Find out who is the perfect man for each zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars.

When you think of the ideal man, every woman has a very specific image in her mind that does not always correspond to the right person for her.
In fact, between imagination and reality, there is a fundamental difference that does not take into account many aspects, first of all, the defects of each person. Thus, you end up looking for someone who, once found, turns out not to match your expectations.
Since the ways of being and the affinities with certain characteristics of others depend at least in part on the influence that the stars have on us, today after having seen which are the zodiac signs that always complain and which are the most curious, we will find out how the right man should be for each zodiac sign. Since this is something that touches the sentimental sphere, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant.

Horoscope: this is how the right man should be for the women of the zodiac

Aries – The passionate but concrete man
You born under the sign of Aries have always dreamed of the passionate man and able to surprise them every day. While this is indeed an important trait, the right person for them should also be solid, with a strong enough character to be able to withstand their often out-of-the-box exits, helping them come to their senses and regain their smile. It is therefore a man who has the passion and patience of him and who knows how to dose and manage them according to the characteristics of his woman. He will also have to be very much in love, to be able to endure the moments of distance that the Aries woman sometimes puts in place when she feels confused or needs to take space.

Taurus – The “square” man
The natives of Taurus have a very specific idea of ​​the man they want at their side and mostly these are characteristics that match what they need. Eager to find a balance in their life soon, they need a man who knows what he wants and who is willing to give him the security they need. It is therefore a matter of a staid man, who works or has very specific ambitions for his future and who also has a romantic streak. At the same time, they need a certain amount of romance. The reason why the right man for them will have to know how to conquer them with chivalrous ways and make them understand that he is ready to fight for their love, every day of his life.

Gemini – The stable man but with his “balanced” moments of madness
For the women of Gemini, the perfect man is a puzzle difficult to find but easy to recognize when you meet him. Their highly unstable character must meet the stable one of a man who feels fascinated by their ways, who knows how to manage their mood changes and who has a pinch of madness, essential to tease them, entertain them and make them feel alive. If there is one thing that the natives of the sign ask of a companion it is the desire to live and create new situations every day to live together. Something they badly need and could not feel in love without.

Cancer – The sensitive but strong man
Cancer women know from the very beginning what their ideal man should be. Extremely romantic, they dream of a sensitive man, who covers them with attention and who knows how to be romantic at the right point. Their man will have to love family, animals and especially them. What they don’t fully realize is that to be right for them a man must also be strong enough to give them the confidence they need and that his strength will often have to serve both of them. It is therefore someone who knows how to balance two very different sides of the character and all without ever hurting his woman who, as a native of Cancer, will often be susceptible and prone to moments of extreme nervousness if she does not feel fully appreciated.

Leo – The special man but able to step aside
The natives of Leo have a very specific idea of ​​what their ideal man should be. They have always dreamed of someone strong, who draws attention to themselves, is beautiful, strong, and able to shine with their light. They fall in love only when they believe they have found someone who is up to them but often do not deal with the need to look for someone who, despite being able to shine, also knows how to step aside, giving them away to be the center of attention. , a position they could never give up. The right man for them is therefore one who knows how to show himself special but who does not have any ambitions of protagonism. Someone who loves the idea of ​​supporting them and who always puts them at the center of attention, showering them with constant attention.

Virgo – The Precise Man
Those born under the sign of Virgo have several characteristics that they tend to look for in a man. First of all, they want someone who is always able to take care of themselves and who, in case of need, shows that they want to take care of them. Next, they are looking for someone who is aesthetically pleasing to them and who knows how to make them feel loved. One aspect they tend not to consider is that of accuracy. Being neat and extremely precise in everything they do they often mistakenly think they don’t need this feature. In reality, precision is a feature they need to have a comparison and feel understood in what is, in effect, a need for them.

Libra – The self-confident man
Those born under the sign of Libra dream of a man who is good-looking and who with a single glance can make his heart beat faster. Apart from aesthetics, they do not have high expectations, thinking they can understand any similarities only by dating. While this is true, there are some characteristics they need to ensure there is a future they can count on. One of these is the self-confidence that their ideal man should always have, first of all, to keep up with their strength of character and, immediately after, to continually fascinate them. It is also very important that he knows how to behave among people and that he has a taste for dressing and in general. After all, the aesthetic side is one of the most important aspects for the natives of the sign who seek beauty in everything that surrounds them.

Scorpio – The strong and patient man
The natives of Scorpio have always dreamed of a strong man, those with a certain charisma and great self-confidence. Only in the presence of someone who matches these characteristics can they lose their minds. For a man to be the right one, however, there must be other characteristics such example, patience. Only a man with this quality can be able to stand next to the women of Scorpio who, although equipped with an indisputable charm, also have a difficult character to hold onto. Sensuality, a pinch of mystery, sensitivity, and the ability to make them feel important are additional qualities that make a man practically perfect for the natives of the sign.

Sagittarius – The man who can stand up to him
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to dream of a man who is as ideal as he is impossible to find. An image is created that is very reminiscent of the characters that can be found in films and novels and this leads them to have serious difficulties in finding someone who lives up to their expectations. When they choose to try, they risk being quickly disappointed at least until they find someone able to stand up to them and thus ignite not only their interest but also the desire to change their perspective a little, learning to appreciate even the small defects that, all in all, they’re not that bad especially when they make a person more real.

Capricorn – The Man Who Can Offer Security
Capricorn natives have expectations that usually match what they need. For them, the right man must be a rock to hold on to in moments of weakness. A well-to-do, well-done, and confident person is what usually attracts them. On the other hand, they would also need attention that these people often tend to skimp on. A problem that can sometimes get bigger than expected and therefore should be considered and included in their very personal wish list.

Aquarius – Man different from others but stable
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are eccentric people who need someone to be considered special to be happy. They usually fall in love with over-the-top people, artists, or men who are eccentrics like them. What he needs, however, is a minimum of stability that allows him to find a balance within the couple. Alone, they end up with the risk of getting lost behind dreams and lack of rules, an aspect that while being part of their way of being would obtain greater stability with the proximity of an alternative partner enough to understand them but equally stable to give them meaning. safety that, even without knowing it, they could perceive as pleasant.

Pisces – The man cavalier
The natives of Pisces have a romantic vision of life that leads them to look for a man who can meet their expectations. The romantic ideal that they carry with them since childhood concerns a strong and kind man, able to fill them with attention and make them feel always protected. In addition to this, they also need someone concrete enough to be able to get them back with their feet on the ground whenever they find themselves fluttering around and who does it in the right ways, showing that they appreciate their way of being that often leads them not to be fully understood by others.


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