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Horoscope for February 2023

Although it is the shortest month of the year, February will bring strong astral aspects, which have the potential to influence us throughout the rest of the year.

On February 5, there will be a full moon in the Leo sign, which will bring you more passion in terms of love, but also the risk of revealing too much and saying things you later regret.

Mercury enters Aquarius starting February 11, a transit that emphasizes communication through technology. Be careful what messages you send!

On February 18, the sun enters Pisces, a water sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasies, and on February 19 we will have a new moon in the same sign. All this is particularly beneficial for sentimental relationships, especially as Venus, the planet of love, enters Aries on February 19. It gives you the confidence to act in love.

Discover the February horoscope for your zodiac sign:


For you, the month of February is all about pleasure. It is a period in which you are very comfortable with love, and your creative side is at an advantage. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, enters your sign on February 19 and brings you even more blessings on a sentimental level. A period marked by abundance for you is announced, on all levels.


You are an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, and abundance. The month of February offers you numerous opportunities to relax and enjoy happy moments at home, which any Taurus native appreciates very much. And if you are not satisfied with the space you live in, this month offers you beneficial changes in your home. Also, the month of February urges you to dedicate yourself more to sentimental relationships and your close friendships.


February will be a romantic month for you. You will surprise yourself by taking your current relationship to another level, especially at the beginning of the month, when there will be a full moon in Leo. Because Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, enters Aries, the month of February will bring you some important discussions. The goal is not to run and hide, but to see the benefits of those serious conversations, whether they are about friendship, love, or money. You will then enjoy the positive changes that these productive discussions bring.


For you, February is a month of abundance. You will have some important discussions related to money. Even if this does not necessarily mean that you will receive or earn more money, you will get more financial clarity. You also have the chance to broaden your horizons and gain spiritual wisdom.


February begins with a full moon in your sign, which takes place on February 5. It is a good time to rest and spend time at home. You will be grateful for this period of rest, especially since a month full of events in your personal life is coming for you. You will rediscover your needs and desires, and this may mean giving up a life partner who does not understand you or taking a new relationship to another level.


The tarot card corresponding to your sign is the Hermit, and the beginning of February will ask you to spend time alone to reset and recharge your batteries. Fortunately, Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, will be with you and help you set limits in your relationships with others and fight for your needs. In the second half of February, you will focus more on your emotional life. You can enjoy a new beginning in love or friendships.


At the beginning of February, the asteroid Ceres will urge you to make time for yourself, even if you are in a healthy and happy relationship. Because it is the sign of partnerships and is ruled by Venus, it can be easy for Libra to lose themselves in relationships. February’s astral transits urge you not to lose sight of the importance of friendships and to encourage the platonic loves in your life.


Your career will come first for you in February. Although you have many opportunities to celebrate this month, you will pay a lot of attention to your professional life. It is important to rest in this period filled with numerous opportunities. There is a risk of exhausting yourself and losing sight of other equally important aspects of your life.


Rest as much as you can at the beginning of this month. Because Mercury, the planet of communication, will enter Aries, the rest of February will be as busy as possible for you. You will reconnect with old friends and have a busy social program. Also, during this period you can dedicate yourself more to your home and you will remember that every day can be a celebration if you have the right people with you.


The full moon in Leo, which takes place at the beginning of February, brings good news for you from a financial point of view. The stars indicate a month marked by abundance for you. Even if you will be delighted with the results of the effort you have made since January, you have reasons to be happy in your domestic life as well. It is possible that the relationship with your partner will become closer and deeper or you will gain a friend for life.


Even if you try to hide, love will find you in February. The secret is to let your guard down and give up all those wrong ideas that prevent you from forming a close connection with an important person in your life. This month is sprinkled with numerous opportunities in the sentimental plane, which you must take advantage of.


The full moon on February 5 gives you a lethargic state and makes you feel that you have no energy for anything. But the situation changes quickly after this date, especially since you will have numerous invitations throughout this month to participate in events and meetings. It would be good not to refuse them because the stars have a lot of pleasant surprises for you. Whether it’s your new great love or a mentor you need, this month you can meet a person who will change the course of your life.

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