Find out what role you have in the couple between that of the jealous and possessive partner and that of the person who knows how to leave the right freedom.

When you are as a couple, some ways of doing things are inevitably completely new even to those who implement them. We find ourselves confronting another person and this leads to adopting ways of doing that often we did not even think of possessing. Among these, it is useless to go around it, there is jealousy, often deleterious for many relationships, especially when there is only one between the two to experience it. If you’re not sure how you look to your significant other, the stars can help you by indicating whether you’re more into jealousy or letting the person you’re with free. After having seen which is the most suitable restaurant for each zodiac sign and how to behave in order not to anger the various signs of the zodiac, today we will therefore see if in a couple of relationships we are more jealous or relaxed.

How are you in love, jealous or relaxed? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – Very relaxed
You like simple things, so even in love, you prefer to trust and leave the other person as free as possible. After all, you first need not feel suffocated, which is why you understand perfectly well what it feels like to suffer the anxieties of others. It must be said, however, that if you suspect that your trust is in vain, then you’re being smoked suddenly emerges also leading you to real outbursts after which, more often than not, you tend to look elsewhere and close. . Not being able to trust is something you just can’t stand.

Taurus – Super jealous
As is typical for natives of your sign, you are a very jealous person, to the point of being extremely possessive. Unfortunately, it is a side of your character that is difficult to manage, even with all the goodwill in this world. Just thinking that someone can get close to the person you love makes you freak out, leading you to make real scenes and, if you think it is necessary, to face anyone you consider a threat. The council of the stars? If you really can’t moderate yourself, look for a person who knows how to accept this way of being in order not to see your stories end for something over which you don’t have control.

Gemini – Very jealous
Although in love you are the first to demand freedom of action, when it comes to you, jealousy is always at the forefront. Sometimes it is difficult to understand if it is insecurity or a negative way of thinking for the many times that even just for fun you find yourself flirting with those in front of you. What is certain is that when you feel jealousy build up inside you, you don’t hesitate to make your jealousy scenes and keep your face even for days. Maybe a little balance between what you expect and what you ask could make it easier for you to manage your relationships internally.

Cancer – Extremely Jealous
Your jealousy is not just about your partner but all of your relationships. Insecure as few, you do not tolerate someone getting in the way and taking away the attention of the people you care about and this often makes you difficult to deal with. In love, above all, you tend to express jealousy exaggeratedly, showing yourself possessive and not inclined to reason. This means that sometimes even a story that on paper seems destined to last a long time ends up suffering dents due to your way of doing it. A little more attention in the way you carry yourself when you feel in trouble could help you not risk losing the one you love just for a jolt of nerves.

Leo – Jealous
Yours is a somewhat particular form of jealousy. This is not dictated by insecurity but by the fact that when you are with someone you pretend to be only you and to always be the center of attention. The thought that someone else might take your place for even a second is completely impossible for you to even consider. For this reason, while leaving the right freedom to those you love, you never fail to reveal your jealousy and if you only think that someone has an eye for him, your aggression takes over, leading you to immediately put the dots on the i’s, spelling out your unique role in his life. An attitude that some may like but which can sometimes also create embarrassment.

Virgo – More than relaxed
For you, jealousy is just a lack of control of your emotions. While you love the person you are with, you always tend to rationalize everything, concluding that if they are with you it is because they reciprocate your feelings. If on the one hand, you know how to leave the right freedom to your other half can be seen as something positive, in some cases, it can be annoying because it is mistaken as a form of indifference. The advice of the stars is therefore to demonstrate attachment to your other half in other ways, so as not to risk losing it for motions that are sometimes too relaxed. A pinch of jealousy now and then if well dosed, is a sign of love.

Libra – Relaxed enough
For you, having lots of friends is a fundamental thing in people’s lives. For this reason, it does not upset you to know that your other half has other affections to devote their time to. After all, you too live surrounded by people you love and who you would never accept losing to someone else’s jealousy. In love, you are therefore more than relaxed, to the point of leaving maximum freedom of action to those you love. Of course, this is all true as long as you know you can trust them. Otherwise, you have likely decided to end the story even without outbursts of jealousy that you still consider useless and to which you prefer an immediate solution to the problem.

Scorpio – Very jealous
In love, you need a lot of reassurance and to always feel the center of attention. For this reason, you are certainly among the jealous people, those who if they suspect someone starts a series of endless investigations. And you don’t need much to suspect, just a name, a glance too many, or even just the existence of a person in the life of your sweetheart. In short, sometimes you tend to be too possessive and this can lead to the other person feeling overwhelmed. A little bit of control over your emotions would help you figure out if and when to pay attention, without alarming you about everything and everyone. After all, you have a good sixth sense on your side to rely on.

Sagittarius – More than relaxed
In love, you are super relaxed. The truth is that the reason mostly depends on your need for freedom that you constantly claim and which at times can even lead you to be unfaithful. For this reason, you are not used to tormenting your partner with jealousy scenes that you, for one, would not tolerate. There is also a kind of conviction on your side that keeping things on a plan based heavily on freedom, any flirtations with others would be forgiven. Too bad that this is not necessarily the case and that not all partners are willing to accept such conditions, especially if they have a jealous disposition on their side.

Capricorn – In a good middle
ground Taken as you are by your many commitments you just don’t have the time to let yourself go into jealousies that would end up depleting part of your mental energies. For this reason, you tend to choose mates you believe can be trusted and once together you give them the same trust that you expect to be placed in you. If something between you breaks, however, it is not said that you do not go crazy, leaving you with great outbursts and with attitudes usually not very similar to your way of being. Once things change, however, it is very likely that your final choice, after having vented, is to end the story.

Aquarius – The relaxed feint
As a rule, you like to appear as a person who does not mind giving others the right spaces and this is because you are the first to demand them and to use them as often as possible. The reality, however, is that although it is necessary for you to feel free when it comes to your loved ones and especially the person you love, you tend to be very jealous, to the point of feeling bad. Nevertheless, you avoid showing it, only to explode if something happens that in your opinion indicates a lack of respect or a possible betrayal.

Pisces – Jealous but without making it known
There is no question that you are a jealous person. The real problem lies in the way you deal with others. For some strange reason, you don’t like being jealous, probably because in your eyes it indicates weakness. For this reason, you almost always end up just observing without getting noticed, except to stiffen or change your attitude when you think something is wrong. In that case, you become suspicious at the highest levels and sometimes risk making a few outbursts even before you have all the evidence. A little more sincerity and calm in this regard could work in your favor. Seeing is believing.

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