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Horoscope For August 2023. A Former Partner Reappears In Aries’ Life

This month begins with a full moon in Aquarius on August 1st, which prompts us to free ourselves from what we should be doing and embrace the path less traveled.

Until the end of August, seven planets will be in retrograde motion, which means that this time of the year is suitable for analysis and reevaluation. On August 13, Venus forms an aspect with the Sun and brings us more clarity regarding love, art, and beauty. We will have revelations that will help us establish new intentions related to desires and needs, together with the new moon in Leo, on August 16.

On August 23, the Virgo season begins, and on the same day Mercury becomes retrograde in this sign, an aspect that will last until September 15.

Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra on August 27 and brings relationships to the fore.

The month ends with another full moon, on August 30, this time in the sign of Pisces.

Discover the August 2023 horoscope for your zodiac sign:


In the first half of the month, you feel full of energy and determined to realize a big plan. Whether you start to exercise more, look for a new job or start a new project, it is important not to force yourself. Regardless of the challenge you have set for yourself, you will either push your limits to the maximum, or you will become very aware of them around August 22. The reward for a job well done will not feel the same if you are too tired to celebrate. Venus retrograde in your relationship sector brings a former partner back into your life.


Venus, the planet that rules your sign, will be retrograde the whole month and you will feel its effects to the full. It is a time to rest and work behind closed doors. You will feel this period as a process of rebirth. Whether it’s about changing your mentality, your residence, discovering new information about your family, or simply reconnecting with nature, this trip will influence your confidence and self-image. After Uranus begins its retrograde movement in your sign on August 28, take a break and analyze how much has changed from the same period last year to now.


After June and July were full of action, in which you traveled, visited your friends, and spent a lot of money, you are now ready to spend time at home. Although you have the feeling that you are missing out on a lot, by August 9 you will feel satisfied that you disconnected and relaxed. If you have started some renovation or redecorating projects, it is possible to reevaluate them after Mercury begins its retrograde movement on August 23.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you will spend more quality time with your loved one, especially around August 9. And if you are alone, it is possible to meet a special person who lives in another locality.


The full moon in Aquarius, on August 1st, brings you some strong feelings related to money or losses. Venus retrograde made you think about how you can earn more and what you need, and this full moon will accentuate these thoughts. The situation improves after the new moon in Leo, on August 16, which offers you creative ideas on how you can make more friends. In the second half of the month, you will assume the role of teacher or mentor and you will receive the recognition of others for the knowledge you possess and share.


The month starts with the sun in your sign, which means that all eyes are on you, something that doesn’t bother you at all. But retrograde Venus is also in your sign, and you might be surprised by what you see in the mirror: either you change your look, change your wardrobe, or even more, adopt a different strategy in life. It is an excellent time to experiment, and by the time Venus forms an aspect with the sun on August 13, you will know exactly which direction you want to go. The new moon on August 1 takes place in your partnership sector and is a culmination point for an important relationship in your life. The situation may become tense between the two of you towards the end of the month, especially if you are facing financial difficulties. It is important to accept the other’s point of view.


August is a month to take more care of yourself, and it does not only refer to the physical part but also the emotional and mental parts. Venus retrograde in your sector of the subconscious causes you to turn to therapy, meditation, or a digital detox. You also feel very creative and expressive, considering that Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, is in your sign. Even if you want to spend more time alone, you will manage to connect with friends and people who share your spiritual, educational, or travel values.


Venus, the planet that rules your sign, is retrograde and you will feel the full effects. You make new friends, connect with your community and create an audience while going through a real process of rebirth. It’s time to take a break from socializing and reappear in a few weeks, with fresh strength, like a real star. Because the full moon on August 1 illuminates your love sector, regardless of whether you are alone or in a relationship, you will somehow feel disconnected from the sentimental plane this month.


You are the queen of socializing this month. Whether you attend meetings with colleagues, birthdays, or events, your schedule is very busy. It’s a good thing because you feel more frustrated than ever about a situation at home or work. From a professional point of view, everyone has an offer for you this month, but you have to reserve time to think and make sure you make the best decision. Venus retrograde in your public image sector has led you to rethink the way you want to display your relationship in public.


The last months have brought rapid progress both in your career and in your daily routine. You had a busy schedule, tense situations with work colleagues, or difficulties related to bureaucracy. But as everyone goes on vacation, you finally have the chance to slow down and analyze everything that happened. Venus retrograde urges you to assume the role of mentor and share your wisdom with others. You will have more free time this month and you will be able to connect more easily with friends and people who inspire you. After August 23, when the Virgo season begins, you will again be the center of attention.


You have felt blocked since mid-June, but now you will regain your enthusiasm and look for inspiration in the past. It does not mean that you will be nostalgic, but you will carefully analyze the previous experiences. You learn how to balance long-term plans with short-term ones, and at the same time you acquire skills that improve your professional life, as well as your personal life. It is a good time to take some courses, read motivational books, or take a trip outside the city.


This month begins with a full moon in your sign, which takes place on August 1, and all the attention is on you. In the last months, you felt that everything was moving at a snail’s pace, especially in terms of money and resources. But now the situation will improve. You find alternative methods to increase your income so that you can pay the debts that keep you in place. Also, there is a chance to get a loan that will help you bring your plans to a successful conclusion. The full moon in Pisces, on August 30, will show you how much you have evolved in your relationship with money.

Venus retrograde in your partnership sector will bring some past relationships to the fore.


After a whole month in which you traveled, socialized, sized, or attended different courses, this month you will finally slow down. You have fewer scheduled events and meetings, so you can spend more time at home, with your partner and close friends. Venus retrograde brings you chaotic situations at work and in your daily routine, so you will have to find time to rest and recover. At the end of the month, there is a full moon in your sign, which will bring you an important moment for your health, identity,y or image.

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