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Have you ever wondered how the various zodiac signs love? This is the answer of the stars.

Love is undoubtedly the most fascinating and mysterious feeling ever. It comes from nothing, sometimes in a completely unexpected way, and can change people forever, enriching them, making them feel alive, catapulting them on an endless carousel, made up of romantic moments and real roller coasters. For love, people are ready to change their points of view, they find themselves doing things never thought of before and, almost as if they were under strange magic, they manage to overcome their limits, improving each other.
It is a special feeling, coveted by many and kept away from others but which in any case is something uncontrollable and which, when it arrives, brings with it a whole series of changes that are impossible to miss and which depend on various factors. , first of all, the way of being of those who fall in love.
If you are curious to find out how they love people, since the stars have a certain influence on everything, read on because after having seen what people expect from the various zodiac signs and what is the most suitable hot drink for each of them. us, we will discover how they love the various signs of the zodiac.

Love: this is how the various zodiac signs live it

Aries – Lightly
Those born under the sign of Aries love to take life lightly and without asking too many questions about tomorrow. When they fall in love, they experience it with joy, experiencing every aspect of it and immersing themselves in the feeling. At the same time, they don’t like complications very much, which is why they tend to run away when their partner proves problematic or can burden their life. Sometimes the desire to escape from the daily routine can lead them to flirt with the other s*x and this can lead to betrayals that they always consider as something not extremely serious. If it is they who suffer it, however, things change completely and they are capable of big outbursts after which, more often than not, they tend to forgive, aware that they are the first to be able to make this mistake.

Taurus – With a certain seriousness of purpose
Taurus natives when they fall in love become deeply serious people and focused on the person they love. Within them, plans for the future begin to emerge and for a life that is one of their dreams, that is, made up of tranquility and safety. It doesn’t take much, however, to make them think the worst and discourage them about their life purposes. To make a relationship work it is therefore essential that on the other side there is a mutual desire to carry out the same intentions, to support in difficult moments. Finally, although serious and focused, in their dark moments they tend to get distracted and look around. In case of quarrels or temporary breakups, then, they tend to detach easily, and once they get used to the new situation they do not usually retrace their steps.

Gemini – With the thrill of the unknown
Gemini is quite unconventional and difficult to frame. Always straddling different ideas, even when it comes to feelings, they tend to change their attitude based on their mood and the period in which they are. They generally experience love with a real leap in the dark, excited by the novelty and the emotions they are sure to feel. At the same time, however, their expectations tend to be often too high, so it takes very little to make them tired and lead them to look better. If they fall in love for real, however, they know how to make their other half feel special, always showing themselves present and full of attention. Added to this is jealousy that one would not expect from them but which instead knows how to be alive and pulsating and which for them is to be considered a positive sign of their love.

Cancer – With too many expectations
Those born under the sign of Cancer are people mainly in love with love. This leads them to face severe disappointments that generally come when after a certain period they begin to see the person they are with for what they are and not for how they have idealized them. This can lead to some problems, prompting them to walk away or easily change their mood when the other person is not behaving according to their ideals. Nevertheless, their love is always strong and sincere and able to make the person feel the center of attention. Romanticism, then, will always be present, perhaps to an even exaggerated extent for those who do not love certain sides of love. They are certainly people who know how to give a lot but who at the same time demand and who for the sake of peace it is always necessary to indulge.

Leo – With energy
Being loved by Leo implies the feeling of being at the center of something strong and of a solid relationship that is based on well-rooted certainties. When they love the natives of Leo love to focus on the person they love, dedicating special moments to him in which to express what they feel. One thing they also love to do in front of others, especially if they know they are reciprocated. For them, however, it is important to feel important at the same time or the risk is to see them gradually lose enthusiasm and to focus their energies on other aspects of their life. These are people with whom it is nice to be loved but who, precisely because of the importance they feel they hold in society, must always feel sure that they have someone who is up to par with them.

Virgo – By the force of habit
Virgo natives, when they fall in love, they seem ready to lift themselves from the situation they live in to dive into something new and capable of bringing light into their world. In the beginning, they will therefore be excellent suitors or people always ready to show their feelings. However, this tends to decrease over time, giving way to a milder relationship based on a routine from which they struggle to get out. A situation for those who are not sedentary like them can create various problems since it is often difficult to feel loved, especially if they are compared with the early days.

Libra – With kindness
Those born under the sign of Libra love a kind love made up of cute gestures and special moments to live together. To appreciate all this it is essential to see the world exactly as they perceive it, that is, as a place to bring beauty. Sometimes their ways can seem constructed leading to a love that can feel cold. Knowing them, however, it is easy to understand that they have a big heart and a lot of love to give. At the same time, they expect similar treatment, while in the long term they aim for a story that gives them peace of mind and allows them to live as many beautiful moments as possible.

Scorpio – With the charm of mystery
The natives of Scorpio perceive love as something special and full of mysteries. Because of this, they tend to fall in love with people who struggle to understand. When the feeling blossoms, they manage to give themselves 100%, showing parts of themselves that others do not even imagine and that tends to create unique couple alchemy that is difficult to recreate with other people. Being loved by them is an important but at the same time difficult experience. They are very jealous, demand honesty and sincerity, and live an ideal of love that can be difficult to keep alive for those who don’t see life like them. On the other hand, one can expect absolute fidelity and their constant presence even in the most difficult moments of life. Because loving is for them one of the most important things there is and they are ready to prove it 365 days a year.

Sagittarius – With too much hunger for freedom
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a great need to feel free and to travel around the world. As much as they may love, their person will always come first and foremost and this makes them unreliable from a sentimental point of view. They often tend to look elsewhere and it is not to be excluded that they may come to cheat. Nonetheless, or perhaps for this very reason, they do not tolerate jealousy and expect that they are given space to live their life, hang out with those who believe best and do what they like best. To be with them it is, therefore, essential to have a great desire for just as much freedom. More inclined to “free” stories when they fall in love they tend to put aside some of their claims. However, it is something that does not last long because after a few months their ego returns to emerge as and stronger than before.

Capricorn – With laziness
Those born under the sign of Capricorn in love seek the solidity and sentimental security on which they can rely to fully carry out the tasks of their daily life. For this reason, despite being quite faithful, they often fail to make their other half feel completely loved, focused as they are on work, towards which they usually have great ambitions. Their life is also full of various tasks that they cannot give up and that inevitably affect the relationship, leading them to waste their energies elsewhere and all without being against it.

Aquarius – With indifference
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are often difficult to understand. In love, even though they have a feeling, they tend not to externalize what they feel and this creates problems within the couple. Faced with problems, then, they prefer to go away waiting for things to improve. Even when they try to give it their all, they always appear a bit cold and unwilling to give themselves. Their need for privacy doesn’t help them appear more engaged. In short, understanding what they feel is decidedly difficult, as it can be to be next to them. Only those who understand them, managing to enter their square meter will be able to live a relationship without problems.

Pisces – With a lot of hope
Pisces are extremely romantic and dreamy. When they fall in love, therefore, they tend to build a dream castle for their loved ones. Their flaw? Often they are so projected towards what they dream of not seeing reality, thus ignoring problems that can be easily solved but which, due to their way of doing, risk becoming bigger. Faithful and very tied to the concept of love and the usual couple, they expect the same treatment from their half and if this does not happen they can get to question the relationship itself, convincing themselves that they have made a hole in the water. Able to daydream, in the event of a thud they stop because of the sudden pain, and when they recover they do it to rebuild or to permanently close.

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