Find out which are the funniest zodiac signs of the zodiac. The opinion of the stars.

Among the many characteristics that can be part of a person, being funny is certainly one of the most difficult to argue. Depending on how one is and how much this aspect is perceived, a person can appear funny or come to be considered ridiculous. It is therefore a delicate character side to face but which closely concerns each of us. Anyone, after all, has made a fool of themselves at least once or been considered funny by someone who has enjoyed a joke or a way of doing things.
Since this way of being can be influenced, at least in part by the stars, today after seeing which are the signs that console themselves the most with food and which are the ones who always complain, we will try to find out which are the funniest signs of the zodiac, considering only the positive aspect of the term. Since this way of being is closely linked to the way of feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of the person on whom you intend to browse.

Here are the funniest zodiac signs of the zodiac

Aries – Funny only when they want
Those born under the sign of Aries, as dynamic and with a good sense of humor can be funny and, at times, even funny. The latter aspect mostly depends on the people around them and on the degree of confidence that binds them. If they feel particularly at ease the natives of the sign love to let themselves go, making jokes and trying in every way to amuse those around them. This way mostly depends on how they feel at the moment and the willingness to make themselves fun in the eyes of others. Otherwise, they prefer to limit themselves to a few sporadic jokes.

Taurus – Sympathetically Funny
Taurus natives have a way of being funny that inspires tenderness and sympathy, especially when it comes to expressing one’s feelings. Sometimes, if in the grip of embarrassment they can be slightly clumsy and therefore also funny. However, it is a weapon they have and that seems to capture the interest of others, making them pleasant people, the ones you want to have near both in pleasant moments and funny ones.

Gemini – Quite funny
Gemini is people who change their mind with every gust of wind, for this reason, it can happen quite often to contradict themselves or not to remember something they had said or decided to do previously. Luckily, they have on their side the ability to take everything with irony and this can make them appear funny from time to time, attracting the sympathies of those around them. Their ability to be among others and to communicate does the rest, making them pretty funny people.

Cancer – Almost Not Funny
Those born under the sign of Cancer would have all the potential to look funny in a tender way. Unfortunately, they tend to take themselves a little too seriously and this means that their way of being is spent almost built. Being funny is therefore not one of their main characteristics, just as they struggle to grasp humor or to be funny. When they are among the people they do not like to indulge in animated conversations to which they prefer the tranquility of their home environment, to be shared strictly with a few selected people. For this reason, they do not even feel the need to be different from how they are, aware that they have only the people next to them who want and who accept them for who they are.

Leo – Not funny The natives of
Leo can be said to be anything but funny. Of course, sometimes they know how to indulge in a few jokes and if at the center of a conversation they know how to grasp the ironic or funny aspects. Due to their need to always appear at the top, they avoid showing a funny or funny side, preferring the serious, professional, or in person at the top. Since they are known for always wanting to be the center of attention, no one expects anything different from them and this is an aspect of which they are proud and which they consider as a strength, certain that they can make themselves loved by showing themselves as they prefer.

Virgo – Not funny at all
Those born under the sign of Virgo are serious people and tied to mental schemes so sophisticated that they do not even contemplate the possibility of being able to make themselves funny. On the contrary, they know how to make fun of others, sometimes even exaggerating. This way of being can sometimes make them a bit unpleasant and upset both the victims of their jokes and those who assist them. However, it is a way of doing that does not belong to all natives of the sign but that when there is it should be blunted as the risk is to exaggerate without realizing it.

Libra – Not very funny
Libra natives are people who love everything that is moderate and who do not particularly want to please others or not. For them what matters is to be themselves and therefore free to express themselves as they prefer. However, when it happens to them they can also be funny. This happens infrequently and in a light but completely natural way, so the few times they come across in similar situations can stay etched for a long time, making them memorable.

Scorpio – Hardly ever funny
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are too attached to their privacy to be funny or funny. When they are among others they tend to stay on the sidelines and while conversing with others they almost always avoid going into details concerning their life. If they want they know how to be company but they will always tend to be more good listeners than good speakers unless they feel deeply interested in the subject matter. In both cases, their seriousness will always stand out.

Sagittarius – Funny with friends
Sagittarius natives are sociable people who love to be around people and catch the funniest aspects of life. If they feel particularly inspired or comfortable with those around them, they tend to be funny and often funny too. For them, making jokes and laughing at others is the most important thing and the main glue of friendships. This is why, in addition to being happy when they are considered funny, they love to surround themselves with people who are just as funny.

Capricorn – Not exactly funny
Maybe, sometimes those born under the sign of Capricorn can be funny. However, these are isolated and very limited episodes. Their life is so concentrated on work and the various daily commitments that the time to be amused or to grasp the ironic side of life is practically zero. If they are funny, they do it in their way, letting slip some out-of-place comments that can be funny and at times strange precisely because they are told. That said, they are among the least funny signs of the zodiac.

Aquarius – Far from being funny
Aquarius natives are so reserved and lonely that they hardly understand what it means to be funny. One thing, however, is certain. They are not at all and have no particular sympathy for those who are. On the contrary, they manage to smile at someone who is naturally funny and therefore unaware of being funny but still able to arouse a good mood in others. They have a particular way of understanding life, which reflects a lot on their way of acting, always outside the box but falling within a rather serious and organized perspective of life, at least from their point of view.

Pisces – Naturally Funny
Pisces is one of the most instinctive and sincere signs of the zodiac. Empaths like few others, if they realize they can make someone smile, they don’t hesitate to do so. In their way of acting, they are often funny in a completely natural way and this depends on their always being spontaneous and genuine. Those who know them know they can count on their naturalness to feel serene and friends love this side of themselves that they almost seem not to notice. Although not always funny and not used to make jokes, they are therefore funny in a completely original way and, more often than not, appreciated.


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