Find out how much you hate others from 1 to 10 and all based on your zodiac sign.

In the world, you know, there are people who are able to love everyone and others who, on the other hand, need very little to feel an innate antipathy towards anyone who comes under their gun. It is something almost instinctive and for which it is often difficult to exercise control, leading those who hate easily to behave in a despotic manner without even realizing it. This way of being, in large part, depends on the stars and the ascendant they have over us. Today, therefore, after seeing how much we can trust our other half and who is more suitable for us between a dog and a cat, we will discover how predisposed we are to hate others. A characteristic that reflects more than anything else the way of feeling and for which it is therefore advisable to check your ascendant in order to have a clearer picture of the situation.

That’s how much you hate others from one to ten

Aries – 5
Your level of hatred towards others is equal to five. Your hatred, however, depends a lot on the people you are dealing with and the circumstances that place you in front of each other. If it’s rivals in something then your hatred is likely to skyrocket, partly to motivate you and partly because you basically hate having rivals that you tend to see as inconvenient obstacles in your path. When you feel in a position of superiority and safe from everything, however, you tend to be more open and well disposed towards others.

Taurus – 7
Your hatred of others is not uncommon and grows according to the characteristics of who you are in front of. If you can tolerate people who are calm or who show themselves reserved and uninteresting to hinder you, in front of those who try to show themselves superior to you or who show too much of their qualities your dislike becomes really great, even coming to real episodes of hate. Which when it happens you struggle to hide so much as to intimidate those in front of you. A problem that does not exist for you since what you care most about is keeping away the people you think are annoying.

Gemini – 4
As a rule, you are not used to paying too much attention to others you are only interested in if they belong to your inner circle. This then leads you to relate mostly to people you like and feel similar to you in some way. In fact, taken as you are in your life, you do not have the time to feel hatred towards others, whom you prefer to relegate to a corner of your mind, in order to focus on what really interests you. Of course, sometimes it can happen to you too to meet people you don’t like, in which case, however, the only thing you tend to do is to show your natural dislike without too much staging, making sure not to cross them more. In short, your way of handling things is quite simple, freeing yourself from the burden that often comes with feeling hatred for others.

Cancer – 8
Your hatred of others is related to the way they relate to you. As needy as you are to confirm and to feel listened to and appreciated, you tend to feel resentment in case of obvious indifference or of people ready to give you up without worrying about your feelings. When this happens, your feelings become very dark causing you to see those people as enemies you can defend yourself against. The result is a very high hatred that does not end easily and that can indeed grow over time. Before being able to forgive without reservation, in fact, it takes you a very long time.

Leo – 3
The truth is that you are too busy with yourself to care what others think or say. Your world, in fact, revolves only around yourself and your commitments. This leads you to almost never feel a grudge towards others and to live the relationship with others in complete serenity. In fact, if something is wrong with you, your first reaction is to make it present immediately, thus avoiding subsequent problems. A way of doing that sometimes leads to the opposite effect, pushing others to feel resentment towards you, thus generating misunderstandings that in one way or another would still end up touching you.

Virgo – 8
Let’s face it, hating others is something that you do great. In fact, you only need very little to have negative feelings towards others. Most of the time you are simply bothered by people who think differently from you or who relate to things differently. And since you are used to criticizing those who are not in your ropes, the dislike you feel is often well reciprocated by generating relationships that could be better if you only put in a little more effort in showing yourself less rigid in your positions and more open towards others. .

Libra – 5
Normally you are not a person who likes to experience negative feelings, which is why you prefer to let it all flow around, dating people towards whom you have positive feelings and avoiding all the others. However, when someone tends to hurt you or harm the people you care about, your reaction is immediate and quite heated even if after a first moment you always try to clarify your point of view, moving away from those you do not think are suitable for you. Your way of handling hatred of others is therefore quite positive.

Scorpio – 10
It is not that you like to hate others, however on a scale of one to ten your hatred is at the very highest level. This depends, in particular, on your need to protect yourself from the pain that even the smallest wrong action can cause you and since you are also basically a vengeful person, when this happens you tend to take the field as if you were in the middle of war, swearing eternal hatred to the person who from that moment will be in your eyes an enemy to take revenge on. Your level of hatred towards others is therefore very high and can only be managed with a deep work on yourself and your emotions.

Sagittarius – 2
Hating is not for you. In life you prefer to rejoice and enjoy every pleasant moment, possibly alongside the people you love. This leads you to surround yourself with positive people and with whom you share points of view and passions. As for those who are too different from you, your modus operandi is to always show cordiality but never go deeper. In this way, the hope is not to have to deal with it more than you can tolerate, thus avoiding unhappy situations which are precisely the ones you always try to avoid in order to focus only on what you like.

Capricorn – 9
Your ability to hate is directly proportional to that with which others are able to overshadow your deductive skills or the commitment you invest daily in your work. Having recognized the efforts you make is in fact something you care in a particular way and when this does not happen your mood starts to darken leading you to feel annoyance first and immediately after anger towards those who dare to go against you. For this reason it is easy for you to end up in this situation, especially if you are dealing with people you know little and who may unwittingly question what you say.

Aquarius – 6
Your hatred for others is often difficult to measure because if on the one hand you tend not to care about those around you, on the other hand it takes very little to make your mood spoil to the point of causing you to feel a grudge . This mainly happens when you feel disturbed or feel that your privacy is somehow violated. If this happens, your hatred towards the intrusive on duty is practically certain at least as it is the fact that you will try in every way to get rid of it to find your beloved peace. Let’s say that you are a person with whom it can be difficult to deal but that it is of little importance to you since, basically, you only care about the people you really care about.

Pisces – 1
Among the exponents of the various signs of the zodiac you are the one who tends to hate least of all. Indeed, it could almost be said that you are hardly capable of feeling such a feeling. Empathic as you are, in fact, you tend to justify the wrongs suffered by others most of the time, looking for reasons to absolve them of any guilt. Of course, in extreme cases anger and disappointment come as it should be but you almost never let yourself go to hatred and this is because it is a very strong feeling that you at first tend not to bear particularly, preferring more positive emotions to it.

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