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Horoscope For April 2024. Libra Falls In Love, And Cancer Has A Career Success

April’s astral aspects are not easy at all. Mercury begins its retrograde movement right from April 1, in the sign of Aries.

It is then followed by the solar eclipse in the same sign, which takes place on April 8, and which will release tensions accumulated for months, if not even years. It will bring you a satisfying and painful conclusion which at the same time is a new beginning. A few days later, Mars forms an aspect with Saturn and offers us support and discipline.

The meeting between Jupiter and Uranus on April 20 is one of the most important aspects of the month because these two planets meet once every 12 years. It will bring true revelations in numerous fields, from scientific discoveries to technological advances that will set the tone for the next decade.

Taurus season starts on April 19 and offers us more stability. The full moon in Scorpio on April 23 will be an emotional one, but after Mercury resumes its direct movement on the 25th, things start to move forward and become much clearer.

Discover the April 2024 horoscope for your zodiac sign:


You are in the center of attention this month because your season has started. Everything happens at the same time and major changes occur both for you and for your loved ones. Although you evolve at a fast pace, at the same time you have difficulties to understand the evolution you are dealing with. All the situations you go through are more obvious to others than to you, so it’s good to keep your friends close and ask them for feedback. At the end of the month, on April 30, Mars, the planet that rules your sign, enters your sign and allows you to see and really feel how far you’ve come.


You have a lot to do this month, especially behind the scenes. Both the eclipse season and Mercury retrograde make you want more discipline. Now is the time to do a social media detox, go to a therapist or organize a weekend trip where you can find peace. You prefer to stay away from the eyes of the world during this period. But after your season starts on April 19 and especially once Venus enters your sign on April 29, you are rested, in shape and ready to face the new great adventures that life brings your way.


The month of April is full of meetings for you. Mercury retrograde takes place in your friendship sector and it is possible that former work colleagues, college colleagues and friends with whom you have not seen for a long time reappear unexpectedly in your life. It is tiring to face so many memories, and at the same time to restructure your current ideas related to your career, the field in which you work and the community. The conversations you started in mid-March won’t come to a conclusion until mid-May. Impatience characterizes you, but try to enjoy this negotiation process.


Successes in your career and in public life are in the foreground for you in April. The solar eclipse in Aries, on April 8, will make a wish come true in your professional life, and you will spend a large part of this month celebrating this achievement. After you shake off the drunkenness of success, in the second part of the month, you will face the pressure to work harder to prove that you deserve all this success.


Lately, you have noticed that your circle of friends is getting narrower. Maybe some friends are getting married and moving out of town, your best friend has a new job that takes up all of her time, or your sister just gave birth to a baby. You no longer receive so many notifications, and your schedule is released. It is difficult to say goodbye to all these ways you used to spend your time. But remember that you are making room and space so that you can start a new journey on your own. The solar eclipse on April 8 is the moment when you have to make a decision related to an important trip or an educational opportunity. In your relationship, this month you will face tensions related to shared resources.


What exactly is worth taking risks for? It is possible to feel that you are going through difficulties that you cannot share with others this month. Mercury, the planet that rules your sign, will be retrograde until April 25 and your mission until then is to reconfigure your emotional and financial obligations. Power dynamics are much clearer under this influence and you may realize that you have to say goodbye to some things or even some people in order to move on.


For you, April is a month to fall in love. But you are not part of a romantic relationship, but of a passionate affair. The solar eclipse in Aries, on April 8, brings you new connections, clarifies an ambiguous situation and rewrites your desires regarding love. Beyond the sentimental part, this month you reevaluate your connections with business partners and friends. All types of relationships are ready for improvement under these influences. Be patient, because everything will remain in the evaluation stage until Mercury resumes its direct movement on April 25. After this time you will be able to really see the progress.


Whether you have reasons related to health, relationships or the spiritual situation, you must make major changes in your lifestyle this month. The solar eclipse in Aries makes your limits much clearer in terms of work and other obligations. Is it really necessary to have so many responsibilities or is it possible to delegate some of them? Many of these changes you have to make have the purpose of giving you more time and space to feel good. Stop trying to figure out what you “should” do and think about what you want to do.


Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde bring you a new romantic adventure or a creative project. You are more confident than ever about how love should look for you, but also what things or people you have to give up. At the same time, you are full of energy and determined to put your everyday life in order. Going out on dates as often as possible can be very pleasant, but at the same time it has negative effects on your sleep and your bank account. The conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, on April 20, marks a total change in your lifestyle. Until the end of the month, you are focused on clearing your space and getting back in shape.


Major changes both in your family and in your career make you feel anxious. It is difficult for you to keep dealing with the same old things. Although you are always ready to face challenges, many of your loved ones are also facing a difficult period. If you are not careful, it is possible to burn yourself out trying to take care of everyone else. Instead of taking on more responsibilities, take a pen and a journal and put all your thoughts on paper.


Tight deadlines, sudden changes and last-minute changes will be on the agenda for you in April. The solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 and Mercury retrograde make you busier than ever, but at the same time determined to find a routine that works for you. At the beginning of the month it is possible to spend more than you can afford, but after April 10 you will be forced to evaluate your budget and make some adjustments.


The season of eclipses and Mercury retrograde will find you in the middle of the salary negotiation process, looking for a way to get rid of debts and trying to deal with both financial and relationship shortages. The solar eclipse on April 8 brings you an interesting opportunity to earn more, but it won’t last if you don’t accept it with confidence. At the same time, you feel inspired to better organize your schedule and adopt better communication habits. The conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, on April 20, brings important changes in your daily life.

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