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Find out which are the most faithful zodiac signs of the zodiac and which ones to always keep under control.

Loyalty is probably the most requested requirement of the partner. Whether it is an important story or one that has just begun, nobody likes the idea of ​​being betrayed and this means that the fear of a possible betrayal is often present, especially if you do not know the other person thoroughly. Fortunately, several signs can indicate a person who tends to be unfaithful and when these are not enough, you can rely on the stars and on the natural inclinations that you have based on the zodiac sign you belong to. Today, therefore, after having seen how the various signs of the zodiac react when they feel envy and what is the capital sin of each zodiac sign, we will try to understand which are the faithful zodiac signs and those which, instead, could reserve unpleasant surprises. Since this is something that has to do with instinct and feelings, the advice is to also check the ascendant, to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Horoscope: The most faithful signs of the zodiac and those who are never quite faithful

Aries – Not very reliable
Those born under the sign of Aries are mentally faithful but unwilling to follow their basic idea, especially if they find themselves living in the moment. There being instinctive leads them to act without thinking deeply and this can sometimes lead to betrayal. It must be said that by acting without premeditation, most of the time they tend to confess their mistakes, making an effort not to repeat them. Those who want a fundamentally faithful person, however, will have to keep in mind that with them this aspect will always be at risk and that it will be very difficult to change their way of being, although over time it can be hoped to smooth it out.

Taurus – Tendentially faithful
The natives of Taurus are loyal people but they are loyal only to those they consider important in their life. If you have recently been with a person of this zodiac sign, therefore, it is not certain that you can immediately count on this aspect because it always takes some time to establish how much they care about someone. Those in a stable relationship can certainly feel more comfortable except in the case of heated quarrels. When they are angry, the natives of the sign tend to lose their reason and in extreme cases, they could even betray. It should be noted, however, that these are really rare and isolated cases that do not necessarily belong to all Taurus.

Gemini – Not always faithful
Those born under the sign of Gemini are dual people and therefore able to show themselves always differently. The same happens also from the point of view of fidelity. Although they are loyal people, they are also likely to tire often of the people they accompany. This means that now and then there may be an escapade that they may decide to hide in order not to create unnecessary tensions in their opinion. It must also be said that when they cheat it is because they feel an underlying dissatisfaction, which is why if on the one hand it is easy to discover them, on the other hand, it is also easy that sooner or later they decide to end the relationship, simply declaring no longer feel like in the early days.

Cancer – Almost Always Loyal
The natives of Cancer are people who believe a lot in feelings and who therefore are fundamentally loyal, obviously demanding the same thing from their partner. In need of attention as never before, they can become dangerous when they feel left out. Not so much for the risk of betrayal but because they can become sensitive to the attention of others, ending up making friends that over time could turn into something else. In short, if you want to be sure not to find yourself alone, discovering that they are already in love with another person, it is essential to never lose sight of them and not make them lack in any way the pampering they constantly need.

Leo – Faithful enough
Just like the natives of Cancer, even those born under the sign of Leo are loyal people, at least as long as they feel quite at the center of the attention of others. When this does not happen, they tend to look for what they lack in others and all without a second purpose since for them it is an uncontrollable need. In the long run, however, finding the warmth and attention they need elsewhere can push them in other directions. For this reason, it is good to know that being with them means wanting to always dedicate the right amount of time to them, never making them lack attention and compliments.

Virgo – Not very faithful
Virgo natives from a fidelity standpoint can appear downright difficult to understand. Although they seem calm, calm, and with no tendency to look elsewhere, in reality, they are quite curious about the world around them and this can easily lead to cheating. When this happens, they do not experience it with particular remorse because they usually consider it very different from a possible main relationship. At the same time, however, if things with the partner lose solidity, they can change their mind, ending upending the first relationship for the second. With them, it is good to always have a watchful eye to catch any signs.

Libra – Faithful only if happy
Those born under the sign of Libra love quiet relationships and when they are happy they tend to be dedicated to their partner, guaranteeing them all their attention and, of course, loyalty. This can fail when they feel unhappy or feel the relationship is still unstable. Therefore, if you have been together for a short time, the risk of betrayal is quite high, as it is if the relationship is experiencing a period of crisis which, temporary or not, can push them to look around to find someone more compatible. With them, it is good to never let anything go and always take stock of the situation because indifference can be the biggest obstacle to a sincere and happy love.

Scorpio – Loyal as long as they think it right
The natives of Scorpio when they love are among the most faithful signs of the zodiac. Unlike what is said about them, they tend to bond in a particular way to their partner and when this happens they have eyes only for him. Be careful, however, because if things start to go wrong and in their eyes the partner becomes a sort of enemy they can even cheat constantly, experiencing it as the right way to keep the relationship going. In that case, they will have no remorse and will be able to pretend so well that it will be really difficult to discover them. The right thing to ask with them, therefore, is not so much if they are unfaithful but if they are in love and satisfied with the story they are experiencing.

Sagittarius – Faithful according to the way they live life
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are often difficult to understand and this aspect tends to be reflected also in the way they manage relationships. This is not an unfaithful sign but if at the base there is a more pronounced propensity than usual to explore the world they could also push themselves to the desire to know other people, even just to understand how you feel about it. The more traditional and tied to their partner, on the other hand, will avoid betrayal in every way, trying to spice up the relationship they have and focusing only on it. Being calm with them is therefore impossible but knowing them you can surely be able to understand if they are more or less inclined to be unfaithful.

Capricorn – Faithful
The natives of Capricorn tend to be faithful. In life, he likes to have fixed points and among these, there is certainly the relationship they have with their partner. Whether they have been together for a long time or only for a few days, they will therefore tend to focus only on who they are in front of, avoiding betrayal in any way. In the same way, they will demand the same from the person they are with, so much so that otherwise they will even be ready to question everything by immediately evaluating the possibility of separating to find someone more suitable for them.

Aquarius – Very faithful
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love stable relationships above all else. For them, intimacy is something important and to be shared only with those they know well. The idea of ​​looking elsewhere, therefore, does not even affect them unless they casually find the perfect person. If this happens, however, they will not leave everything to a one-night stand but will be ready to close the story they already have to venture into something new. With them, therefore, the only important thing is to understand if they are in love and happy with the relationship they live.

Pisces – Loyal
The natives of Pisces are among the most romantic signs of the zodiac and this makes them extremely sincere and faithful people. When they love they focus only on the partner and try to make him as happy as they can. The very idea of ​​betraying him is practically impossible for them. If they are single or live relationships lightly, however, they can open up to more possibilities at the same time. The positive side is that they will never make a mystery of it and therefore, even in this case, there will never be a betrayal.

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