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Horoscope For The Week Of October 23 – 29. Leo Begins A New Chapter In His Life

The week begins with the entry of Mercury into the sign of Scorpio and ends with an eclipse of the Moon in Taurus, on October 28.

Both the Sun, which entered Scorpio on October 22 and Mercury form aspects with Saturn this week, which brings us a state of well-being and more stability.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, on October 28, brings the end of a story or situation that started in November 2021. Eclipses in Taurus usually bring sudden beginnings and endings in material terms and force us to redefine our idea of ​​comfort and stability.

Discover the horoscope for the week of October 23 – 29 for your zodiac sign:


This week you have to think about the journey you went through from November 2021 until now in terms of your income, resources, and values. Salary increases, promotions, and career changes were a bit chaotic, but they brought you closer to your comfort and desires. This chapter ends this week and even if you feel the pressure now, the important thing is that the situation will improve and you will no longer feel such great financial pressure.


You have been on an intense journey regarding your image, identity, and health since November 2021. Whether you changed your style, chose a new haircut, or chose to present yourself differently to the world, now you see a completely different person when you look in the mirror, compared to who you were two years ago. This chapter ends and brings a clearer idea about the transformation you went through.


Think about how much has changed behind the scenes from November 2021 to now. Whether you moved to another city, started a family, or resumed your studies, you have been on a major journey in terms of your private life and mental health. As that chapter closes, pause and think with gratitude about all the things that have opened your mind and helped you see everything from a different perspective in the past two years.


Since November 2021, you have gone through continuous development regarding your community, your friends, and the social circle you belong to. The lunar eclipse on October 28 brings you another dream or a new vision to focus on. It’s a dream that seemed impossible to achieve two years ago, mostly because at that time you felt you didn’t have the support you have now. Be grateful for everything you have achieved.


Your career and public image have been in a permanent dynamic since November 2021 until now. You changed the field in which you work, maybe you faced layoffs or took on new responsibilities. It was overwhelming that so many people expected to be guided and coordinated by you, at a time when you went through such a big personal change. The lunar eclipse on October 28 brings you another interesting opportunity that will guide you to a new chapter in your life.


Think about how much your perspective on the world has changed from November 2021 until now. The lunar eclipse on October 28 prepares you for a last journey or educational and spiritual adventure that will open your mind even more. As this stage ends, take some time to write in a journal what are the main things you have learned. What title would you give to this chapter of your life?


You have faced many emotional and financial ups and downs from November 2021 until now. But losing a job led to the opportunity to work on your own, and relationships that failed made room for other interesting people to enter your life. There were many things that you feel you have lost, but you have many others that you have gained. The lunar eclipse on October 28 will close this chapter and help you see who is really with you.


You have learned a lot both about your relationships and about yourself from November 2021 until now. The last two years have been full of intense flirtations, serious engagements, and necessary breakups. You have connected with many people, not only romantically, but also on a creative or professional level. The lunar eclipse on October 28th brings you another opportunity to develop through your relationships.


How did you fill your days in November 2021? Did you like your job? Did you take care of your body? In the last two years, you have experienced evolution and change in your everyday life. The lunar eclipse on October 28 brings you one last lesson in self-care and what you do to be healthy and feel good. What are you currently doing to take care of yourself?


Whether you grew your family, started a new relationship, or started a creative project, your desires have grown and changed so much from November 2021 until now. In the last two years, you have learned a lot about both patience and pleasure, and the lunar eclipse on October 28 will bring you one last moment that will surprise and delight you at the same time.


Think about how much your relationship with your family, family life, and private life, in general, has changed and developed from November 2021 until now. Whether you started a family, changed your residence, or improved your relationship with your parents, the foundation of your life is much more,e solid than it was two years ago. The lunar eclipse on October 28 brings you another new opportunity: a housewarming party to end this chapter in style.


Your private world has changed a lot from November 2021 to now. All those small trips outside the city, meetings with fri, ends, and days spent at the cafe brought you new friends and interesting experiences. The lunar eclipse on October 28 will close this chapter. Organize a small party with the favorite people in your life.

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