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Horoscope For The Week Of February 26 – March 3. Scorpio Faces Tensions In The Relationship

This week begins with a difficult aspect between Mars and Jupiter on February 27, which can lead to tensions and frustrations.

But the situation improves on February 28, when the sun, Saturn, and Mercury form a rare triple conjunction. It is a day in which you will gain clarity and the assurance that the decisions you made, no matter how unusual or strange, really bear the fruits you wanted.

The sun and Mercury form beneficial aspects with Jupiter, the planet of luck, on February 29 and March 1.

Discover the horoscope for the week of February 26 – March 3 for your zodiac sign:


The slow pace and unclear atmosphere of this week affect your productivity. It is possible to spend more than you planned and you should pay more attention to your finances during this period. February 28 is an ideal day to relax and take some time off.


You have a lot of responsibilities and you receive different requests from your boss, an important client, or a good friend who needs your help. But instead of acting like a person who always pleases others, you take some time to think before answering. February 28 gives you the chance to reset your schedule and dedicate yourself to the people who matter to you.


Numerous career opportunities appear for you, but it is necessary to wait sometime until they materialize. Try not to think too much about what could go wrong and worry unnecessarily. February 28th brings you the opportunity to demonstrate your strength and skill. You know your skills and people are lucky if they have your wisdom. Do not let yourself be influenced by doubts.


While you wait for an important person to make a decision, your impatience could cause tension on February 28. Try to let go of what you cannot control and trust that everything will be fine in the end. February 28 is an excellent day to make plans for your next big adventure.


You and your life partner (or your best friend or a work colleague) are not on the same wavelength. You want things to go in a certain direction, but he or she does not agree with your vision. Usually, such conflicts destabilize you, but this week you are determined to stand your ground. On February 28, you have the chance to settle your debts and obligations so that you can move on without such worries.


Mars is in your health sector this month, and you’re excited to get back to your regular fitness routine. No matter what physical activity you choose, you feel that you are stronger and more energetic than ever. But try not to exaggerate. February 28th brings you a boost of confidence in the form of a loved one who appreciates your achievements.


The month of February brought romance back into your life, and this week you expect to hear news from that person who makes your heart beat fast. Try not to panic if you don’t get an answer right away. February 28 is an excellent day to return to your routine and focus on the small pleasures of life.


Mars has been in your family and home sector and has brought more stress to your personal life in recent weeks. On February 27, an argument with your life partner or flatmate amplifies the tension even more. You need to find out what matters more to you: to be right or to be in harmony. February 28 resets your pleasure sector and is a very good day to return to a creative activity or go on a date.


This week you feel stressed about your schedule and responsibilities. You feel that your energy is absorbed in all directions and you don’t know exactly what the priorities are. The day of February 28 will help you find your balance and urge you to take care of simple chores related to the house. Organize your space and do a general cleaning. Harmony at home improves your productivity.


You have a rather hectic week and take refuge in shopping. Instead of adding another pair of shoes to the basket or another eyeshadow palette, think about whether you will use them or if you are doing nothing but buying on impulse, to mask some negative emotions. February 28 is ideal to recalibrate your schedule and connect with people who offer you stability and compassion.


Last week’s full moon in Virgo brought you some unpleasant emotions, and this week you have to get rid of them. You learn to take more care of yourself, but you have to accept at the same time that evolution requires sacrifices. February 28 is an opportunity to clarify your budget and find new strategies to attract abundance into your life.


Your schedule is increasingly busy this week, but you barely manage to feel fully present. This state reaches a maximum point on February 27, when you will have to postpone some important affairs to rest. February 28th brings you the opportunity to find yourself and come back down to earth.

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