Find out which season of the year suits you best based on your zodiac sign.

Each person has a season of the heart or others that they just can’t tolerate. This can depend on love for a given period or on memories linked to particular moments of the year, such as making a certain period more or less expensive. Yet, beyond personal tastes, each of us is more in line with a particular season. Sometimes it may be the one in which you were born, others the one in sharp opposition. As you can imagine, this largely depends on the influence the stars have on us. If you want to find out if, beyond your personal preferences, you are particularly similar to a season of the year, read on because after having seen which is the most suitable restaurant for each zodiac sign and if we are jealous or relaxed in love, today we will compare ourselves with the seasons of the year, discovering which one is the most similar to us. As always, since this is something that has a lot to do with what you feel, it is advisable to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a more complete picture of the situation.

What season of the year are you? Here is the opinion of the stars

Aries: Summer
There is very little doubt about the season that suits you best. This is summer and most likely, unless you have ascendant rowing the other side, it’s your favorite too. Summer is the season in which the days are by far the longest, the sun heats up with its warm rays and in most cases, you have more days off in which to let yourself go to whatever you like. Playing sports is more fun, you can dress as you like and without having to cover yourself with jackets or coats and you can have a wider social life. All characteristics that you love and that adapt perfectly to your personality, making you a decidedly “summery” person.

Taurus – Spring
A romantic season like spring is the one that best suits your way of being. In this middle season, you can start wearing lighter clothes without worrying about feeling cold or hot, you can spend more time at home and at the same time treat yourself to a few trips out of town with loved ones. It is undoubtedly a precious season that knows how to give smiles and the will to live and that those who love both the romantic side of life and the more practical one always know how to appreciate and live to the fullest.

Gemini – Late spring
Since you love everything that changes, the succession of the seasons is already the best solution for you. Of all, however, the one closest to your strings is certainly late spring. It is a season that has yet to change and that evolves into a period of beautiful days in which to experience precious moments to share and, above all, to meet new people. And for those who have always loved socializing, what time is better than the summer period?

Cancer – The first spring
As a romantic and a lover of tranquility, you feel strongly attracted to spring. In this season, among blooming flowers and beautiful days, it is possible to indulge in a romantic walk or once to contemplate the beauty of nature. At the same time, thanks to the still quite cool climate, you can enjoy pleasant evenings to spend at home in the company of loved ones. It is a time of year in which almost any activity is feasible and this gives you a sense of freedom that can bring you a good mood, which increases with the typical colors of the season.

Leo – The sunny
summer is always eager to be among the others to get you noticed, you always focus on the summer season. In fact, at this time of the year, you can dress more eccentrically and you can feel more beautiful thanks to the looks of others. Then there are the sunny days that already give you a good mood and the fact that after a long year of work you can finally give yourself a short break in which to dedicate time just for yourself. In short, summer is undoubtedly your season, the one that most of all manages to give you energy.

Virgo – Summer
Although you are not very accustomed to living life by taking it head-on, summer can give you that extra boost that can make you feel more serene. Whether it’s for the vitamin D that comes from the sun, the people always ready to have fun, or not having to go out in the cold and frost thanks to the perpetually high temperatures is difficult to understand, what is certain is that the sun makes you happy. making you a little more positive than your usual. Even better if during the holidays you can allow yourself some days at the beach. Relaxing in the heat, on the beach is something that relaxes you like few others.

Libra – Autumn
Although you are suitable for almost all seasons, autumn is the one that best fits your way of being, especially if we are talking about the first cool days after summer. Being able to wear clothes without sweating is in itself something that makes you happy, completely marrying your need for elegance and beauty. At the same time, the arrival of the winter season and the time you can dedicate to making your home or yourself more beautiful excites you every time, making you feel as if a new phase in your life is opening up. It is a season that does not last long but that you always manage to fully enjoy.

Scorpio – Winter in its early days
The perfect season for you? Surely winter, even better if in the period in which it is starting and which therefore gives you the awareness that you still have many days ahead of you. The colder days, the approaching Christmas and the hope of seeing snow are just some of the aspects that make this season the one that can make you smile like a few others. Added to this is being able to wear warm clothes, the greater sense of intimacy that one feels in being with others, and the possibility of enjoying hot dishes that, in other seasons, would be impossible to eat. In short, this is the season made for you, as well as the one that gives you even more charm. Not bad, right?

Sagittarius – Summer
As a travel lover, you are, summer is your season. The one that allows you to take your suitcase and go around the world without having to worry about adverse weather. And then there are the days at sea, the possibility to come back later, to entertain yourself chatting in the park or just before returning home. In short, if you were to be a season, you would surely be summer, a serene and relaxed one, which flows slowly and is made up mostly of peaceful days to be fully enjoyed with your loved ones. You already want to see it coming, right?

Capricorn – Autumn
With the change of seasons, you do not have a good relationship, you find yourself more often wanting what is there than living that of the moment. Nonetheless, if you had to mirror yourself in one, this would undoubtedly be autumn. As soon as the summer is over, the idea of ​​returning to work and your usual routine is quite pleasant and this is because it is not uncommon for you to end up bored during the summer due to too much free time. After all, it is known that for you the days are not meant to be fully enjoyed but to be filled with commitments. And what time is better than autumn in which to plan a whole year?

Aquarius – Spring
To be honest, no season suits you more than the others. Wanting to choose one, the stars opt a little more for spring. The truth, however, is that every moment of the year fits with your way of being because you are always yourself and in constant evolution, regardless of seasons, weather, or people around you. An aspect that always makes you appear a little over the top and that seems to speak for you is that you have good adaptability to which you alternate a certain rigidity when things don’t go exactly as you expect. Ways of being in constant antithesis that characterize you well and that make you a person suitable for every season but more suitable for those in between.

Pisces – Late Autumn
For a romantic person like you, autumn is undoubtedly the perfect season, especially when it comes to late autumn, the one that anticipates a long winter, the Christmas holidays, and the chance to enjoy hot chocolates while enjoying yourself. a good movie in front of the tv. It is a time of year that gives you comfort and makes you appreciate everything around you, especially when you can share special moments with the people you love. And then, for some strange reason, autumn manages to make you even more romantic and introspective, thus giving greater prominence to your artistic side which is also what distinguishes you most.

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