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Find out what is the thing that others can’t stand about you and the advice of the stars to improve you.

True, getting along with everyone is practically a utopia. Likes and dislikes are something natural and uncontrollable and sometimes they are also joined by ways of doing and attitudes that can hurt or be unpleasant. Each of us, by character, has a way of being that pushes him to become better familiar with one type of person and to want to stay away from others. It is a completely normal way of acting and of which we are all aware. Yet discovering that someone doesn’t like you is always something that hurts and that you are surprised every time. This happens because in one’s eyes, defects that are more than evident to others, appear minimal or almost non-existent. For this reason today, after having seen which winter color suits us best and having understood whether or not we are provident, we will try to understand what is the thing that others cannot stand about us. In this way we will already know what to improve to give a better impression or who it is better to stay away from given our way of being. As always, since this is something that has to do with temperament, the advice is to check the profile of your ascendant, in order to have a more complete picture.

Here’s what other zodiac signs don’t like about you

Aries – Your being too impulsive
The aspect of you that stands out the most and that you often and willingly put into action without almost realizing it is impulsiveness. If friends and relatives have now resigned themselves to this way of being, the same cannot be said for acquaintances who might turn up their noses in front of certain actions, judging you as a hasty person and who never takes the trouble to reflect on things. . Obviously, the problem is also reflected in the workplace where colleagues may consider you superficial. If you want to look your best, then, you will have to strive to work more on self-control, learning to manage certain situations without always acting on instinct. It will be an exercise in style that will do you good, making you more forward-looking and less prone to making mistakes.

Taurus – Your stubbornness
Your qualities are many, but among them your ability to stick to things without ever changing position stands out beyond belief. Of course, for some this your way of being can be attributed to a strength of character to be admired, for most people it is pure stubbornness. It goes without saying that it is objectively a defect, especially if it tends to emerge at work or with people with whom you are not particularly familiar. Being able to show yourself flexible and ready to change your mind where you are able to recognize the mistake could be a better option both for you and for others who seeing you more available to dialogue, will open more easily. Also, being less rigid in your positions will do you good too, broadening your perspectives and giving you a broader view of everything around you.

Gemini – Your naive being
Yours is one of the most distinctive personalities in the entire zodiac. While it allows you to exert a certain charm on others, on the other it makes you look like a person over the top and difficult to frame. This tends to block people who close easily in front of an unknown, preferring to put labels rather than trying to really know who they are in front of. Your being so particular, therefore, in environments other than those you usually hang out with, could create problems in your relationships. A situation that you could solve at least in part, making an effort to appear a little less particular than you are and showing yourself less careless about the opinion of others. In this way you may be able to get to know different people who are able to give you new stimuli, which is never negative for you, right?

Cancer – Your being easily hot-tempered
Although you are usually sweet and kind to the people you love, your touchiness often leads you to set up some sort of shield between you and the rest of the world, especially when you feel threatened for any reason. In these cases, even if you sometimes don’t realize it, you tend to get short-tempered by showing the worst in you and surprising others in a negative way. If we add to this the fact that in order to be right you tend to cling to anything, then the mixture for attracting free dislikes is ready. What to do to make things better? Always try to count to 10 before going crazy and always remember that not everyone can see things from your point of view but if you really want to convince someone you can only do it with sweetness and never with force or violence, even if only. minutes.

Leo – Arrogance
Accustomed as you are to always winning, you try to live life as a leader and as a fighter. Full of you and sure of your means, however, at times you risk overdoing it and at times being arrogant. An attitude that, as it is easy to imagine, is not particularly appreciated by others, especially if they barely know you and this is the first image they have of you. To avoid compromising future relationships that may even prove useful, the only thing you can do is make an effort to appear less “violent” in the way you approach yourself. Remember that you are not in the savannah but among people who often just want to talk and that with your smiles you could easily conquer. Keep the roars for situations where they can really help and try to listen more and avoid interrupting.

Virgo – Being highly touchy
Yours is a very difficult sign to deal with due to a whole series of characteristics that not everyone is able to appreciate. In addition to being a pessimistic person, you are also rigid and meticulous. What bothers others the most, however, is your ability to blame yourself for every trifle, sprinting for every little word until you put others in the position of having to brake in order to avoid your misplaced interventions. A situation that nobody likes and that leads those who do not know you well to keep their distance. If you don’t want to end up being isolated, however, you will have to remedy the problem, trying not to experience every word as an attack on your person. Being aware that you are a highly touchy person will help you reduce the negative feelings you feel when others criticize you. Training will do the rest, helping you interact more positively with others.

Libra – Your holding a grudge
Although you are an affable person with really nice manners, you have a flaw that does not go unnoticed at all and that is your inability to forgive others. It is also a problem for you that you tend to live bad situations that could be positive and all because you try to remember every single word, carrying it inside even for years. A way of doing things that tends to weigh down relationships especially when you happen to accuse anecdotes that others have even forgotten and that, brought up again, can create discomfort and embarrassment. To change this aspect it is necessary that you are able to work on yourself, making an effort to learn to forgive small actions and words, giving the right mitigating circumstances.

Scorpio – Being Late Often
Although yours is the most vengeful sign of all, this is not the trait that others can’t stand. On the other hand, what is simply not tolerated about you is the ability to be late often. This happens both for work commitments and for leisure and although it is almost never sensational delays, this aspect ends up annoying many. On the one hand, if this is what you least like about you, maybe it is because otherwise there is very little to hold on to. If in doubt, however, try to be more punctual or seek greater precision in making appointments. This way you will always arrive on time, surprising everyone in a positive way and showing them how you can be different from how they imagined you.

Sagittarius – Superficiality
A defect that others tend to recognize often is superficiality, given by your always appearing cheerful and ready to take things as they come. If those who know you well know that this depends on your sunny character, whoever has to deal with you for the first time and has a different vision of things from yours, might think that, instead, your attitude depends on giving little importance to what’s this. In the long run, this can be annoying, causing others to think badly of you or distance themselves. Obviously, it is right that you remain positive but you can always do it without showing off a cheerfulness that is not always successful. Keep smiles and positive attitudes for those you know how to appreciate yourself and try to give strangers a serene but always moderate attitude. This way you will all be happy.

Capricorn – Your always getting an idea about others
One thing that others can’t stand about you is your always getting an idea about them and what concerns them and everything without being able to change it. It is a form of stubbornness that bothers those around you a lot, especially if what you think of them is completely wrong or not 100% approved.
After all, hoping that others will accept your opinion, especially a negative one, is definitely unlikely, which is why you would first avoid making comments about it, really trying not to close yourself on an idea but to remain with an open and willing mind. even to change your mind. In this way you will practice an attitude that will prove useful in the first place for you and immediately afterwards for relationships with others.

Aquarius – Being too habitual
Not that yours is necessarily a flaw. When dealing with others, however, always wanting to do the same things or never wanting to leave your comfort zone can be annoying, especially if there are people in the group who are eager to have new experiences. Getting acquaintances to understand why you should limit yourself to an easy-to-vary need, then, is anything but easy. The advice of the stars is therefore to find a middle ground, also making an effort to get involved and to have new experiences. Of course, at the moment it will not be something you will love but slowly you may get used to it, discovering that doing something different, at times it can be even pleasant, making you appreciate even more the occasions in which to be yourself and firm in your beloved habits. .

Pisces – The Tendency to Talk Too Much
Yours is one of the kindest and most sincere signs in the zodiac. However, there is a particular aspect of you that may annoy those who do not yet know you well and it is your tendency to talk too much and let yourself go about the impressions you have on others. If with friends, it can be fun, with whom you barely know it can seem something negative to the point of being annoying. The ideal, therefore, is to limit yourself to a few comments but never exaggerate. Confidence, after all, must come with time and talk to others as if they were old friends if on the one hand it can make you feel in confidence, on the other hand it can intimidate those who are not accustomed to this way of doing, giving rise to unnecessary misunderstandings. that you could avoid simply by expressing yourself with less openness.

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