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Horoscope for the Week of February 6-12

The full moon in Leo, which took place on February 5, strongly influences the astral atmosphere of this week.

It is an aspect that offers glamor and eccentricity and helps us get out of the specific winter drowsiness a little.

Mercury forms an aspect with Pluto towards the end of the week, which brings to the surface some obsessive thoughts. But just as you were preparing to send 50 messages to an ex-boyfriend, Mercury enters the analytical sign of Aquarius. In this sign, the planet of communication gives us a cool calm and a greater ability to see situations rationally.

Discover the horoscope for the week of February 6-12 for your zodiac sign:


The influence of the full moon will be felt most strongly for you in the sector of love and creativity. You will experience an unexpected change in the situation on a sentimental level this week. Whether you receive an invitation to the city from that interesting colleague, if you are alone, or whether your life partner surprises you with a romantic dinner, let yourself be carried away.


There are surprising changes for you in your family life or relation to your home. After all the pressure and responsibilities you faced at work, this change is welcome. You will even want to throw a small party at home and enjoy it with your loved ones.


The full moon in the sign Leo took place for you in the 3rd House, which represents brothers, neighbors, and the community. It is possible to bring some drama in the discussion groups, some unexpected news from the brothers, or a change of the route to work. Even if you’re having fun, stress is at a high level this week and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by anxiety. Try to look at things as a whole.


Good news is announced for you financially. You have the chance to earn more money and gain more confidence in your abilities. Use this opportunity to pay some debts, but also to get rid of an emotional burden. Do a favor to a loved one who helped you in the past, go to therapy again, or surprise your partner with a dinner out on the town. You will feel even better when you give.


The full moon that took place in your sign brings you back to the center of attention this week. You may have to deal with some unexpected drama at work, but you have the strength to overcome them with your head held high. This period is ideal for investing in your image, whether you want to change your look or improve your care routine.


You need a break where you can spend more time alone, devote yourself to your favorite activities and relax. The subconscious sector is highlighted this week, which prompts you to introspect. You will regain strength once Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, enters Aquarius on February 11.


This week is expected to be particularly beneficial for you in terms of socializing. Whether you’re going to a party, attending a conference, or going out with friends, don’t miss the opportunity to chat with new people. It is possible to receive a collaboration offer or the opportunity of a new job.


The full moon in Leo brings you a turning point in your professional life. Although it is a time to celebrate, you may also face some unexpected changes to a contract or regarding a member of your team. In less pleasant moments, remember that you have a special ability to keep calm in crises.


This week you have a surprise related to travel or studies. You may receive unexpected news about a trip abroad for work or the chance to learn something new, which will prove extremely useful. You know better than others how to get carried away, but now too much is happening in a very short time. Concentrate on the details so that you don’t miss anything important because of the excitement.


The full moon in the sign of Leo will bring to your attention the sector of common resources. This can mean that you can get rid of debt, but also that you can lose something that has an important meaning to you. Whatever the situation, the emotional impact will be major. If you are usually reserved and do not show your emotions, now is the time to give them free rein.


An important stage is announced for your relationships, regardless of their nature. If you were unable to find time to spend relaxing moments with your partner, now you will have this opportunity. Mercury enters your sign on February 11 and gives you more confidence to express your emotions and points of view.


Health and daily routine will be at the center of attention for you this week. You will finally receive an answer regarding a health problem or experience a beneficial change at work. Whatever the situation, try to organize your daily life better so that you can focus more on your plans.

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