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What kind of intelligence do you have? From today you can also find out thanks to the stars.

When it comes to intelligence, opinions are often divided. In fact, there are those who are still convinced that the human intellect can be evaluated only on the basis of IQ and that everything stops at a mere form of calculations and tests to be solved. The truth, however, is quite different, and as many already know, there are different types of intelligence, each with different particularities. There are, for example, the analytical one, the ecological one, the artistic one, the one linked to the ability to coordinate one’s movements, and the emotional one or linked to the capacity for individual adaptation. Obviously, each of these forms can be found in different ways, not all of which can be managed with a simple questionnaire. What matters, however, is to understand that each of us is a person unto himself, with merits, defects, and special gifts such as the various types of intellect that, based on the degree of development, can lead us towards certain goals rather than others.
Obviously, intelligence is something with which one is born, which can be improved over time but which, basically, belongs to the single individual. According to astrologers, however, this may also depend in some ways on the influence that the stars exert on us and this is especially true for abstract or emotional types of intelligence.
Today, we will discover what kind of intelligence we have according to the stars.

What kind of intelligence do you have? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Intuitive Intelligence
For a dynamic and always on the move person like you, the predominant type of intelligence could only be intuitive. Many times, in fact, part of your successes is due to the “luck” you have in making the right decisions at the right time. And all this happens due to your ability to grasp elements usually invisible to others but that your brain knows how to process and put together, in order to guide you towards quick decisions. Many would call it intuition. But are we sure that there is no underlying form of intelligence that is difficult to prove?

Taurus – Practical intelligence
In everyone’s eyes you are an easygoing person and who always points to practical things in life. This happens because your own intelligence is practical and helps you with every choice or action you make during your days. Whether it’s a casual thing or a thoughtful and well-reasoned decision, your lifestyle works thanks to your intellect that always knows how to find the right way to get everything done, showing you the quickest, simplest and most able way to do it. bring you the best result and all in the shortest possible time. Nice is not it?

Gemini – Analytical intelligence
If there is one thing you like to do and excel at, it is undoubtedly the analysis of things, people and situations. Doing so relaxes you and allows you to grasp aspects otherwise impossible to understand. The fact that you always succeed is a whole other story that you have always carried with you and that, in large part, depends on the influence that the stars have on you. Predisposed to analyze everything and to ponder on everything that jumps into your head before putting it into practice, you have a very bright intelligence, easy to perceive and that you can convey with a single glance. The same one that you generally use to get into the heart of situations, making them yours and processing them in a strictly personal but always winning way.

Cancer – Brain intelligence
Yours is a particular form of intelligence, which leads you to think about practically everything and to get your own personal idea of ​​everything. Although sometimes your way of doing things limits you in everyday life, making you a person little inclined to action, it cannot be said that you do not have a very strong form of intelligence. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to understand it but this is a problem that does not belong to you and that, certain of your means, you leave it to those who choose to give it to you.

Leo – Instinctive intelligence
In life you tend to give little space to technicalities. Plans, lists and calculations are something that does not belong to you and that you gladly leave to those who are more experienced than you. In fact, excelling does not mean elaborating plans but knowing how to seize opportunities by always being at the forefront. And that’s exactly what you do, showing off and always giving your best. Your secret weapon? An instinct that you never stop exercising and that is mostly aimed at success and the many ways to achieve and maintain it. A real fortune that makes you ever closer to the realization of your dreams. And if this is not intelligence …

Virgo – Rational intelligence
For you reason is everything and at the same time it is what you do best. Rational like few other people, you tend to plan everything so that you always have a plan and know what to expect not only from current situations but also from the people you surround yourself with. If you consider that everything is very good for you and that your predictions rarely turn out to be wrong, then we can really speak of intelligence which, albeit in a rather abstract form, is more than tangible, especially when you put it into practice, starting to elaborate plans and to hypothesize the possible future of some thorny situations.

Libra – The idealistic intelligence
Your very personal world is made up of ideals and dreams to realize. Lover of beautiful things and harmony in general, you tend to reproduce similar situations in your everyday life and to do so, even if you often don’t realize it, you tend to use your intelligence which is precisely of an idealistic type. This means that you are particularly inclined towards what is artistic or pleasing to the eye, that you know how to make the various situations ideal and all because you know how to grasp aspects that are usually difficult to notice at first glance but which are instead clearly visible for you, so much so that be the very first things you notice.

Scorpio – Sensitive intelligence
In life, what you can best perceive are the sensations that every single thing transmits to you. A sort of secret language that can guide you towards decisions that are often incomprehensible but which in most cases turn out to be incredibly correct. This happens because you know how to grasp details that for most people are mysterious or impossible to grasp until life itself highlights them. A very particular form of intelligence, able to make you stand out among the people and at the same time make you a difficult mystery to solve.

Sagittarius – Ambient intelligence
Your intelligence is expressed through a kind of connection between you and everything around you. In fact, in the world you know how to move with a mastery that many envy you and that largely depends on the ability to adapt to situations, immediately grasping the most essential parts, making them yours and making them immediately personal. A talent that is difficult to learn and that for you is completely instinctive and therefore easy to live.

Capricorn – Dynamic intelligence
Your form of intelligence is of a practical type but with nuances that make it more dynamic and always ready to meet you in various situations. In addition to grasping the quickest and simplest solutions, you are therefore predisposed to create alternative ways to solve what would otherwise be unsolvable for many people. This, especially in the workplace, makes you almost brilliant, leading you to often act as a guide to those around you and while surprising yourself every time, they have now grasped your ability to transform even problems into new forms of success. In short, yours is a form of intelligence that if put into practice can prove to be more useful than it seems.

Aquarius – Abstract Intelligence
Yours is perhaps one of the most difficult forms of intelligence to explain, as it is simply abstract. It is a sort of mix between perception, practical sense and speed of intervention such as to lead you to often solve situations that seem complicated but for some strange reason you manage to make schematic in your mind, ending up finding a simple solution both from explain that to be put into practice. It is much more difficult to explain how you got there. On this, however, we can also postpone, especially if your solutions are always correct, right?

Pisces – Emotional Intelligence
Your intelligence is defined by many as creative and at times brilliant. More simply, it could also be defined as an emotional one. It is in fact through the emotions that you live within you that you are able to express yourself in different forms, giving others an ever-changing perception of you and your moods. The fact that most of the time, the things you excel at are artistic, is just a detail. After all, what you really yearn for is to feel good about yourself, which happens punctually whenever you manage to carry out the abstract projects that your mind seems to create out of nothing.

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