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Find out which are the most sincere zodiac signs of the zodiac and which ones, on the other hand, lie the best.

When we relate to others, the first thing we ask ourselves is if others are sincere or if what they tell is the result of a lie. In fact, there are people in the world who are so good at lying that hoping to catch them is almost completely impossible. Since even sincerity and hypocrisy are in some way influenced by the stars, today, after having seen which are the most correct signs of the zodiac and which are the worst couples, we will try to understand together if the people we are dealing with are potentially sincere or big liars. Since we are talking about a way of being, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of the sign that we are interested in understanding, in this way, it will be easier to realize who we are in front of, as far as the certainty about the veracity of what we are told is destined to remain a great unknown anyway.

Here are the most sincere zodiac signs

Aries – Quite sincere
Those born under the sign of Aries tend to be sincere, especially when they have to say what they think. More than from a kind of nobility of soul, their sincerity is due to the security they have and the serenity with which they experience the emotions of others. Even knowing they hurt someone, for example, if they think something they won’t have any problems saying it, aware of the fact that the most important thing is never to hide behind useless phrases. Therefore, never confuse their sincerity with correctness. They could say what they think while hiding a betrayal without even thinking about it.

Taurus – Sincere enough
The natives of Taurus do not like to complicate their life and for this reason they will always try to tell the truth, at least until it risks turning against them. In this case, they will not hesitate to tell some lie that will be for a good purpose for them since it is expressed only for the quiet life, an aspect that is fundamental for their existence. To call them completely sincere would therefore be wrong. It is always better to go there with lead feet, trying to catch signals of a different type as well, such as a look or the way of telling things. Aspects that knowing them well should emerge rather easily.

Gemini – Sincere in a variable way
Gemini are usually sincere people, especially because they have no desire to waste time and energy in having to invent and then remember things that are not true. However, their thinking changes completely when they are faced with situations where lying can make a difference. In this case they manage to invent even unreal stories making them credible. Even their sarcasm can sometimes emerge to hide truths or lies, creating confusion in those who receive it. It is undoubtedly a sign to which we must pay close attention.

Cancer – Moderately Sincere
The sincerity of Cancerians is roughly halfway there. While they do not feel a particular need to be honest, when they can they gladly avoid telling lies. Nonetheless, they know how to hide emotions and thoughts well unless they feel at fault or find themselves in the presence of people whose judgment is very important to them. In this case, even if they are lying, they could betray themselves with too intense looks or with ways of doing things that are clearly different from usual.

Leo – Sincere at convenience
Those born under the sign of Leo do not particularly like lies, considering them not very elegant. However, this does not prevent them from indulging in forced flattery or hypocritical ways of doing things if it can lead to promotion or improvements in the workplace. Needed as ever to appear and be the center of attention if to do so they have to get busy and tell some lies, they will not hesitate to do so, trying to inflate already true stories or transform the facts by giving them new shape according to their point of view.

Virgo – Moderately Sincere
Virgo natives pay more attention to facts than abstract thoughts. For them, lies are not a good thing and their lack of empathy leads them to always say what they think unless they realize they are running the risk of making their situation worse by doing so. This means that although they are almost always sincere they do not hold back if there is a lie to be told, a situation in which they will almost always look for a shoulder, both to build and to remember the invented parts. Having said that, if they know each other well they are easily discoverable, otherwise the risk of not understanding where the truth ends and where the lie begins is always around the corner.

Libra – Between sincerity and diplomacy
Those born under the sign of Libra love harmony and will always do everything to maintain it. If that means changing things up a bit and sewing modified truths, they won’t hesitate to do it. Theirs, therefore, is not so much hypocrisy as a desire to feel good and make others feel good. An attitude they don’t always have. When they know they can go further, in fact, they tend to be brutally sincere even if they always maintain delicate ways of speaking and doing things and able to get what said in a less brutal way than anyone else would.

Scorpio – Sincere but adept at lying
The natives of Scorpio are not famous for their sincerity, although they consider this a very important quality that they try to apply whenever they can. But when they can’t, their way of lying is so perfect that it makes them look like clever liars. Discovering the lies of the natives of the sign is really difficult because before telling them they know how to build an alternative reality where the lies become a real reality that is difficult to unmask. The good thing is, however, that with people they consider close to them they tend to always be extremely sincere even at the cost of hurting.

Sagittarius – Not at all sincere
Although they love to declare themselves sincere and hate those who tell them even innocent lies, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are not famous for sincerity. Of course, their blunt attitude is often confused with an inability to lie, but things are very different. Although they have the habit of saying everything they think, when they have some secret they willingly keep it to themselves, telling all the lies they need to protect their privacy and not let people know how they feel. Dealing with them, therefore, can be quite difficult.

Capricorn – Not always sincere
Capricorn natives are not exactly sincere people. While they don’t like having to invent stories, when it suits them or can make things easier for them, they don’t hesitate to do it, inventing stories that are often more convoluted than they should. This last detail is often useful for recognizing when they lie, something that those who know them well usually do without too many problems, aware both of their weaknesses and of their way of doing always similar to themselves and therefore easily recognizable.

Aquarius – Poorly Sincere
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not famous for their sincerity. If on the one hand they do not have problems saying what they think, in fact, on the other given the desire to live peacefully, if to do so they are forced to tell a lie, they do it without getting lost. The same thing also applies to half-truths or changes that can put them in the most comfortable situation. In other words, their only interest is not to have problems with others. If you are hoping for their sincerity, then, it is imperative to have the right approach.

Pisces – Definitely Sincere
Pisces are especially sincere by being basic against lies. Nevertheless, if cornered or placed in particular situations, they are also able to tell some lies, constructing them artfully and in such a way as to make it difficult to unmask. Their skill in changing facts arises from the ability to alter them as little as necessary, always building them on the truth. In this way also remembering what has been said is easier for them while, on the contrary, those who listen to them will always have great difficulty in understanding how far they have been sincere.

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