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How A Woman Wants To Be Loved, According To Her Zodiac Sign 2k22

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Women want to be loved in a very specific way. Men sometimes no longer see through it because not every woman wants to be loved in the same way. However, her zodiac sign says a lot about what she wants from her husband in order to have the feeling of being loved.

The Aries Woman: Looking for a friend!

What a Ram woman is most looking for in a relationship is a best friend. She wants someone who feels comfortable when they’re together. She loves spending long nights on a couch and talking about everything. She loves it when her partner is someone with whom she can share her deepest, darkest secrets. She wants a man who can be vulnerable to her and who lets her in his heart

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The Taurus woman: it should be the perfect model man!

A bull woman wants a relationship that looks good from the outside. She wants every moment to look like a perfect Instagram story. She is looking for men who are not afraid to show his wife in public. She wants a man to take her to the most exciting places and do the most exciting activities with her. This is why you should have confidence if you want to keep a woman in your life.

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The Gemini woman: she wants a man who arouses her interest!

Above all, a twin woman wants a man with whom she can have a deep and intimate relationship. Twins tend to be very passionate people and they want to let their thoughts run free. Therefore, it is important for them to find a man who is interesting enough to have their full attention. Only in this way can she focus on one man.

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The Cancer woman: trust is everything!

A cancer woman is always looking for a man whom she can trust completely. These women are known to be very methodical and they like to keep things hidden. They don’t like to open up because they know that it makes them vulnerable. They are just waiting for the right man to come and help them open their hearts and relax. All they care about is finding a man who really deserves their trust

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The Lioness: she demands loyalty!

Lionesses are known to be very possessive and territorial. That’s why they’re one of the most dedicated and loyal people you’ll ever meet. When it comes to a relationship, you can always bet that a lioness would never act unfaithfully. In return, they expect the same kind of loyalty and commitment from everyone they have chosen so far.

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The Virgo: she is looking for a man with whom she can dream!

She wants someone for whom she can build her hopes and dreams. These virgins are the greatest dreamers in the world, and they would never jeopardize their aspirations for a relationship. So the first thing you look for in a man when you meet is his ability to dream big. A virgin only wants a man who can make her realize her dreams and realize her potential.

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The Libra woman: she wants to be idolized!

A Libra woman can appear to be in need and possessed and there is usually something to it. The reason for this is that she is always looking for praise and confirmation from other people. This is why Libra women are easily owned by men who have no problem expressing their love and affection for them. They love it when they are praised and worshiped.

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The Scorpio Woman: She wants to be the only one!

When it comes to the intensity of love and passion, this woman has the highest score. If you are looking for a passionate partnership, you always have to contact a scorpion woman. These ladies are so passionate about their romances that they are prone to bouts of extreme jealousy. That is why they want a man who is able to live up to their love and intensity and does not look around for others.

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The Sagittarius: It must be an adventurer!

A shooter is a born hiker. She doesn’t like staying in one place for too long. She always likes to explore and dive in unknown places. Therefore it makes sense for them to only look for men who can explore the world with them. She is looking for people who share her passion for travel and adventure.

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The Capricorn Woman: Looking for a solid marriage husband!

One thing you should know about Capricorn women is that they have very traditional ideas about love and romance. You are not looking for anything casual. They want a man with whom they can have a real future. They are only interested in men who are open to the idea of ​​marriage and really want to bind themselves in the long term.

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The Aquarian woman: she wants a man to inspire her! 

It’s no secret that these Aquarius women are very creative and artistic. Therefore, when looking for potential partners, they are only interested in the men who can light their artistic fire. You won’t let men into your heart who suppress your creativity and passion for art.

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The Pisces woman: she wants to be his muse!

A fish woman wants a man who is able to dream big and work hard for whatever he wants. She wants to motivate him and be by his side in his times of triumph. But he also has to let her in her heart so that she can help him in times of vulnerability.

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