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Horoscope: the Dance of Venus and the Love Influences of Your Sign

If you have suffered at least once because of love, you know that beyond your suffering there was a long line of questions to which you did not find the answer. And if you have loved at least once, you know that love changes you and sometimes you react uncontrollably in front of it.

Because your questions deserve answers, we invite you to discover the “dance of Venus”, the planet that dictates your behavior in love. Come to discover yourself, to know what to expect, to understand your reactions and experiences, reading in the lines below what Venus and love, in general, represent for you.

Horoscope: What general influences does Venus, the planet of love, bring us?

Venus is a feminine planet, with beneficial and healing influences in our lives, which directly targets our sphere and especially relationships, attachment, emotions, and love.

Venus inspires beauty and art, romance and attraction, sexuality, and personal fulfillment.

In astrology, we find this planet very close to the Sun, thus bringing generally beneficial influences into our lives.

The two Domiciles of Venus are in the signs of Taurus and Libra

Domicile in Taurus, an earth sign, increases femininity, and interest in physical appearance, and reflects the attachment to material things, also representing the feminine side of the influence of Venus.

The domicile in Libra of the planet Venus represents the masculine side. Libra, an air sign, brings inclinations toward social relations, love and giving, art, and the spirit of justice.

Above all this, Venus has her Exaltation in Pisces, a deeply mystical, intuitive, and free sign. As contradictory as the two fish that create the symbol of the zodiac seem, they also represent balance, but also the power to see in all directions, in the most distant and hidden shadows, because Pisces feel the world differently, often in an incomprehensible, impenetrable way.

How Venus influences us according to the sign we were born in

First of all, we invite you to use any astrological calculator that will help you find out which sign Venus is in your birth chart.

Horoscope: Venus in Aries

Natives with Venus in Aries tend to look first to their own emotions, then to the needs of their life partner. That is precisely why they can be accused of being perhaps colder, and more self-centered. It is said that those with Venus in Aries must practice, and learn to be more attentive and involved in their relationships, seek perseverance in dedication, and balance in emotions.

These natives love intensely, they fall in love like teenagers with butterflies in their stomachs and insomnia, love in their case being impulsive, like fire: it ignites quickly, but it is difficult to maintain, being able to extinguish just as quickly.

That is why the astrologer’s advice is for the natives to rely on balance, gentle and not impulsive communication, control, and good management of emotions.

Horoscope: Venus in Taurus

As we said above, Venus presents one of its Domiciles in Taurus. Venus is home, so to speak.

Therefore, these natives manage to attract around them the people they need, because they are honest and direct, and those with whom they are compatible remain close to them. In relationships, these natives enjoy strong attachment, stability, and trust, but they will not neglect the importance of material values ​​in a couple and life in general.

However, this native needs physical contact from his partner, and his presence, but also frequently expressed appreciation, compliments, and gestures of love.

Horoscope: Venus in Gemini

These natives have a tremendous ability to create relationships, but their attachment can be more superficial. In addition, self-confidence also gives them the feeling that they have a very good command of the relationships they have, that they can manipulate, and that they can be open to new connections, although they may not yet have penetrated far enough into the benefits that current relationships provide can bring They tend to see the connection with others primarily intellectually and then emotionally.

There is a risk that they will fall into the trap of cheating, betting on the fact that they cannot be discovered, in which they will essentially be the ones who lose because the depth of a relationship is practically the most beautiful part of a couple, wrapped in the feeling of security, acceptance, stability, trust.

So, the astrologers’ encouragement is to focus intensely on themselves first, on who they are, what needs they have, both spiritual and material, and what values ​​they would not give up. Only then should they let in their lives only those partners who suit them, thus investing in quality relationships, in truly beautiful and non-superficial experiences.

Horoscope: Venus in Cancer

Natives with Venus in Cancer are sensitive and strong at the same time. They are sensitive to non-verbal languages, those that express the truth and deep emotion beyond words and appearances, they are sensitive to suffering. They will intuitively know when they are being lied to in love, even if they don’t seem to have reasons, even if they have no evidence. Because they feel the man and especially the partner.

And they are strong because they know how to overcome obstacles with gentleness and love, managing to keep only what was good from their past.

However, astrologers point out that these natives tend to copy behavioral models, models of love that they have seen in the family. A “traditional” copy they can only overcome if they try to develop themselves and give themselves the courage and freedom to experiment.

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