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Horoscope: find out if and how anxious you are. Here is the opinion of the stars.

Among human emotions, one of the most difficult to manage is certainly anxiety . In fact, anxious people know well how this feeling is often sudden and at the same time impetuous. Although it is a condition that we all feel sooner or later, there are people who more than others seem destined to try it, a little because of their character, a little because of their experiences and, obviously, also because of the influence of stars.
Today, therefore, after having seen if you are an insecure person and what you are brilliant at, we will try to understand if you are anxious .and what do you pour this state of mind into. Since this is a way of feeling, the advice is, as always, to also check the profile of your ascendant in order to have a more complete picture.

Find out if you are anxious based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Almost Not
At All Anxiety Anxiety is not for you and of all the signs yours is the one that is least prone to this type of emotion. Accustomed as you are to competing, you experience situations that tend to challenge you as a challenge that can give you adrenaline. Even in times when it would be normal to feel anxiety, you tend to channel this emotion differently, becoming gritty and ready to fight. A way of taking things that is positive in itself even if at times, fear could push you to engage more in what you do, even managing to increase your results.

Taurus – Moderately Anxious
Basically you tend to be quite rational and this leads you to not often experience anxiety states. When you are faced with a situation that is really important to you, however, you tend to get a little agitated. Fortunately, the level is always low and with it also the stress you carry on you. This therefore allows you to face everything with more energy and with the right clarity, which is essential to think well about every aspect of what you have in front of you.

Gemini – Anxiety alternately
Your anxiety often depends on your mood and context. On days when you feel confident and in a good mood, you face everything with due calm, feeling almost pardoned for the absence of negative emotions. When the day starts badly, however, even anxiety seems to visit you, completely changing your way of doing and thinking and leading you to act in a way that is sometimes hasty and others careless enough to take risks. Advice? Trying to find inner calm even when it seems more difficult. Sometimes it is enough to listen to a song or meditate for a few minutes to change mood, opening up to more positive states.

Cancer – Very anxious
The truth? You are a very anxious person and you are particularly anxious towards your loved ones. Your fear that something bad will always happen or that some of them will get tired of you by moving away is such that you risk ruining your life and cracking your relationship with others. Often, in fact, due to anxiety you risk becoming extremely jealous and possessive, pouring your frustration on others who, obviously, risk getting tired of your ways. A problem that occurs most in love where you often give the worst of you. When you feel like this, try to remember that your fears are often just the result of anxiety and count to 100 before becoming heavy on others. In this way, the facts will prove you were wrong and security, over time, will lead you to be less and less anxious.

Leo – Not very anxious
Your level of anxiety is never excessive and is mostly linked to work where you tend to transform this emotion into adrenaline with which to advance towards your goals. Of course, every now and then the fear of not succeeding takes hold of you too but accustomed as you are to getting involved and taking things head-on, you tend to chase it away quickly to focus on what really interests you, thus managing to rationalize any problems for find a clear and lucid solution.

Virgo – Only anxious about certain things
Generally you are not an anxious person, quite the opposite. Your tendency is to never get upset by the things happening around you, while keeping an attitude so relaxed that it almost seems detached. Still, there are things that push you into anxiety and it is usually about the health and safety of your loved ones. In a nutshell of what you can’t 100% control. In part, this depends on your being very rational and therefore little reach for what is unexplainable or what is abstract in your eyes. Try to embrace these aspects of life as well and the awareness that not everything can be enclosed in well-defined patterns. In this way, even the anxiety will slowly fade away. Seeing is believing.

Libra – Anxious in a positive way
Your being a calm and moderate person always makes you less prone to anxiety. You mostly experience the positive aspect of this emotion, that is the desire to do something and the exciting expectation you feel when you are waiting for something beautiful. This makes you a positive person and able to instill calm in others. This is why you are often sought out by anxious people who, by standing next to you, hope to relax. Be careful not to get infected, then!

Scorpio – Anxious
Your anxiety levels are positioned around average making you a person capable of feeling both calm and anxiety states. This particularly happens when things seem to go wrong or when you can’t imagine a possible solution to a problem. If this happens, you feel anxiety suddenly mounting, suddenly losing the ability to think clearly. The solution? Finding techniques that allow you to experience this emotion differently and turn it into something positive. A bit like you do when the desire to do something takes your sleep away and puts you in a state of frenzy in which you do practically everything. Here, this is a more positive side of anxiety that you may be starting to experience.

Sagittarius – Not anxious
For you, life must be lived in full and with all kinds of emotions. Almost not at all anxious, if you find yourself trying something similar it is usually a desire to do or fear of missing something beautiful. Either way your answer is always to jump in and act early to get as much stuff as you can. Definitely a positive attitude but which often leads you to little empathize with others. Remember that sooner or later you too could be a victim of this feeling and that trying to understand more who lives it will help you not only in your relationship with others but also in what you experience daily with yourself.

Capricorn – Definitely anxious
Yes, you are an anxious person. For better or for worse, when it comes to waiting for something you do it with an unparalleled frenzy that often ends up taking away otherwise useful energy. Sometimes even the unknowns tend to blow you away, making you enter a vicious circle and leading you to think the worst. Fortunately, your anxiety is not always skyrocketing, sometimes you surprise everyone by showing total calm in situations that in other cases you had faced differently. This portends a possibility of learning to manage the situation, becoming less and less anxious. Everything is about practicing but given the prize at stake we might as well try, right?

Aquarius – Not at all anxious
Anxiety does not belong to you at all. In life you tend to think about yourself and to live each experience as it comes and without particular problems. Your disinterest in what others might think of you helps you with the rest, making you a person little prone to anxiety or paranoia of any kind. A little more empathy, however, could come in handy, making you understand others better and leading you to improve interpersonal relationships that are not always the best.

Pisces – A little bit as anxious
Emphatic as you are, sometimes you tend to feel the anxiety of others too and try it yourself. A situation that, however absurd, happens more often than you think. The rest of the time it is you yourself making negative thoughts that increase your anxiety making you always think of the worst. Trying to relax and not get too involved with others could therefore change your mood, making you a safer and less unstable person.

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