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Horoscope: Your Traits According to Ascendant and Descendent

Ascendant and descendant: two components of your astrological chart as important as the zodiac itself. Here’s how it affects your character!

If you are guided only by your zodiac sign when referring to astrology, maybe you should find out how important the ascendant and descendent are for your personality.

The zodiac is only a small part of your birth chart and is defined by the day you were born. But the time and place of birth also determine your destiny.

The zodiac ascendant is determined by the time you were born, and the descendent is its opposite. So, 3 zodiac signs will form yourself.

The ascendant is as important as the zodiac, many considering that, especially after the age of 30, it influences your way of being more. It would be good that, from now on, when you read a horoscope, you should also look at the zodiac, but also at the ascendant. That way you will understand the forecasts better.

The descendant is your hidden side and represents character traits that you usually repress and deny. But, paradoxically, you look for these characteristics in the person you love, so you can notice that your lover/husband has many of those aspects specified in the descendant.

Find out what ascendant and descendent you have, and then see how they define you!

Pisces Ascendant – Virgo Descendant

Pisces is like a permeable, reflective mirror. That’s why people project all their own thoughts and emotions onto her. If your ascendant is in the sign of Pisces, you will notice that people behave with you through the prism of their perception, not for what you actually are.

Virgo, on the other hand, comes with a very serious pragmatism. So you feel the need to give to people, to sacrifice yourself for them. You may even have an air of martyrdom. You should also know that you are attracted to analytical, perfectionist, and hard-working men.

Ascendant Virgo – Descendant Pisces

Always with a serious face, Virgo seems to be on the job at any moment. Maybe someone told you that you seem too arrogant or unapproachable at first glance. Blame it on your ascendant! It makes you focus on something while someone else is having a conversation with you. At the same time, you are determined and hardworking.

The descendant in Pisces comes to balance the situation a little. It is messy, illogical, and very sensitive. Yes, exactly those traits you deny. But if you look at the partners you’ve had throughout your life… you’ll notice exactly emotion and naivety!

Ascendant Cancer – Descendant Capricorn

Cancer is silent and cautious. He sits in a corner and analyzes what is happening. If you have the ascendant in Cancer, you are a very sensitive, intuitive, and emotional person. And to protect yourself, you prefer to be withdrawn.

Capricorn, however, is a cold, rational, insensitive, petrified, and detached sign. And your descendant feels the need to be restrained, but that’s because he thinks he’s superior to people. Practically, together, the ascendant and the descendant urge you to be very cautious in your relationships with people. Moreover, you will notice similar traits in your life partner, who is super hardworking and pragmatic.

Leo Ascendant – Aquarius Descendant

Leo likes to be the center of attention. This ascendant makes you seek the company of people permanently. And you give them good energy in exchange! Everyone around you enjoys your funny nature, your creativity, or your bright character.

Aquarius is unpredictable, being so many contradictory things at the same time, that you never know what to expect from him. The first instinct will make you say that you do not share these traits with your descendant at all. But on a closer look, you will see that you too have a tendency to go from exuberance to total silence, from happiness to melancholy. Moreover, the men in your life will have the traits of this sign or even be Aquarius.

Sagittarius Ascendant – Gemini Descendant

For Sagittarius, life is full of spontaneity and adventure! Born with this ascendant in your natal chart, you love to go to exotic places, to see new tourist attractions. But you also like to learn about culture, philosophy, society, and people, so you spend a lot of time traveling.

The descendant in the Gemini sign is expansive, generous, philosophical, spiritual, wild, and quite dual. You hide these features in the shadows because you feel that they enclose you. They exist in you, even if you deny them and they only balance your personality. You will need a man who borrows from these characteristics. Your partner is fickle, lost in his mind, with energy dispersing in several places. He tires you, but you can’t help but love him. And now you know the reason!

Gemini Ascendant – Sagittarius Descendant

Your ascendant in Gemini, a mutable air sign, means you need change and variety to feel alive. By nature, you are likely to be versatile and adaptable, with a tendency to have several projects going on at the same time and an ability to adapt to whatever life throws your way. You are usually interested in other people, which is a great social advantage. You have a sharp mind that gives you the ability to talk about any topic of conversation.

Descendant in Sagittarius seeks adventure and evolution. You will feel more compatible with people who you think can expand your world. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should date a Sagittarius (although you could) – it just means you’re likely to be attracted to these qualities in other people. You will look for an adventurous and sometimes unavailable partner, feeling the need to be the one who treats him and settles him at home.

Ascendant Scorpio – Descendant Taurus

Scorpio is a complex and quite difficult sign, which tends to assume that people have more intentions than they say. You might have a tendency to be a bit paranoid, influenced by this ascendant. But it is also a very intelligent sign and, often, you will be right in what you say. Scorpio helps you understand people and read them very well.

Taurus does not really balance Scorpio, but somehow takes it to the extreme. If you have this descendant, notice how it raises the intensity, the passion. It makes you see yourself as strong and pushes you towards manipulation. They act in the shadows and these traits often remain dormant. You can notice them, however, in the men you are attracted to.

Ascendant Capricorn – Descendant Cancer

Capricorn has a leadership spirit, for sure. And if you have the ascendant in this sign, you find in your nature a need to lead, to work, and to build. You want to be in control of everything you do and you are very responsible! Concerns about physical appearance may arise.

The descendant in the sign Cancer brings emotions, sensitivity, and everything that is not your ascendant! His need for compassion, weakness, and empathy seems completely opposite to your nature. But they are there, working in your unconscious mind. You need a very humane, very generous, and warm partner.

Ascendant Taurus – Descendant Scorpio

Taurus loves comfort and simple things. You may seem shy and quiet, but there is a hidden strength in you that suggests that you are not a person to be forced. You consider yourself an uncomplicated, reasonable, and rational person – a hard-working, hard-working woman who loves beauty.

The descendant in Scorpio embodies everything that the ascendant in Taurus is not and what you do not want to be: unstable, cruel, hypersexualized, obsessive, aggressive, and greedy for power. You will deny these traits. But, as in the case of all descendants, you will find them more or less in the typology of the man you fall in love with.

Ascendant Libra – Descendant Aries

Libra is delicate and passionate about good taste. With the ascendant in this sign, you like vintage pieces, natural fabrics, clothes tailored to your body type, and accessorizing with a bit of creative flair. You are refined, and balanced, with simple elegance. The secret lies in your natural sense of balance. People like to be around you.

Aries is rather tactless, especially compared to the fine Libra. Your own descendant gives you the feeling that it is a sign that wants to compete with you and dominate you, that works out of pure emotional aggression, without room for rationality. Surprise or not, your life partner will lend you much of Aries’ aggression and passion.

Aquarius Ascendant – Leo Descendant

Aquarius is not like any other sign. You stand out if you have an Aquarius ascendant because you are different. Everything about your appearance is unique, from the way you wear your hair and make-up, to your clothes, your sense of style, and the way you carry yourself!

Leo is a revolutionary, a rebel, and, although it doesn’t seem like it, a loner at heart. But, in appearance, he is a person who wants attention and people. Your descendant longs for belonging to the group! Obviously, so is the partner with whom you share your life. Analyze it and you will notice that it is so.

Aries Ascendant – Libra Descendant

Aries are spontaneous, competitive, aggressive, enthusiastic, energetic, independent, and athletic. If you have an Aries ascendant, you are very determined and succeed in whatever you set your mind to.

Libra is honest and open. You point your finger at the problem and say the first thing that comes to mind, no matter how rude or insensitive it might be. If you wonder where this attitude of yours comes from, find out that it comes from the Libra descendant. You are also looking for a partner who is not afraid to call things out.

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