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Find out what you fear most when you feel a relationship is becoming important.

How many times has it happened to you to dream of great love only to find yourself almost afraid of living an important relationship? Strange as it may sound, it happens to a lot of people. If in theory love is easy to manage when you are at the center of such a great feeling, being able to reason clearly can become difficult, leading to fears that are often irrational and difficult to recognize and understand. Since the way a relationship is lived depends, at least in part, on the influence that the stars have on us, today after seeing how moody we are and what is the most evident quality of our partner, we will find out what scares us so much about relationships by trying to solve it with the help of the stars. Being a way of being, the advice is, as always, to also check the profile of one’s ascendant.

What is it that scares you so much in a lasting relationship? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – The possible loss of rationality
You like love stories to the point of dreaming about them even at night, too bad that all the positive aspects about which you waste even hours fantasizing tend to fade when luck embraces you making you find the right person. As difficult as it is to accept, what makes you so afraid is the loss of your rational side and the thought that the other may take advantage of you without you realizing it. A fear that pushes you to distance yourself or sabotage the relationship itself, making you run the risk of losing your loved one and the possibility of being happy. To prevent this from happening, try to remember that the irrationality of the early days is destined to vanish within a few months and that once you return to your senses you would understand if things can proceed or not. Stop everything immediately just for fear of making a mistake, however,

Taurus – The fear of betrayal
For you, love is a serious thing and for which it is worth giving your all. When you think you have found the right person, then, you tend to immediately lay the foundations for an important and long-lasting story. Too bad that while you try you live with the constant anxiety of a betrayal to the point of becoming too jealous and cautious of your him, thus risking to remove him. Before letting you go to too extreme gestures, he tries to remember that part of your thoughts do not depend on his actions but on your fears. This way you will be able to reduce them and see things more realistically. After all, everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt, so why not the one you love?

Gemini – The fear that everything will end suddenly
Your situation is a bit complicated because your biggest fear is not related to your him but to yourself and the possibility of getting tired very soon of what you are experiencing. A problem that becomes greater when to remedy you tend to close even before this happens or you get to create such a tension that nothing can be more fun than before. Remember that if you have this fear, you probably care enough to be able to fight against your own boredom, perhaps being the first to create ever new situations to live as a couple, while trying to cope with the awareness that some days are more subdued than others. they do not necessarily indicate the end of the story.

Cancer – The possibility of being sidelined
Even in love you do nothing but experience the fear that you already experience in other relationships, that is, that of being put aside. As needy as you are for attention, you really find it hard to accept the idea that the life of others is also made up of other things and other people. For this reason, sometimes, in order not to experience the sense of abandonment of which you are truly terrified, you even get to make the story end. Of course, most of the time you do it without even realizing it, but the result remains the same and it is definitely negative for your heart which, in this way, ends up breaking several times. If you have all this fear, try talking to your partner about it and you will see that with his help you will be able to fortify yourself. Also, try not to have a single important relationship, create something stable even with the closest friends,

Leo – Finding out that your partner is too different from you
When you relate to others, you do it with such energy that you almost always take over and monopoly discussions. In doing so, however, you end up always expressing your opinions without caring too much about those of others. Aware of this but unable to find a remedy, when you fall in love you fear not to know your other half thoroughly and to discover that deep down they think differently from you. One thing that, among other things, you would have a hard time accepting. The solution? First, try to be less uncompromising and more willing to accept bells other than yours and give the people around you a chance to tell about themselves. In this way you will know immediately who is more or less compatible with you, without running the risk of discovering it only after falling in love.

Virgo – The fear that your way of being will negatively affect the story
Although you are a person with whom it is often difficult to relate due to your know-it-all and the ease with which you tend to criticize those around you, you are very aware of your limitations, to the point of having a great fear of them. When you fall in love, then, what you fear the most is that the relationship will end because of the way you do it. The real problem is that you are convinced that you cannot change things when instead it would be enough to count to 10 before expressing yourself and using kinder ways to make things go differently, leading to positive comparisons and aimed at improving the relationship. rather than destroy it. In short, to be happy you just have to work on yourself and you will see that once you have succeeded in conquering your goals even fear will subside,

Libra – The fear of discovering unexpected defects
When you fall in love, in general, you do it because you are attracted to the person in front of you. Your ideal partner, in fact, must be good-looking and with ways that fascinate you. Once in love, however, the fear is that the chosen person will not be able to meet your high expectations and end up disappointing you. This fear leads you to look around and make comparisons, giving the wrong idea of ​​your feelings. For once, try to focus on what’s in front of you without always striving for perfection. There will always be someone better than the person you have chosen as there will be better and worse than you and all in varying ways. Reason why it is preferable to follow your own heart that rules you never wrong.

Scorpio – The fear of being disappointed with your expectations
When you choose to start an important relationship with someone you do it with the best of intentions and attracted by their ways of doing things. If on the one hand you like to dive headlong into a relationship, following your instincts, on the other hand the fear of having made the wrong choice is always present. This causes in you an almost obsessive attention to the ways of your partner, so much so that you risk creating tensions within the relationship. To ensure that this does not happen, try to get to know better the people you consider eligible for a lasting story. In this way you will immediately understand if they can be right for you or if they do not have all the features you are looking for and which you cannot do without. Of course, maybe this way diving into a story will be a little less exciting but at least it will guarantee you peace of mind in the later stages.

Sagittarius – The possibility of losing the freedom you care so much
As a good free spirit, your biggest fear is that of losing your freedom. For this reason, when you fall in love you tend to inadvertently boycott the relationship by constantly putting your boyfriend to the test and creating a difficult situation for anyone. Why don’t you try instead to try to understand immediately what to expect, perhaps by hanging out with people similar to you and therefore reluctant to limit yourself because in turn they need their own space? This way, living a story will be much easier not only for you but for your partner as well.

Capricorn – The ability to feel limited
Your problem lies in looking for someone who, on the other hand, can come to realize your greatest fear. Although you know that you are an independent person, you tend to surround yourself with people who are not completely independent and who end up leaning on you in some need. The feeling of being needed for others, in fact, makes you feel better. Too bad that at the same time you can’t bear the idea of ​​being “forced” into a situation, which leads you to feel suffocated and to react badly towards your partner who obviously will never understand how you feel. In short, the only way to solve the situation is to look for people similar to you and not the other way around, so when you need your moments you can have them without problems. Those who love you, after all, will still need you.

Aquarius – The risk of feeling isolated
Yes, although you don’t fully realize it, your biggest fear is that of being alone. True, loneliness is something you like and constantly search for but that is true as long as you know you have someone close at hand and you can always count on. If loneliness becomes total, your fears suddenly materialize. And within a relationship, all of this ends up making you experience various forms of isolation in order to understand how far you can go. Obviously this way of doing you cannot be understood by the partner who, interpreting it in the wrong way, could think of being a burden, excluding himself a priori from the “game”. In short, if you want your story to last, immediately choose someone who can understand you, express your needs and learn how great it can be to communicate with someone. This will make your moments more enjoyable, whether as a couple or alone.

Pisces – The fear of being alone
When you fall in love you give your all, throwing yourself headlong into the new story and living every emotion that comes with it to the fullest. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and the more the relationship becomes important, the fear of being alone ends up becoming nagging, leading you to weigh things down. This is a problem that you have with yourself and that you live in any type of relationship but which, for obvious reasons, you tend to exasperate when you think you have found love. A solution? Try talking about how you feel, seek understanding from your partner and at the same time make an effort to be rational and understand that living with fears will not change things anyway. Better to live life with serenity, knowing that if there are problems you can always face them. You have a lot more strength inside than you are led to think.

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