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Find out how you live when you are single. Here is the opinion of the stars.

After Valentine’s Day, many single people have found themselves having to deal with their situation. Whether you are in the absence of a relationship by choice or by force, in fact, sometimes loneliness can peep out leading to review your condition. A rule that obviously does not apply to everyone and that sees many single people more than happy to be and not at all interested in changing reality. After seeing how each sign lives on Valentine’s Day and which are the zodiac signs that tend to nostalgia the most , today we will try to see how we live as single .

Find out if you are really happy as a single person or if you are ready for something different

Aries – Born for a single life
Living single is the ideal condition for you. Sure, your romantic streak many times makes you want to find a mate. Your need for freedom, however, often leads you to dismiss the idea. Of course, if it were possible to find the ideal person, capable of having fun and able to understand your need for space, the situation would be decidedly different and perhaps you could even decide to commit yourself seriously. Right now, however, much better to live for the day, trying to get to know who you like but without going too far. Time will do the rest.

Taurus – Not at all suitable
Being single doesn’t make you happy at all. Of course, rather than being with someone you don’t feel any transport for, it’s better to be alone. Looking for the right person, however, remains an imperative for you that you just can’t escape. For you, after all, love is as important as having someone to love. So, better get busy. Love is surely there somewhere and waiting to be found to help you start a new phase in your life.

Gemini – By the time
As is often the case with everything about you, you don’t have a particular preference between being single or committed. You generally like to have someone to accompany you to and confide in at night. A sort of accomplice with whom to have fun and share even the strangest moments of your life. In the absence of the right person, however, you prefer to let go and focus on friendships that you certainly don’t lack.

Cancer – Only if forced
Your romantic nature leads you to be made to be in a couple, a condition in which you feel truly complete and serene. If the circumstances are adverse, however, you know how to roll up your sleeves and make the best of a bad situation and this albeit with a sense of sadness and annoyance that you end up carrying around until things change. Luckily you are a person who can also be alone and who in some ways loves solitude. It’s just a pity that when this becomes a stretch, things change and everything seems to get more complex. Better shop around, the right person might be closer than you think.

Leo – Happy in both ways
Love is an important thing but certainly not the only thing that interests you. Even as a single, therefore, you are able to live peacefully, enjoying the positive aspects that, as you well know, are found in almost all situations. Of course, a great love is something that can warm your heart and give you immense joy, especially if next to a person who is able to understand and support you. You, however, are used to shining with your light and this allows you to be fully satisfied with your life both as a single and as a couple. Something to be happy about, especially because it allows you to search without haste for the person to love, aware of being able to choose among many and without any margin for error.

Virgo – Quite unhappy
Being single is something you don’t like and that’s because in life you often feel the need to confide what you think to someone you can consider special. Of course, friends are fine for these things too. A love to live, however, is something unique that when it is not there you miss it to the point of making you gloomy. On the other hand, it is not at all easy for you to find the right person and this is because besides being very demanding you are quite difficult to deal with. Learning to take things a little more lightly could help you in this regard, leading you to discover that even those who are different from you can turn out to be a compatible person in their own way.

Libra – Serene but with something missing
Basically you are a person perfectly capable of self-completion. Love, however, is something so special in your eyes that not being able to live it saddens you a lot, leading you to envy those who have someone by their side. To be fully happy, even though your life is already full of her, you really need to love and feel loved. Better to take a look around and welcome the possibility of taking risks and making mistakes rather than resigning yourself before trying. Sometimes, love can hide where you just don’t expect.

Scorpio – More than happy as a single
Being single has never been a problem for you. You are self-reliant enough and able to bond with others that you hardly feel the need to have someone close. Every so often, however, when it is evening or the weekend arrives, the imagination of someone next to you, ready to listen to how your day went or to share a film with you, touches you, leaving you with a sense of bitterness in your mouth. Even if you manage to live peacefully even as a single person, therefore, perhaps you should aim for something more like the happiness you could feel when meeting the right person.

Sagittarius – Better Single
As much as you try to pursue your romantic dreams, the single life suits you best. Your constant need for freedom and the habit of acting without giving an account and reason to anyone makes you a person who certainly lives better alone. Of course, a story sometimes manages to make you feel at the top, reminding you how beautiful it can be to feel in love. Unfortunately, however, the habit risks suffocating everything, compromising even the most important loves. If you ever decide to dive into a new story, then, first try to understand how much you can give and choose someone who can understand and accept you as you are. In this way, perhaps, you might even think of establishing something lasting, precisely because in your strings.

Capricorn – A perfect single missed
Although you are always looking for great love, temperamentally you have all the characteristics to live as a single. The need for control you have over your life, the spirit of self-denial you have at work and the stable friendships you are able to build, mean that you can live peacefully and without ever feeling alone. For some strange reason, however, you seem not to believe fully in this thing and sometimes you end up binding yourself to others more for fear of being alone than for true love. Of course, in view of a feeling it is always good to follow the heart but without great emotional drives, perhaps you should really try to consider living in a different way, focusing more on yourself than on the relationship of two. Life, in this sense, could hold you great surprises.

Aquarius – A carefree single
Alone you have a great time. This is an awareness that you have and that allows you to lead your life in the best possible way both as a couple and as a single. After all, to be happy you know very well that you need to have the right people by your side, those who show themselves able to understand and accept you as you are. Which is true both in friendship and in love where obviously you tend to be quite severe in judgments. An attitude that you are right to maintain in this way and that allows you to manage your life as best you can. Because, after all, it is better to be alone than in bad company, right?

Pisces – Single only when needed
Of course, when it happens that there is no one in your life able to make your heart beat, then your choice is to be alone, hoping day by day to meet the right person. The single life, however, is not exactly for you. In your life you need to love and feel loved and if you normally manage to meet this need with friends and loved ones, in the long run you also need to have a person next to you, able to give you that little bit more that makes you feel. complete. Luckily, love is in the air and sometimes you just really have to stop looking for it to find out, maybe right where you looked just a moment before.

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