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Horoscope For The Month Of December

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In December 2022, there will be a phenomenon called in astrology the Triad of War, that is, the Sun, Mars and Pluto will influence the will and actions of people, bringing them an unusual amount of energy. Besides this, Mars will be in opposition with Uranus, and the Sun will form a square with Pluto, which can lead to uncontrolled outbursts of emotions, both positive and angry. Another major astrological event that will take place next month is Jupiter’s move from Capricorn to Sagittarius on December 9, 2022, which will bring good luck to all zodiac signs, but especially to Sagittarius natives.

Keywords of the month: work, love opportunity
Work will give you great satisfaction in December and, even if you feel a little overwhelmed, you will find the chance to relax and get out of the routine. You are very concerned with broadening your horizons, either through travel or by getting to know or deepening a completely new subject for you. From time to time, you will feel the need to show your characteristic stubbornness.

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The month of December provides you with a positive horoscope, as you will have the opportunity to express your real thoughts and have a romantic adventure or to get out, in one way or another, from the routine of everyday life. Maybe you will go out with your lover in an unexpected place or you will enjoy a unique surprise
If you are alone and manage to get out of your comfort zone, you will meet a very special person, with whom you will be able to live intense moments. The month of December will represent a very pleasant balance between recognition and professional fulfillment, as well as relaxation and love. A romantic opportunity appears between December 4 and 6, and in the last week of the month you can see benefits from a professional point of view, perhaps a bonus or a material reward.
Tips for December: Generosity is one of your character traits, and at this time of the year you enjoy nothing more than spoiling your loved ones with a lot of gifts. The good news is that you will have enough material resources to buy a gift for everyone, but don’t forget to give yourself a nice gift too!

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