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Discover the shoe that according to the horoscope best suits your zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has particular characteristics that make it more or less inclined to certain ways of behaving as well as to certain styles or trends. The way we dress, for example, reflects at least in part our way of being and living the day, as well as our personal taste and that dictated by our character. In this last aspect the stars play an important role. So, today we will discover together the perfect shoe for each zodiac sign.

A shoe for every zodiac sign

Ariete – The sneakers
As an energetic person always on the move, your ideal shoe is the classic sneakers to alternate every now and then with a ballerina who, in addition to being comfortable, is also stylish. Heels are best reserved for special occasions, those in which you want to excel and give your best, which you can still do very well even without the help of high heels.

Taurus – The flat shoe
Loving practicality you too, like those born under the sign of Aries, are particularly suited to flat shoes. In your case, however, the model will be a little more classic, closed and also suitable for the evening and for special occasions. A wild shoe to wear with everything and able to follow you everywhere, adapting to your sometimes unpredictable lifestyle.

Cufflinks – Ankle boots
We know how your desire to change leads you to do so even when it comes to clothing. For this reason, although there is no shoe more suitable for you than others (even here, the important thing is to vary) the ankle boots could be for you, thanks to their versatility that leads them to be indicated both with a pair of trousers than with a miniskirt and, in some cases, even with a dress.

Cancer – The ballerinas
With your romantic air and often in the clouds, the ballerinas are the shoe model that best represent you, especially if enriched with some charming detail such as a nice bow placed on the back or on the sides of the shoe. Able to give breath to a dress and to be sporty with a pair of jeans, they will be your perfect companions to face any type of day, from the most spartan to the most worldly.

Leone – The décolleté
Always at the forefront of everything, you wear the décolleté like few other women, always showing yourself at ease with your femininity and always ready to excel and assert yourself. Among all, this is the shoe model that best represents you and with which you know how to feel perfectly at ease, without putting aside the desire to appear and get noticed.

Virgo – The sandals
For you some beautiful sandals are the best model with which to move and meet the warm season. During the winter the alternative is a comfortable tennis shoe that allows you to always be at ease and to be able to run from one engagement to another without ever losing the rhythm. Practicality is essential for you. As for beauty, even a sandal can be glamorous, right?

Libra – The high-heeled shoe
In your case the model is not really that important, what matters is that there is a nice heel to underline your steps. As for the rest, your taste and your elegance will take care of it. After all, someone born under the sign of Libra can only choose beautiful shoes, right?

Scorpio – Boots
What suits you better than a boot? From combat boots to mid-thigh high boots, boots are the model that fits your ropes best of all. Perfect to wear under a dress or with a skirt or if the right model, also interesting with a pair of jeans. Your determination that often mixes with a sweetness to be discovered make you the most suitable person for this model of shoes that you will be able to combine each time in a different way according to your inspiration of the moment.

Sagittarius – The flat shoes with laces
For you the right shoe is low and comfortable but able to wink at elegance. Sandals with long ribbons to tie along the leg are the perfect model, able to accompany you everywhere without ever being heavy. Alternatively, even an elegant sandal can be a good model and if it’s cold you can always focus on the sock sandal combination. If they wear it to fashion shows, after all, there must be a reason, right?

Capricorn – The boots
Comfortable and stable, the boots are the model that always manages to satisfy you, marrying comfort and sobriety and making you free to move, which is very important for you. Combined in the right way they also manage to give you a certain tone, making you feel comfortable but always in perfect order.

Aquarius – The ballet flats with laces
You need a comfortable shoe that is highly customizable at the same time. Ballet flats with ribbons or laces will be for you, allowing you to look feminine, always trendy and original. Just change the laces creating color contrasts to look extraordinarily original even with a simple pair of shoes.

Pisces – The flip-flops
A difficult shoe to wear and suitable only for the summer period but that goes well with your way of being and doing. During the winter season you can aim for charming ankle boots, able to evoke a bit of romance thanks to the help of rhinestones or beads that will give you that extra touch of femininity without distorting your love for casual clothing.

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