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Horoscope For The Week Of March 4th-10th. Cancer Finds Solutions To Older Problems

March is full of important cosmic events, but the action has not yet begun.

This week is not the calm before the storm but the opportunity to embrace change and organize your thoughts.

For now, focus more on the things you want to give up and less on what you want to build in the future.

Discover the horoscope for the week of March 4-10 for your zodiac sign:


Are you manifesting the life you want or just living in a fantasy? This week it is easy to get lost in your thoughts and to doubt yourself. Try to find time to relax and trust that things will be as you wanted after March 9, when Mercury enters your sign. It will help you clearly express your needs.


Experimentation is the key this week, as Venus, the planet that rules your sign, forms a square with Uranus, the star of innovation. It urges you to do things you have never done before and to have the courage to express yourself. Even if you feel the need to make changes, it is not recommended to make radical look transformations during this period but rather to have fun.


It is important this week to be careful from whom you receive instructions or advice. Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, forms an aspect with Neptune, the star of illusions, on March 8, and makes you see everything as if through a fog this week. It’s a good time to be creative, but it’s not a good time to try any technical activity. Communication problems cannot be avoided, especially at work. Mercury enters Aries on March 9 and makes discussions much more direct and clear.


Your energy is at a low level this week and you could reach the end of your patience regarding a conflict with your life partner, business partner, or best friend. Venus and Mars form a square with Uranus and bring some solutions to old problems and the hope that everything will be resolved soon.


Communication problems are common this week. Mercury, the planet of communication, forms an aspect with Neptune, the star of illusions, on March 8 and makes you see everything as if through fog until the weekend. There is a risk of exceeding some limits, spending money you don’t have, or getting too involved in someone else’s affairs. The aspect between the Sun and Uranus, on March 9, brings a surprise that points you in a positive direction.


Are you falling in love or does everything seem to be falling apart? From the moment Mercury entered Pisces on February 23, you were very focused on other people, especially your life partner. And now this seems to consume all your energy, especially on March 8, when Mercury forms an aspect with Neptune. To regain your balance, you need to find out what your needs are.


This week starts strong for you. Venus, the planet that rules your sign, forms a quadrature with Uranus, the star of innovation, and can bring you a new business plan or a collaboration for a creative project. Your problem is not the lack of ideas, but the fact that you work too much at your job to have time to implement other projects. You need to find out who can help you turn these ideas into reality.


If you have developed a passion for someone, you may wonder if now is the right time to act. Is it real or just a passing flirt? Mercury, the planet of communication, forms an aspect on March 8 with Neptune, the star of imagination and fantasy, which gives you an extra touch of romance. Use this energy to express your feelings for that special someone.


The changes that occur at work give you a feeling of anxiety this week. A colleague can announce his departure and plan to start his own business. Such changes make you think and make you wonder if you could not make such a decision yourself. Mercury enters Aries and your creativity sector on March 9, which brings you a lot of innovative ideas.


Communication frustrations reach a peak this week – from misunderstandings with your partner, a friend who sends you indecipherable messages, and the fact that your boss ignores your leave request. You feel the need to completely disconnect from technology, at least for a while. After Mercury enters Aries on March 9, you regain your confidence and confront all those who do not give you clear answers.


In the last few weeks, you have seriously thought about whether or not to make some bold changes related to your image and personal style. And at the beginning of this week, you are about to make a drastic decision that you will regret later. Try to avoid radical changes in look during this period.


Your creativity is at a high level this week. Venus and Mars are still in your subconscious sector and you are more interested in the big picture than the small details. It is important to remember that the people close to you need you to be more clear about what you need or want.

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