The Australian astrologer Kelli Fox has broken down which trait makes you attractive. To do this, she looks at your zodiac sign in the horoscope!

How do Aquarius women affect other people? What makes a Taurus lady good looking? What is particularly attractive about Scorpio women? The astrologer Kelli Fox investigated these and other questions. In our picture gallery you can read about what makes you particularly attractive and appealing to others. We hope you enjoy reading!

According to the zodiac sign: This quality makes you attractive

Click your way through the zodiac signs and find out what makes you stand out from the crowd!

Taurus women  are very sensual and love to give subtle signs to their counterpart. In the bedroom you can hardly get tired and are very careful that your partner is at least as effective as yourself. Taurus women have a  present, but not overflowing good looks that can be very attractive to many people.

For the Libra woman, good looks has  nothing to do with skimpy clothes or flashy make-up. Or with dirty talk or with the exchange of gorgeous photos. The Libra woman attaches great importance to style and romance  . The Libra woman expects external beauty from others as well as from herself, which is why she likes to spend a lot of time in the bathroom to dress up. The Libra woman loves to talk to her sweetheart about art and cultural topics. This species is particularly appealing and attractive to others.

Cancer women are  not particularly brash . Rather, they are more about creating a deep and emotional common ground with their partner. That’s why Cancer women are rarely interested in one-night stands. Trust is very important to them, because only when they trust another person do they open up and show them their caring side. This makes them particularly attractive to others.

Aries women  are fiery and have remarkable energy . They don’t care about love or relationship conventions (why do you need rules like:  “Do not kiss until after the third date?”  ), But develop their own rules. And that is exactly what makes them so attractive. Aries women have no problem playing the conqueror, because if they like someone, they too like to take the first step. After all, they are  lovely and self-confident , which they often underline with red lipstick. Aries women love to flirt and are quick to turn heads. Unfortunately, they quickly lose interest and leave disappointed admirers behind.

Aquarius women  love life. You can tell by looking at them and that is what makes them so attractive. However, it is also important for Aquarius women that their partner does not only stimulate them romantic but also mentally. Boring conversations are not for Aquarius women, they love conversations about intellectual topics  and have endless ideas in the bedroom too.

Gemini women  exude the greatest good looking when interacting in a group:  laughing, flirting, and chatting . Conversation plays a particularly important role for her, after all, in her opinion, the mind must first be stimulated before the body can follow. When flirting, Gemini women find it easy to impress other people with their intellect and wit. Gemini women also have an urge to talk in the bedroom.

Pisces women  have the ability to meet their partner on a deep, intuitive level, which is what makes them  attractive  . They love to see when their partner is doing well and when he gets his money’s worth. For the Pisces woman it is important that in addition to physical love there is also a meeting of heart and soul. Pisces women have  no problem with a dominant partner , but they can also take the helm themselves if the partner so wishes.

The  Sagittarius woman  exudes adventure – and that makes them so good and attractive to other people. A  constant energy , a great wealth of ideas and a never-changing motivation emanate from her. However, the Sagittarius woman is quickly bored because of her great urge for freedom and embarks on the next adventure. The Sagittarius woman needs a partner who understands and shares her enthusiasm, but also knows how to bring the Sagittarius woman back down to earth.

Women with the  zodiac sign Virgo  are considered cute, reserved and selfless, which is very attractive to many people. However, these characteristics of the Virgo also obstruct a lot, because they are extremely cautious  when flirting  and allow themselves a lot of time to get to know someone. But if someone has made it, he can be happy, because as the saying goes:  Still waters run deep …

For the Scorpio woman one thing is certain:  She has the zodiac sign with the greatest love appeal . It doesn’t matter whether that’s really the case or not. She quickly wraps people around her finger and enjoys being adored by them. The  Scorpio woman  likes to be in control – in the relationship as in room, which can be frustrating to exciting for the partner. What is particularly lovely about the Scorpio woman is that you can expect a real surprise bag with them: Nobody knows exactly what will happen next.

The Leo woman exudes an  irrepressible good looking and that has not only to do with the fact that she attaches great importance to her appearance. Lions are full of energy and zest for action when they discover an interesting person for themselves. Almost without regard to losses, they approach him and try everything to conquer him. Some are put off by that. But those who face the energetic Leo woman have the chance to get to know her gentle side in private.

Capricorn women  are  very sensual and that is exactly what makes them so attractive.  However, they do not need physical closeness as often as other zodiac signs. But when the time comes, the Capricorn woman knows exactly what she wants and how to make her partner happy. The Capricorn woman tends to  overly intellectual  to act, because she attaches great importance to hard work and constant improvements in various areas of their lives. In relationships they are very trustworthy and loyal, but they need a partner who can encourage them to let go.

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