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Horoscope For The Week Of August 28-September 3

The full moon in Pisces, on August 30, brings to a climax what began with the new moon in Leo, on August 16. But it will also make a connection with the new moon in Pisces that took place at the beginning of the year, on February 20.

You have to ask yourself now in what form the intentions you set a few weeks ago materialized. An important theme for 2023 is to let go of old ideas about success and embrace new ideas and hopes for the future. And this full moon marks a maximum point in this endeavor.

We will also have surprises this week, because Uranus begins its retrograde movement on August 28 and highlights all the changes we have gone through this year.

The full moon in Pisces makes you feel like you have to make a “now or never” choice, but because Mars entered Libra on August 27, all decisions must be weighed carefully.

Discover the horoscope for the week of August 28-September 3 for your zodiac sign:


The full moon in Pisces on August 30 urges you to take a break. If you have worked too much lately and feel that you are on the verge of exhaustion, now is the time when you must rest. It is possible to feel that you are pulled in several directions, especially towards helping your friends and relatives to solve their problems. But it is important to give yourself time for rest, peace, and relaxation this week.


Everything you’ve done to create new connections this year will reach a climax on August 30, with the full moon in Pisces. You worked hard to meet new people, find new clients, and start a new career path, and this week you will get confirmation that you are truly supported. The people you met recently will support you in the coming years.


The full moon in Pisces, on August 30, brings a high point in your career. All the work you have done since March is enjoying the recognition it deserves, and you feel good to be at the center of attention. Maybe there is a voice in your mind that says you don’t deserve what’s happening or that you’re not good enough, but don’t listen to it. Go ahead with confidence.


You reach a spiritual or intellectual high point with the full moon in Pisces on August 30. Whether it’s the first day of school, a spiritual revelation, or clear plans for a trip, you are at the beginning of a new road that also involves an important commitment. Although the renovation or reorganization of the house gives you a state of agitation this month, you calm down when you think about your plans for the future.


The full moon in Pisces, on August 30, makes you feel like when you are left to pay the whole bill at a meal with friends. It’s a situation that also has to do with those close to you, but more with the way you choose to spend your money these days. It’s a kind of awakening to reality and forces you to make a plan by which you can pay your debts more easily.


If you have wondered what the situation is in your relationship with a person, the full moon in Pisces on August 30 will help you see things much more clearly. It is a full moon that will either help the evolution of the relationship or lead to its end because the moon forms a conjunction with Saturn, the planet of limitations and restrictions. Whether you decide to stay together or choose to go your separate ways, you need to make a major commitment to this change.


The full moon in Pisces on August 30th feels like an ending for you. You are starting a new era in terms of your daily routine and personal responsibilities, and your theme this week is to put everything in order and leave everything in order. Mars entered your sign on August 27 and you feel a burst of energy or maybe even a little anger. Try not to exert too much effort, even if you feel you can, and not to get on your nerves with those around you.


What you thought was an unimportant meeting on September 30 turned out to be something much more serious. Suddenly, you make plans with a person you barely met or start a new creative project. Uranus begins its retrograde movement on August 28, and you may receive surprising news from someone close to you this week. It is a chaotic period but, overall, you are in a good mood.


Now (or never) take care of those projects for the house that you started back in March. The full moon in Pisces, on August 30, brings to the fore all the small projects you want to do at home so that everything is more arranged and structured. Your routine is a little unpredictable this week, but make sure you take the time to organize and put everything in its place.


The full moon in Pisces, on August 30, finds you in the process of organizing a trip or a short vacation. After a whole summer in which you constantly faced power struggles and difficult discussions, you need a little relaxation. You will experience an unexpected joy this week, especially through creativity or the time spent with your children. Enjoy the little things.


Your financial situation has not been very good lately, but with the full moon in Pisces on August 30, you can forget about such problems and organize a delicious family meal. You felt very good inviting others to your house this summer, but also by reconnecting with old friends. What you have learned is that you can find joy and a sense of security even when you are not doing well with money.


The full moon on August 30 takes place in your sign and shows you how much you have evolved this year. Of course, you also had painful moments, but you still enjoyed the results. Pamper yourself and reward yourself with a cosmetic treatment or a massage. This full moon is also ideal for improving your daily routine because it forms a conjunction with Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility.

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