do what you want.

Pisces – Expressing every emotion with verses and images
Of a romantic nature, you tend to make your mood understood through quotes from others or extracts from songs with which you identify yourself in the moment. A way that makes you feel safe and allows you to express yourself to the fullest and without necessarily worrying about what others might say or think. Being a creative, however, every now and then you might try to leave something of yours too, you would certainly receive more acclaim.


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