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Find out what is the main cause that pushes the various signs of the zodiac to turn the page to start from scratch.

In life, we ​​often talk about starting over from scratch.
Whether it is to recover from the end of a love story or a concluded working relationship, after the initial discouragement the best solution is in fact to get up to start again from oneself. It is a modus operandi that, for better or worse, we have all found ourselves facing at least once in our lives, but which is not always so easy to implement. Yet, for each of us, there is a particular lever that can push us to speed up the times to reach this solution quickly. And, as often happens, each person acts differently, sometimes even pushed by the influence of the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen what are the merits of the various signs of the zodiac and what are the negative sides of each zodiac sign, we will discover together what drives each of us to turn the page. Since this is something that starts from the depths, the advice is to also check the ascendant of the sign you want to control, to have a clearer picture.

Horoscope: This is what pushes every zodiac sign to move on

Aries – No longer feeling at the center of games
Those born under the sign of Aries need to always feel an active part in everything they do. When that doesn’t happen or they don’t feel quite the center of attention, they end up losing interest and starting to look elsewhere. This happens in every field, be it sentimental, business, or otherwise. For them, being ignored or treated as marginal is a good reason to give up everything and go elsewhere, or where to feel fulfilled. For this reason, in life, they will often find themselves turning the page, sometimes even exceeding for the impatience of results that sooner or later would arrive anyway.

Taurus – Feeling unmotivated
Taurus natives are people who love to enjoy every pleasure in life and who can’t stand critical or unfavorable situations. When they know they have to fight for something, they still work hard, even putting aside their ideals to achieve the goal. If their efforts are such that they always feel tired and unmotivated, they can opt for a change. When the passion or the desire to do better in them, the first thing that comes to mind is in fact to give up everything to find inputs that are more suited to their way of being, and when they choose to change, in general, they do it without any more. turn around.

Gemini – Boredom
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a constant need to always feel on the move and interested in what they do. When boredom and lack of stimuli take over, their mood suffers to the point of leading them to think about giving up everything to start again elsewhere. While committing and striving (at least at the beginning) to find new ideas on which to concentrate, if things do not change they begin to detach without even realizing it and, once they have completely lost interest, the only thing left to do. is to turn the page. This happens in every area of ​​their life and without exception.

Cancer – Not Feeling Appreciated
Cancerians have a constant need for attention, especially from the people they surround themselves with. If they work, they must know that they are respected and appreciated, in love they must be the center of the world for their partner, and in friendship, they want to feel important for the people they love. When this is not done, the sense of frustration is such that it upsets them, leading them to detach themselves and look elsewhere for what they feel is a missing part of their life. For this reason, if they do not receive the due attention (for them), the next step likely is to move on, starting over in contexts or with people most suitable for them.

Leo – Disrespect
Those born under the sign of Leo need to feel appreciated and valued. If they realize that someone does not appreciate them as they would like, it is very easy that sooner or later they will come to a fight, pretending to be right and even closing the bridges without looking back. This means that they find themselves severing work or emotional relationships and everything without going around it too much. For them, personal well-being comes first and if they can’t get it right, then they are ready to raze everything to the ground to start over.

Virgo – Experiencing unpleasant sensations
Virgo natives are people who often find themselves experiencing unpleasant emotions in life, partly because of their pessimism and partly because of the lack of empathy they often have with those around them. This leads them to want to live more in serenity and when this does not happen their mood suffers to the point of prompting them to review their position to find ways to get out of their way. For them, the idea of ​​starting from scratch is not so bad because they know they can count on a solid organization and on the analytical skills that distinguish them. For this reason, when they feel that things are not right, it is very easy to see them take off.

Libra – The lack of prospects Those
born under the sign of Libra like to follow a common thread that can give them predictions about their future. They need it in everyday life, in love, in interpersonal relationships, and working ones. For them, no move is random and every choice always has a story and a perspective. When the latter is lacking, they feel as if they have been emptied and therefore need to find new ones. And if that involves moving on, no matter how painful it hurts them, they are ready to do it. Because in their constant balance they need the harmony that they can maintain only with a basic serenity of mind.

Scorpio – Resentment
The natives of Scorpio, as passionate people, experience emotions that are always very strong both positively and negatively. When resentment arises in them towards someone or a specific situation, their perspective changes and the only thing they want is to shake off the unpleasant sensations they find themselves feeling despite themselves. Except for the outbursts of anger that can lead them to react impulsively, severing relationships and situations without even thinking about it, they are generally still inclined to let go of what hurts them and, always after making sure that they have obtained revenge, they prefer to start over. elsewhere, treasuring the experience to embrace better situations and people.

Sagittarius – The desire for revenge
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to live exciting experiences that can make their life more pleasant. For them, collecting memories is something as important as feeling understood and appreciated for who they are. If they feel at a disadvantage, however, their competitive side comes out, making them express their worst at times. To feel seen and accepted they are ready for anything and this even leads them to clash hard-nosed with those who find themselves thinking differently from them. For this reason, it is easy to see them suddenly break off relations to launch themselves towards something new, at the expense of what has been there and how much margin they would have had to fix things.

Capricorn – The constant discussions
Capricorn natives love to live in peace and this means that in their square meter they do not accept tensions of any kind. When they find themselves dealing with people who instead of supporting them oppose them, their first instinct is therefore to disappear. Although they try their best to make things go well, when they realize that efforts are only on their side, they prefer to end all kinds of relationships (even business ones) to start over elsewhere. When something breaks they find it very difficult to put the pieces back together and, aware that nothing will ever be as it was before, they prefer to start from scratch rather than regret the past moments.

Aquarius – The need for their spaces
Those born under the sign of Aquarius have such a need to protect their spaces that when they realize they can’t, they immediately begin to meditate on changing things. Sometimes they try to change their attitude or demand what they think they are entitled to, in other cases, however, they prefer to let it go and turn the page in the hope of finding one that is certainly better and more suited to their lifestyle. For this reason, whether it is work, friendships, or love relationships, it is easy to see them leave for no apparent reason. The reason that exists in their mind most likely has to do with their need for freedom.

Pisces – Not Feeling Listened
To Pisces, natives are patient people, prone to understanding, and always ready to give themselves to help others. Present like few others, they also listen endlessly to both the outbursts of friends and those of colleagues at work. They rarely demand the same in return but if in a moment of need they feel unheard their way of seeing things can change suddenly, leading them to review the relationships they have with others as well as the situations they experience in the workplace. . Should they understand that the other side lacks understanding, albeit reluctantly they may decide to turn the page to start over. It is a very difficult choice for them but in extreme moments they manage to make it because they are aware that they have no other path.

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