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Find out how each sign of the zodiac must be conquered. The opinion of the stars.

Conquest is one of the fundamental steps in love as well as one of the most exciting and enjoyable to live for both parties. In this delicate phase you learn to know each other better, relate to each other and understand if the other person is more or less suitable for a love story. Nevertheless, to conquer every zodiac sign and there are some moves to do that can be more or less intuitive and that we are going to discover today. After having seen which are the humblest zodiac signs and which are the worst couples in love , today we will understand what needs to be done to conquer each zodiac sign. And to be on the safe side, it is better to also check the profile of the ascendant of the person you are hoping to reach, in this way you will have an extra weapon available to impress.

This is how the various signs of the zodiac are to be conquered

Aries – Spontaneously
Aries natives are people who love to feel strong emotions. At the same time they dislike those who go around things too much, preferring instead people who are confident enough to come forward without problems. In love they love to feel teased and chase, so much so that when they feel they have reached the other person and can feel safe, they almost always end up getting bored, moving away. A good way to conquer them is therefore to keep them on their toes without exaggerating. The trick is to find the right and delicate balance for their heart, always proving interesting and never too relaxed.

Taurus – With tenderness
Those born under the sign of Taurus need their time to fall in love with someone. This means that to conquer them one must not be in a hurry but be ready to move with extreme caution, even at the cost of taking a long time. Since both men and women of this sign love good food, taking them by the throat is definitely a weapon not to be underestimated. It is at the same time showing them that you know how to enjoy life and that you want to share moments of pleasure with them. To all this must be added kind ways and a courtship of yesteryear, which makes them feel important to the point of making their heart beat faster.

Gemini – With sympathy
Gemini is very difficult to conquer. Their interests are in fact constantly changing and this leads them to be really difficult to “read”. Nevertheless, if you want to try it, the key is that of spontaneity which will be combined with sympathy and the ability to tease them continuously in a fun way. No dramas for them but only happy and lighthearted moments, able to show them how a two-person story could be the door to unforgettable moments. If combined with a willingness to try to understand them deeply, their heart could seriously start beating at a different pace. What matters is not to sit down after having conquered them but to continue to prove to them that you are not wrong. Their heart, in fact, can quickly stop beating for someone.

Cancer – With romance
As extremely romantic people as they are, those born under the sign of Cancer are pretty easy to conquer. In fact, it is enough to focus only on them and fill them with attention and romantic gestures. Once you have overcome the first barrier, however, the game tends to get tough. Their thirst for attention is in fact relentless and will push them to ask and demand more and more. Because you know, the natives of Cancer can be quite capricious and they know how to do it especially in love. Green light to manifestations of all kinds, therefore, because only in this way will their heart feel safe, without making them fear of being in danger and putting them on the defensive, one way of their way of being is that it is better not to have to face.

Leo – With a sunny attitude
The natives of Leo love sunny people who know how to take life with the right irony and who are always ready to smile. At the same time they need someone who exudes a certain charm, who in their eyes is an important person and who, nevertheless, knows how to make them feel the center of attention. For them, shine is the most important thing of all and this is true both at work and in everyday life and, of course, in love. To get to their heart, therefore, the advice is to fill them with compliments and to show them every day the great consideration you have of them, all without ever overshadowing themselves, because Leos like to know that they are next to someone who it’s worth, just like them.

Virgo – With seriousness
Those born under the sign of Virgo love to surround themselves with people they respect and who are serious in their eyes. For them seriousness and the ability to be in the world are essential and for this reason, the first thing they look for in a person is the demonstration of their value. To get to their heart, therefore, it will first be necessary to break down the wall of shyness behind which they usually hide and, immediately after, prove to be the perfect choice for them. A demonstration that will be maintained over time because their need for seriousness is such as to push them to continually test the people around them.

Libra – With Elegant
Manners Libra natives love to surround themselves with beautiful things and when it comes to people they need someone who is able to attract them both physically and mentally. Conquering them therefore means taking care of yourself and always showing your best, demonstrating that mentally too you are very active and ingenious. Their heart may skip a beat when faced with some elegant gesture done exclusively for them. At the same time the courtship will have to be educated and marked always and only on their very personal times, which they always know how to make others understand.

Scorpio – With passion
Those born under the sign of scorpio to fall in love need someone who appears to them full of charm, mystery and passion. Maintaining a pinch of privacy in order to intrigue them is therefore very important, at the same time it is very important to make them understand that they are people ready for anything to get to their heart. And if the words are followed by the actions, the chances of conquering them will certainly be higher. The hardest thing with them is to keep love alive. To do this, you must always give them strong emotions. Sitting, for the natives of the sign, is equivalent to turning off and, consequently, falling out of love.

Sagittarius – With vivacity
Getting to the heart of Sagittarius natives isn’t always easy. Lovers of freedom, they can only fall in love if they know they don’t have to give up their way of being. Being ready to travel and able to give them the right spaces is therefore essential for something to actually be born. Another important feature is that of mental attraction. In fact, those born under this sign need to have someone close to them whom they respect and who they consider to be at their height. Someone who is somewhat similar to them, if not in character, at least in ideals or dreams for the future. By proving these things to them, and only if you can be honest, will you have any chance of winning their heart.

Capricorn – With solidity
Those born under the sign of Capricorn need to have someone next to them who can give them a sense of security. Whether it is men or women, what conquers them in a person is the seriousness and the ability to carry on what he believes in always proving solid. Knowing they can count on their partner is a source of attraction for them. Conquering them therefore means proving to live up to their expectations, making them understand that you are interested in the world of work and building a family. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean their first thought is marriage. More simply, they want to know that they have someone close to them who shares their same ideals.

Aquarius – With freedom
The natives of Aquarius must be conquered in a different way than the others. Their individual freedom is in fact strictly important and only by demonstrating that they know how to respect it can we hope to reach their heart. With them you have to be kind and cheerful, ready to play down everything and show that you know how to grasp the most beautiful side of life without unnecessary drama. Showing oneself equally free in their eyes is for them a reason of attraction as is knowing how to grasp their qualities, praising them for them and all proving to be able to live simultaneously with their possible defects.

Pisces – With sensitivity
Pisces are extremely sensitive and very romantic. To conquer them, you must therefore show yourself on the same level as them, treating them with respect and delicacy. Obviously, romantic gestures will always be welcome as well as a courtship of the classic ones, made up of all the necessary steps and without too much intrusiveness. Once reached, keeping the flame alive will be just as important and to do so you will need to know how to listen to them, offer them the same empathy that they usually give to those in need and understand them, always and in any case. Understanding and the feeling of being understood and loved are one of the greatest forms of love for the natives of the sign.

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