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Find out which drink could soon become your favorite. Here is the advice of the stars.

In winter, more and more people like to pamper themselves with a hot drink . There are those who do it in the morning, those who prefer to take a break in the afternoon and those who wait in the evening to end dinner with something hot to drink, perhaps in front of the TV. There are so many hot drinks to choose from and today we will try to find out which one could be the most suitable for each zodiac sign. After having seen which are the most cautious zodiac signs and which ones who dream big , today we will therefore discover the drink not to be missed ever again and to try absolutely if it is not yet among the favorites.

Here is which hot drink to choose for a special pampering

Aries – Tea with lemon
Dynamic and hyperactive like few others, the natives of Aries are perfect for a simple drink that does not weigh them down and that on special occasions can be combined with something sweet like a biscuit or a slice of cake. The classic lemon tea is therefore the ideal drink, especially because thanks to the theine it will give them a new supply of energy, which is very important to them even before going to sleep.

Taurus – Hot chocolate with cream
Those born under the sign of Taurus are super greedy, so how can you not miss a cup of steaming chocolate that can also warm the soul? Even better if there is a dose of cream to entice her. With such a drink, the natives of the sign will always feel pampered and ready to face any challenge with the right mood. After all, who wouldn’t feel cheerful after such a delight?

Gemini – The pumpkin space latte
The natives of twins always need to surprise themselves with something new. For them, therefore, pumpkin space latte will be perfect, a drink made known by a very famous international chain and that more and more people are preparing at home too. Obviously you need to love pumpkin in order to drink it. If not, just opt ​​for something similar but with different ingredients. The very idea of ​​trying something new will give them the boost of energy they need to make the break even more valuable.

Cancer – A cup of warm milk with honey
Those born under the sign of Cancer are people tied to the past and memories. For this reason, a simple cup of hot milk with honey represents for them a special journey into the world of memories and therefore something extremely pleasant. Re-savoring tastes related to childhood always has a special flavor that the natives of the sign know and appreciate for this very reason.

Leo – Ristretto coffee
The natives of Leo are people who are always on the move. Even when they want to relax, they prefer to do it with something not too demanding and that gives them the energy they need to get on with the day. A good coffee therefore remains the best choice for natives of the sign who in the most stressful moments can opt for some greedy addition such as cream or hazelnut cream.

Virgo – Vanilla tea
Those born under the sign of Virgo always try to go classic, avoiding going into things they don’t know. This also happens with regard to nutrition and, of course, the drinks they choose to indulge in. For them, therefore, it is an excellent choice to stay on the classic, perhaps opting for a vanilla flavored tea. An alternative? Berries, for a tea that is both sweet and exotic.

Libra – The lemon, ginger and honey herbal tea
Always attentive to health and shape, the natives of Libra are particularly suited to a drink that is not only good but also healthy. An herbal tea based on lemon, ginger and honey is therefore ideal for indulging in a moment of relaxation that gives new energy to body and spirit. The sweetness of honey, combined with the properties and refreshing flavor of lemon and ginger are in fact a perfect cuddle to be indulged in when needed and especially at the end of a hard day.

Scorpio – Matcha latte
The natives of Scorpio love everything that is new and that brings with it a particular flavor. Always ready to have new experiences, they would be perfectly happy with matcha latte. Japanese drink more and more widespread also in Europe and Italy. The creaminess of milk combined with the taste of matcha tea will be a real taste experience that will not leave them indifferent.

Sagittarius – The mocaccino
This simple drink that knows how to show itself in a sophisticated way is ideal for those born under the sign of Sagittarius who have always loved to be noticed and feel alternative in some way. Always with the suitcase in hand they do not disdain something exotic they willingly embrace the idea of ​​savoring something hot that is also sweet and greedy. And what is better than a good mocaccino to give yourself a more special cuddle than usual?

Capricorn – Chamomile
Always revved up and struggling with the hectic everyday life, a beautiful chamomile is the perfect drink for Capricorn natives. In addition to heating, in fact, it gives the calm they so much need, giving them a sense of relaxation that otherwise, taken as they are by their thousand things, they would never be able to fully enjoy. Even better if drunk sweet, with a couple of honey biscuits, for a respectable break in which to take a deep breath from work and the stress of everyday life.

Aquarius – American coffee with cinnamon
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are difficult people to understand. Made of contradictions and the desire to express themselves in their own way, they love everything that is alternative or shakes people’s opinion. For coffee lovers, therefore, the American one is certainly the best way to recharge and feel somehow different from the others. Even better if you add a touch of cinnamon to the coffee, perfect for giving that extra touch.

Pisces – Cappuccino
Romantics like few others and linked to what has been, Pisces are the ideal candidates for a cup of cappuccino. Its soft and white but soaked in coffee cream will make them feel like grown children and able to face the world with new energy. It is a drink that is beautiful to look at and pleasant to drink which for those who love milk also has a relaxing power that should not be underestimated. It goes without saying that it can also be obtained with vegetable milk such as soy milk.

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