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How do you live on Monday? Here is the opinion of the stars on your way of living on the first day of the week.

Monday has always been considered the hardest day of the week. After the festive weekend, in fact, we find ourselves having to resume the usual rhythms, get up early and face a new week full of commitments and deadlines to respect. Although Mondays are a bit the same for everyone, the way in which each of us chooses to deal with them can vary a lot and this depends on many factors including the influence that the stars have on us. Today, therefore, after having seen how we live on Sunday and if we are more suitable to take a dog or a cat with us, we will find out how we position ourselves towards Monday and what we could do to live it to the fullest.

How do you deal with your Mondays? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – With the resignation
Let’s face it, starting a new work or study week is not at all in your hearts and if you could choose, you would much prefer to leave for a nice holiday, perhaps to spend on some beach far from any source of stress. Having to keep your feet firmly fixed in reality, however, you prefer to take things as they come, facing your Monday with a sort of resignation and waiting for the first day to end in order to make you at least one step closer to the next weekend. . Sure, things could turn out better if you try to make it more attractive, perhaps by including a coffee break to share with a friend or by treating yourself to a perfume or something you like in a mini evening shopping session. In this way, even Monday will appear less gray.

Taurus – Naturally
For you, Mondays are not something tragic. You know what your duties are and you know how to make them more interesting after a weekend spent relaxing and getting your fill of pampering and relaxation. Usually, therefore, you know how to start on the right foot, putting aside the melancholy for the past Sunday and focusing only on the present and on the many things to do before the next weekend which, you already know, will be just as relaxing and will be. even more so if you know that you have given your best all week, achieving your goals without problems.

Gemini – With joy
Sunday is beautiful but in the long run it would also bore you too much rest. For this reason you almost always end up appreciating the start of a new week which, as it is unpredictable, piques your curiosity by making you want to experiment with every new possibility. Unlike many other people, therefore, you are among those who welcome Monday with good energy, many resolutions and positive thoughts. Of course, the speed with which you change your mood can sometimes make your approach less joyful than usual but basically your predisposition can be said to be good.

Cancer – With laziness
The idea of ​​having to start the usual routine again makes you want to take a day off to sleep all day. This says a lot about your relationship with Monday which is not positive at all but fluctuating and a victim of your mood swings that most of the time stretch out for the negative, especially if the commitments lead you to have to get up early or to go out when out. it is colder than you can bear. A little autogenic training the night before could help you see things less negatively, while giving you the energy you need to start your day with a modicum of excitement.

Leo – With determination
As much as lazing around and enjoying life is something you like a lot, that of the daily grind and busy schedule is your world. This pushes you to embrace the beginning of the week with enthusiasm and determination, aware that there will be new goals to be achieved and all waiting to be able to celebrate them in the next weekend which, you already know, will arrive in a flash. When you keep yourself constantly busy, after all, time passes so fast that you can’t even blame the arrival of Monday.

Virgo – With a certain bad mood
No, the long week to live does not excite you at all. Your being overly critical and grasping the hardest aspects of everything makes you almost allergic to Mondays. Of course things would be different if there was a nice holiday waiting for you but when it comes to commitments to fulfill things never seem to turn in the right direction. As soon as you wake up you can already think about the thousand things you would rather do than get up and go to meet the new day and this often leads you to be in a bad mood. If you try to smile for once, you will discover that sometimes even Mondays can reserve some surprises and that even those around you can turn out to be a good companion in adventures if you learn to approach it the right way.

Libra – Quietly
On Monday? For you it is simply a day of the week. You know that it exists and you live it naturally, aware that you cannot change things and that you will certainly live better if you accept what life puts in front of you rather than the other way around. Your Mondays, therefore, always start in a calm way, with an awakening as calm as possible and a whole series of habits that you have put together over time in order to make each phase more pleasant. For the rest, you know that the sooner you get active and the sooner you will arrive on Tuesday and faster and faster at the weekend where you can finally relax and give yourself some time just for yourself.

Scorpio – Depending on the circumstances
Starting a new week is never pleasant, especially if there are things that characterize it that you don’t want to do. And it is precisely this awareness that is often the basis of your way of living on Mondays. If you know that there will be pleasant moments waiting for you, the mood will be on your side, on the contrary, however, your desire to start a new week will be so underground as to make you almost intractable. Remember that hard commitments are part of everyone’s life and that you can always compensate for the problem by including pleasant things to do.

Sagittarius – With enthusiasm
Needless to say, for you a new week represents a blank page to write and what better occasion than this to feel charged and excited at the thought of everything you can do? Your enthusiasm is so contagious that it is a panacea for those who need to be cheered up but can also be annoying to those who struggle to fuel. In any case, it is a problem that does not affect you because when you set out on your way you do it with conviction and with a predisposition of mind that cannot be influenced by anyone.

Capricorn – Being proactive
The idea of ​​committing yourself to work has never created problems for you, for this reason starting a new week does not create any problems for you, on the contrary, usually you even wait anxiously for this moment, especially when you know you still have situations to conclude. Your mood on Monday mornings is therefore quite positive and this makes you one of the few people able to fuel up in the morning, looking fresh and calm as if there is no rhythm to pick up. Which, among other things, is true for you, since even on rest days you can’t help but keep yourself busy.

Aquarius – With a little despondency
Resuming the week means having to go back to the crowd, mostly face long faces and discuss with colleagues from study or work. For you who have always loved the tranquility and moments of solitude which you tend to fill up on days off, all this is rather “heavy”. For this reason it is not at all strange to see you more sluggish than usual, with slow ways and with an obvious lack of desire to keep up. Fortunately, from mid-morning you begin to regain confidence with the rhythm of every day, but the mood always takes some time to align. For this reason, you should try to create an oasis of your own to reserve for yourself on Monday, so that you have a loophole, something that will cheer you up and for which to look forward to the moment. For sure,

Pisces – With a fleeting sadness
Detaching from the comfort of the weekend is something you don’t particularly love, so much so that you start to feel bad already on Sunday evening. Fortunately, your initial sadness melts away rather quickly, pushing you to face the rest of the day with determination, trying to keep going in anticipation of the next weekend. A solution? Create a special moment just for the first day of the week. One in which to meet a friend or your sweetheart for afternoon tea or a lunch break that is a little longer than usual. It will be a bit like bringing a pinch of Sunday into your gray Monday, giving it some color.

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