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Horoscope For The Week Of December 25-31.

We have reached the last week of 2023 and we have a lot of action, from an astrological point of view.

Mercury retrograde has returned to Sagittarius, which means we won’t have a filter in communication at holiday parties with the family. Things will get even hotter on December 27.

Emotions are strong and reach a maximum point on December 26, when there is a full moon in Cancer, which will bring you some deep revelations and moments of closeness.

Although it is an intense week, it ends on a favorable note. On December 29, Venus enters Sagittarius, a sign that loves fun, and on December 30, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, resumes its direct movement and brings us hope and optimism.

Flexibility is the key to getting through this week.

Discover the horoscope for the week of December 25-31 for your zodiac sign:


You wanted to avoid the usual dramas that usually occur in the family during the holidays by choosing to go on vacation or stay at home, but it is still possible to mediate disputes between siblings or parents from a distance. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, highlights both the best and the worst aspects of home and family.


The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, shows you how much you have evolved in terms of communication and confidence in your strength in the last six months. Nevertheless, your limits are tested this week, when a short trip with your sister or best friend turns out to be more chaotic than relaxing. Confidence and optimism, as well as self-esteem, are improved by the end of the week, but you have to make some compromises to get there.


If you had an argument with your partner at the end of November, and you thought everything was resolved then, this week you discover that there are still problems to be addressed. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, illuminates your values ​​and shows you that you may not have the same opinion even with the closest people in your life.


The full moon on December 26 takes place in your sign and you feel that you are overwhelmed emotionally, and every victory has a bitter taste. You are happier and in better shape than you have been lately, and all the compliments you receive at Christmas parties confirm this. But you feel exhausted by how much effort you have to put in to feel okay. Taking a break from parties and focusing on training and exercise will help you feel more anchored in the present.


After working hard for the last few weeks, you are finally ready to take a Christmas break and relax. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, will be in your subconscious sector. It is possible to leave early from parties and family gatherings just to sit alone and relax.


Mercury retrograde brings you tense and chaotic holiday situations. Whether you are visiting your parents for the first time with your new partner or you are thinking about a former love while you are in your hometown, there are many feelings and emotions that you have to deal with. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, illuminates your dreams and goals.


Your energy is drawn in all possible directions this week because family and work obligations are accumulating. You feel exhausted, but unfortunately you cannot say no to any of these duties. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, brings your professional achievements to the fore. Take care to take a break, away from the daily chaos, and allow yourself to celebrate your successes.


You wanted to relax this holiday season, but you are most likely stressed about money. It seems to you that you have to spend a lot to have fun the way you want. But now you should prioritize relaxation and beautiful moments and stop checking your account so often. However, the full moon in Cancer on December 26 focuses on an important goal that requires you to make some savings in the coming year.


Holiday parties with the family are not at all relaxed this year. Whether you are the host or you are leaving town to visit your parents, it is possible to have a conflict with your mother, sister, or flatmate. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, shows you how you could set clearer limits in your close relationships. Fortunately, the weekends with Venus entering your sign on December 29 and bringing you a break and many compliments.


You have a lot to do this week and you feel like you have to juggle absolutely everything. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, illuminates your closest relationships and could come with an interesting offer or even a marriage proposal. Your challenge in the last week of the year is to find a better balance between being in the center of the action and solving matters behind the curtain.


What was supposed to be a vacation with friends away from the tensions and dramas in the family, ends up being a much more chaotic situation than you expected. Your best friend’s attempt to be a relaxed host fails and you end up investing much more time and energy in holiday parties. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, brings to your attention some problems related to work or health, which you must solve by the end of the year.


Chaos is at a high level this week and, as usual, everyone is looking to you to take charge and sort everything out. The communication problems from the end of November have returned and you will have to fix the entanglements that have arisen. The full moon in Cancer, on December 26, will bring to the fore the progress you achieved this year both creatively and romantically. And if you are single, the full moon may bring you an unexpected romantic meeting at the New Year’s Eve party and the chance to live a new love story.

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