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December is one of the most chaotic, but also magical months of the year. The two signs in which the Sun is at this time of the year – Sagittarius and Capricorn – offer these special vibrations.

Until December 21, the Sun is in Sagittarius, which brings an optimistic, exuberant, and action-packed atmosphere. And from December 21 until January 20, the Sun is in Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, oriented towards results and pragmatism, in general.

The Holiday period cannot pass without a little drama, as we are used to every year. Mercury and Venus, located in Sagittarius, form a quadrature with Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. This aspect prompts us to realize what is real and what is imagined or exaggerated. It will be difficult to hide unresolved issues now, which is a good thing. It’s time to give voice to older grievances so that you can start the new year with a healed soul.

Venus enters Capricorn on December 9 and brings a more traditional and realistic approach to relationships, money, and beauty until January 2.

And on December 20, Jupiter enters Aries, where it was also between May 10 and October 28. It will amplify impulsiveness, competitiveness, and even aggressiveness until May 16, 2023.

Discover the December horoscope for your zodiac sign:


The beginning of December brings you good news related to your professional life and financial situation. You can advance at work or turn a passion into a project that could bring you more money. You have a lot to celebrate, including the achievements you have achieved in terms of personal development or the evolution of your relationship as a couple. Even if you have to deal with stressful situations this month, the stars still offer you a state of optimism.


Although the astral aspects from the beginning of December bring you a state of anxiety, you manage to recover very quickly. Venus, the planet that rules your sign and aspects such as beauty, money, and love, will enter Capricorn and give you exactly what you need in love. Venus also urges you to enjoy the small pleasures of life in a period marked by agitation and stress. Put your needs first.


Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, gives you this month the confidence you need to face the pressure we all have to deal with during the holidays. It will protect you from toxic family members and particularly stressful commitments. The full moon on December 7 encourages you to put everything in order and complete what needs to be completed. Towards the end of the month, you need to organize your calendar better and make plans for the party between years.


Neptune ends its retrograde motion this month and allows you to support your point of view during the holidays. The moon, the star that rules your zodiac sign, brings you blessings on a sentimental level. Jupiter enters Aries on December 20 and brings you a new year in which career and relationships come first. During this period, you must establish much more clearly what your limits are and in which aspects of your life, you need support from others.


The month of December comes with a very important message for you: you need rest, moments of relaxation, and moments of pleasure. You are not selfish if you take care of your needs and desires. The full moon on December 7 will bring you unforgettable moments with friends. The end of this month will catch you making new and exciting plans for the coming year. You are more ready than ever to implement your dreams and greatest desires to live the life you deserve.


Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, will give you all the support this month in a sentimental way. It will help you to speak openly and at the same time to understand what you really want in your love life. You shouldn’t feel selfish for following your own path. You have the right to find and live the love you deserve. Mercury will begin its retrograde movement towards the end of the month, which will amplify the stress already accentuated during this period. However, you will manage to face all the challenges it brings.


The full moon on December 7 will be a turning point for you, a moment when you have to decide which direction you will follow next. And Venus, the planet that rules your sign, will enter your home sector on December 9 and will amplify your desire to quietly enjoy your space. Jupiter enters your partnership sector on December 20th, where it will stay until May 16th. It gives you the chance to focus on your relationship and get even closer to your loved one.


Right from the beginning of the month, Mercury and Venus in your money sector will form a square with Jupiter and Neptune in the area of ​​creativity. It is possible to question the way you earn your money and if not you could do something completely different, much more creative and interesting. The full moon on December 7 will bring some challenges related to married life. You and your partner need to find out how you can increase trust in your relationship. After Mercury enters your communication sector, you will have pleasant moments of socializing with brothers, friends, or neighbors.


Mercury and Venus in your sign form a difficult aspect with Jupiter and Neptune in your home sector. Old wounds can affect you again, as you face some challenges in the present, related to loved ones or your career. You need a little introspection to see more clearly what needs to be done. The full moon on December 7 will take place in your partnership sector and is an opportunity to strengthen your image and the way you want to be perceived by those close to you. Towards the end of the month, Mercury retrograde will bring your financial situation to the fore.


Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters your sign on December 9, where it will stay until January 2. You will feel that you are coming out into the light again, after a period in which you were hidden. From spontaneous meetings with friends to romantic moments with your loved one, Venus brings you a pleasant, relaxed and bright atmosphere. Starting from December 21, the Sun enters your sign and amplifies this well-being. It gives you more confidence in yourself and prepares you to start the new year with fresh strength.


The full moon on December 7 takes place in your sector of romance and expression, which prompts you to trust your heart and your voice. You usually don’t follow the rules, but this time you are more determined than ever to say what you want from a relationship. On December 9, Venus, the planet of love, enters your spirituality sector, and the Sun follows on December 21. It is the ideal time to focus on your own experiences, meditate and spend time in peace.


The Sagittarius season brings your professional life to the fore and no one can condemn you if you want to take advantage of all the opportunities that arise. But it is necessary to take a step back and analyze what is really worth your energy, especially near December 7, when the full moon will illuminate your home sector. Colleagues and friends will support you in your endeavors starting on December 9, when Venus enters Capricorn. On December 20, Jupiter leaves your sign and enters your money sector. You can expect more financial opportunities.

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