Find out what are the positives and negatives of each zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars.

When it comes to zodiac signs, the characteristics to be taken into consideration are so many and varied that it can take days before being able to list them all. Each person, in addition to being influenced by the stars, has their own experience that interacts with personality, temperament, and way of making the lived experiences their own. However, if there is one thing on which it is rather easy to analyze the various signs, these are the most relevant strengths and weaknesses, that is, those that are noticed at first glance and that are part of how one appears to others.
So, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that know how to console best and which are those who need the most, we will find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of each sign of the zodiac.

Pros and cons of each zodiac sign

 Those born under the sign of Aries are people full of energy and always ready to embark on new adventures. For this reason, they always appear active, ready to challenge fate, and full of passion. At the same time, when they bond with someone they can also be sincere and faithful, at least as long as the feelings remain intact.
Flaws: The downside of the coin is that they are often impulsive, easy to anger, and always ready to peg themselves on their goals. Selfish when they want to achieve something, they can be competitive beyond measure and they do not mind saying what they think even though they know they are running the risk of hurting others. If taken aback they can also be violent with both words and gestures.

 The natives of Taurus are people of a calm nature and therefore particularly relaxing. At the same time, they know how to be sweet, kind, and compassionate and when they love they tend to give themselves 100% just to see the person they care about smile. Sympathetic, they know how to stick to getting what they want and this leads them to be stubborn but in a positive way.
Faults: Sometimes their stubbornness can push the boundaries causing them to become stubborn. Linked to material things, when they are not happy they tend to let themselves go to vices, often without even realizing it. They can therefore succumb to gluttony or alcohol. Possessive like few, they sometimes tend to be too lazy.

 Geminis are lively people with a great sense of irony. Excellent friends, they know how to be faithful and are always available. Skilled in conversation, they are usually optimistic and curious, making them ideal interlocutors for anyone who wants to engage in a brilliant conversation.
Faults: They are often moody and able to overturn their way of being. When this happens they tend to be listless, messy, and often indecisive. Indifferent to everything around them, they focus only on what they believe is wrong and can even appear contradictory, confusing anyone who has anything to do with them. Certainly, in these moments, they appear as impatient and superficial people.

 Those born under the sign of Cancer are extremely sweet, loving, and usually sensitive to the point of understanding others. They are gifted with a certain amount of intuition and able to take the right time to reflect on things. Loyal to the people they love, they are always able to show their affection unconditionally.
Defects: Their sensitivity, at times, becomes an obstacle making them extremely capricious and touchy, to the point of being even unstable. Shy in some ways they are extremely moody and possessive towards their affections. Jealous of the happiness of others, when they have a bad moon they become nervous and taciturn and can sulk even for days.

 The natives of Leo are dynamic people and always ready to take matters into their own hands. Determined know how to prove themselves courageous and combative, flaunting a self-confidence that helps them to move forward at work. In love, they know how to be passionate and when they love someone they are kind and generous.
Defects: Extremely linked to the image they give of themselves, they are willing to do anything to always be at the center of attention and when they feel threatened they show the worst side of themselves. Overbearing when they feel they have to get to something, they often sin of presumption and the desire to overrule others.

 Those born under the sign of Virgo are intelligent, rational, and extremely practical people. Very adept at saving, the natives of the sign are also neat, clean, and precise in everything they do.
Faults: Their accuracy can sometimes become a big flaw, leading them to be fussy and pedantic. Not very generous with others, they are also very suspicious, victimized, and prone to pessimism. Their critical sense is so keen that it can be heavy and hurtful around them.

 Libra natives are elegant and charming people. Lovers of all that is beautiful, try to bring it into their life with excellent results. On top of that, they are always moderate, good listeners, and extremely good at judging people and situations. Their practical sense, combined with a mental elasticity that allows them to think quickly, makes them insightful and able to understand what is the best situation even in adverse circumstances.
Faults: A little snobbish, they tend to look down on people, especially when they are not comfortable in their presence. Vain beyond belief, they are also touchy and sometimes inconstant.

 The natives of Scorpio are people who stand out for their magnetic charm. Intuitive as few, they seem to have a particular sixth sense that they tend to follow with good results. Perceptive and intelligent, in love and friendship they always give 100%, they are sincere and faithful, and for the things they care about they are willing to fight with all their strength, demonstrating unparalleled energy.
Defects: Highly vindictive, when they feel hurt by someone they don’t find peace until they get revenge. They are also stubborn, proud, and possessive, both towards things and towards the people they consider an integral part of their life. Vain, they tend to get angry when things do not go as they would like, and for certain things, they often turn out to be impatient.

 Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are energetic and vital people, always cheerful and ready to embark on the first available adventure. They care a lot about friendships and until proven otherwise they tend to trust blindly. They are also sincere beyond all means.
Faults: Their sincerity can sometimes turn negative, making them unkind to others. They are also often contradictory and inconsistent, and when they think they are right they can turn out to be dishonest.

 Those born under the sign of Capricorn are very hardworking people, gifted with a spirit of sacrifice and a great desire to do. Responsible and moderate know how to be honest in interpersonal relationships and show loyalty to the people they care about. They are also endowed with a lot of patience which is often useful in life projects, given their ambition, are always quite high.
Faults: Often too cold with others, they are also stubborn to the point of not listening to reasons when they get stuck in something. A little materialistic, they are selfish in their way and if they feel that someone is not up to them they can take on the attitudes of true snobs.

 The natives of Aquarius are people with market intelligence. Independent, curious, and creative, they are always one step ahead of others and demonstrate a great imagination which makes them particularly suitable for artistic projects. Very cerebral, they are also honest with the people they value and respect.
Defects: Very closed, they are often unsocial and unstable. Touchy as few, in certain situations, they appear superficial. Regardless of the opinion of those around them, they can take a detached attitude without understanding whether this can hurt their loved ones. Calculators, when they tend to be someone or something tend to be quite possessive.

 Pisces are extremely romantic and sweet people. Traditionalists, tend to trust others a lot because they have the best intentions always think that it is the same for others too. Empaths like few others, know how to understand and listen to those in need and always show themselves ready to lend a hand to make the people they care about feel better.
Faults: Sometimes too emotional, they are often vulnerable and too many linked to the dream world. Living at the mercy of their emotions can also be contradictory and inconclusive.

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