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Find out what expectations others have of you based on your zodiac sign.

Each of us, willy-nilly, plays a particular role in society. Whether we like it or not, the people around us tend to have specific expectations of us which, if not met, can create discontent or problems in relationships. These expectations may depend in part on what we promise or how we deal with others. In other cases, however, the influence that the stars have on us can also make the difference, which in some way determines how we appear to others, thus fueling their expectations. Since knowing in advance what those around us think of us is always useful, today after seeing how smart we are and which are the most resilient zodiac signs, we will find out what others expect from us.

Here’s what others expect from you based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Fun
Those around you usually do it because they are attracted to your vitality and the ability you have to enjoy life in all circumstances. From you, therefore, others expect moments of lightness, in which to have fun and in which to experience quality time. On the contrary, they are not ready to hear your outbursts or to seize any moments of weakness that would displace them somewhat, pushing them to move away. Given that you will most likely understand who your true friends are from their ability to be around you even in difficult times of your life, if you want to meet the expectations of others you will have to show off your cheerfulness and the funniest side of you.

Taurus – Security
In the eyes of others, you are a reliable and serious person who always knows what he wants from life and who, above all, knows how to get it. Those around you expect tranquility from you and should he need useful advice to improve everyday life. What is not expected are the normal vacillations that involve everyone but which for some strange reason others believe are something that does not concern you. The same also applies to love where others think you can give stability and security.

Gemini – The special moments
You are known to everyone as a particular person and always able to make different decisions from others. For this reason, those around you expect particular actions from you and can give life to special moments. These are expectations that very often you can fulfill simply by living because from a certain point of view you are extravagant enough to bring a breath of fresh air into the lives of others. On the other hand, when you are not in good shape, others may feel disappointed by the apathy of your days which, as you well know, are opposite to those in which you appear full of energy. Since you also have your needs, it is better to seek the friendship of those who appreciate and accept you for who you are 365 days a year and not just on good days.

Cancer – Sweetness
It is well known that yours is one of the most romantic zodiac signs and your way of behaving towards others means that the general image you give is that of a person who is always ready to listen and to be kind. Few would imagine that behind your sweetness hides a person who has his own needs and that when these are not met he ends up taking it so much that it is rude far beyond expectations. To continue to please and not to disappoint expectations it is therefore important to try to give less space to personal outbursts and not sulk about every little thing. Your sometimes excessive reactions risk upsetting those in front of you, leading people to distance themselves.

Leo – Positivity
You’re being sunny and always on the piece, make others think of you that you are a strong person, always positive and who knows no defeats. This is an image that you like to give and that you often contribute to with the things you say or try to demonstrate. Any crises are therefore not to be taken into consideration because they would go against the image you have created, undermining the trust that others have placed in you up to that moment. To meet these expectations, therefore, even in the case of black moments you will have to continue to show yourself smiling and always full of energy. The alternative? Make you seem more human and with the normal vacillations that everyone has. In this way, you will not run the risk of disappointing others or of always pretending to be happy and smiling even in the darkest moments.

Virgo – The practical advice
Although you are usually a person prone to negative thoughts and not inclined to see the glass half empty, others expect valuable advice from you for managing their lives. This partly depends on the sense of calm that you can convey thanks to your constant precision and the confidence that you transmit even when you have more fears than certainties. The trick to not disappointing others? Admit your weaknesses and try not to always show yourself superior. This will also help you feel less alone, allowing you to empathize more with those around you.

Libra – A special relationship
Those who know you usually see you as a peaceful person, without major problems, and with an enviable life, based on a mix of luck and skills developed over the years. Your way of always making your surroundings beautiful pushes others to get closer and try to have a special relationship with you. When this is lacking on the other side there can be discontent. Since in words you often tend to show yourself as available and willing to be everyone’s friend and adviser, try to start by selecting your friendships, in this way it will be easier to surround yourself with the people you like and all without disappointing others.

Scorpio – The strength
For others you are almost a mysterious being, with intuition, charm, and that unknown thing that attracts people, pushing them to get closer. Your attachment to privacy and the ability to appear strong in all circumstances makes others expect this strength to be constant and always available to solve other people’s problems. It goes without saying that if in some circumstances you don’t feel like giving 100%, disappointment is just around the corner. If you really can’t show yourself with problems and weaknesses, at least try not to give too much the impression of being able to deal with every situation. In this way, others will be able to empathize more.

Sagittarius – Some moments of leisure
Always on the go for trips or to chase your ambitions, you appear to others as a free person and able to enjoy life 100%. Your friends, therefore, expect to be able to share at least part of these moments of leisure with you. So when you end up getting into confidence, starting to complain about your life, exposing often common problems, many end up getting scared and walking away. If you need to have more concrete friendships, try to show yourself immediately for who you are, avoiding showing only the carefree facade and then presenting the second one only in due time. By giving others the chance to get to know you immediately for who you are, it will avoid disappointments and relationship problems, making you more stable and confident in the relationships you have.

Capricorn – Help in times of need
The first idea that others have of you is that of an active person who is always ready to act in any situation. This often means that they end up asking you for help, going so far as to expect that you are always available to meet their needs. Although it is often a pleasure for you to make yourself and feel useful, you need to put some distance between yourself and others, to make it clear that you are not available at any time of day or night and that like everyone you need moments to dedicate only to yourself. If you don’t want to run the risk of disappointing others, the only alternative is to not always be ready to come to your aid. Say some no, even when you may be there,

Aquarius – Sincerity
It is not known why or perhaps the real reason is given by your not giving weight to what others think, the fact is that those close to you expect sincerity from you and do it very often asking you for your opinions, sometimes even difficult. The problem is that you are not always ready to hear things as they are and you know how to be so sincere as to be ruthless, even going so far as to annoy those who have come to you in search of advice. To overcome this problem, you may be less willing to say what you think and learn that thing called diplomacy, often essential in order not to ruin even important relationships.

Pisces – A constant listening
Your being empathetic often pushes you to take on the problems of others to alleviate their burden. This means that those around you expect such treatment at any time, without considering that you too have a life and that at times you may be caught up in your problems. Since when it comes to taking charge of their problems, others end up all too often not caring about the load they leave on you, start by giving a stop to the confidences of others, setting limits, and making it clear immediately that you will not be able to. always be there. In this way, your privacy will be safe and you will avoid disappointments or long faces.

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