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Horoscope and tips to keep your inner child alive.

Many times we hear about the inner child and how important it is to keep him alive in order to live a more complete and rich life, especially from an emotional point of view.
When we grow up, however, due to disappointments, many falls and daily commitments, for many people cultivating the purest part of themselves is really difficult. In this way we end up forgetting how certain emotions are felt, suppressing the instinctive part more and more and ending up closing in a sort of cage which, however golden, still remains a cage.
Fortunately, there are techniques and positive thoughts that can help you reconnect with that lost part, giving new life to the inner child, and all thanks to the stars. Today, we will try to understand how to act to awaken the inner child that is in us and everything based on the horoscope.

Find out how to awaken or support the inner child in you

Aries – Looking at Obstacles as a Child Would
Your way of proceeding in life is essentially dynamic. Always in competition with yourself and with others, you tend to stiffen in the face of every obstacle that undermines your path to success. To get results, however, your attitude should change and what better solution than to reconnect with your inner child? Observing things from a point of view more predisposed to dreams and alternative solutions can open you up to completely new scenarios, making you come back to appreciate the challenges not only at the moment of eventual success but also during pure competition. Because if it is true that winning is important, it is equally true that knowing how to best live every situation is even more so.

Taurus – Keeping your curious side alive
To better live your life and feel free and full of that energy that makes you feel alive, a good school is to keep the curiosity part alive. If as a child you used to ask questions about everything and try to discover what was hidden behind everything, today without that instinctive and sometimes playful part you risk not fully savoring what life has to offer you, thus risking feeling dull and tired. Remember that the little girl in you is always alive and if you cannot hear her it is only because over time you have learned to keep her hidden, forgetting the sound of her voice. Try picking up on those questions without feeling silly or out of place. You can experience curiosity in a different way, avoiding asking questions of others but never stopping asking them to yourself. Trying to discover the true essence of things will help you gradually feel more and more in tune with yourself and with the world. Seeing is believing.

Gemini – Learning to enjoy every single moment
Generally, your childish side is quite developed, however there are still things you can do to make them more active and to guide you towards a more enjoyable lifestyle. Unfortunately, your propensity to jump from one thing to another risks making you lose the joy of the many moments you experience throughout the day. To begin, therefore, you should try to focus on every single moment, enjoying it fully and all without worrying about how long it will last or how you will have to replace it to make boredom disappear. Sometimes, in fact, it is enough to focus on single moments to experience similar situations from different points of view. A new expedient against boredom and at the same time a valid method to rekindle your inner flame.

Cancer – By keeping a diary of memories
Of your inner child you have certainly maintained your romantic disposition and the ability you have to let yourself go to the memories of the past. Growing up, however, has also brought about other characteristics that over time have ended up taking you away from the purest part of you. How do you get it back? A simple and effective way is to keep a diary where you can write down your childhood memories, trying to recall every emotion linked to them. Of course, this will lead you to feel nostalgia but it will also help you to reopen a door that has been closed for too long, leading you to experience forgotten emotions and to which you were particularly attached.

Leo – Returning to get excited about the little things
Very often the inner child hides in simple things and in those gestures that, too often, are taken for granted. To find it again you will have to make an effort to learn to look at things with different eyes, looking for the beauty of every little thing. Learn to notice the birds that chirp in the morning, reflect on the beauty of nature that shows itself in different colors every season. And try to come back to surprise yourself for the little things, those that today you practically take for granted but that at one time, of course, were able to steal your heart. All this, in addition to getting back in touch with you as a child, will help you appreciate life and what surrounds you, making you feel grateful again to be in the world.

Virgo – Giving space to the imagination
Your nature leads you to be too often precise and schematic. This, if from a working point of view undoubtedly has its positive sides, from the human side it risks undermining your will to live. A too limiting vision in fact leads to stop dreaming and to believe that everything is possible, thus leading to a drying up. This does not mean that you have to change completely but open yourself to the possibility of abandoning yourself, from time to time, to your inner child. In this way you will be able to grasp new aspects of the things you already think you know perfectly, realizing how life can be appreciated much more than you think. Perhaps at the beginning you will find all this difficult but time will be able to repay you for the energy invested in this research.

Libra – Going back to being free
Your constant pursuit of perfection has the downside of often making you a slave to patterns and ideas that you yourself put first. In a nutshell, in order to maintain the basic harmony that you deem necessary to live well, you often find yourself putting aside your instinct and many small things that you would like to do underneath. Often even giving a hug or breathing deeply for you can be something to limit yourself to and all for a form of etiquette that only you know and that in the eyes of others would go completely unnoticed. From today, therefore, if you want to regain possession of certain sensations that once you were still able to feel, embrace the child in you and let yourself be guided into her world full of motions of surprise and spontaneous smiles, those who do not care how you look. but that they are there because they feel inside.

Scorpio – Learning to let go
If there is one aspect that you have completely forgotten about being a child it is the one related to the arguments with other people. If once you were able to quarrel and make peace immediately afterwards, time has in fact made you more and more resentful and prone to revenge. Aspects that belong to your zodiac sign but that you could smooth out by getting back in touch with the child in you. To do this you just have to force yourself to say everything you think without using too heavy words, trying to see things from other points of view and learning to put feelings first. This will lead you to feel more and more light and aware that sooner or later every quarrel is forgotten but that the affection that binds people can be eternal and is certainly priceless.

Sagittarius – Continuing to make new friends
Always in touch with your inner child, you don’t need a lot of effort to live a more instinctive life centered on strong feelings and able to give you serenity. Obviously, you can always improve and to do so you just need to keep doing what you like best or making new friends. This will lead you to feel more connected with your childhood side, helping you to better live both existing and future relationships.

Capricorn – Giving yourself pleasant breaks
Your life is too much based on work and on the many duties that, day after day, you impose on yourself. This, over time, has led you to detach yourself more and more from the child in you, forcing you to a rigidity that underneath makes you suffer, making you feel alien to everything. A good way to solve this is to learn how to take breaks, giving yourself free time all to yourself, just like when you were a child. Try starting with a snack at the bar or a break where you can take some time just for yourself. Going back to enjoying the little things, taking a moment to breathe from daily chores will help you feel better and “work” even better at work.

Aquarius – Letting go
Although with a certain eccentricity and a rather liberal way of doing things, you too need to enjoy a greater contact with your childish side. To do this, the most important thing is to relearn how to let yourself go. It means, feeling what you feel inside, rekindling your instinct and following it without too many thoughts. Everything can be expressed in a wild dance, in an evening at karaoke or in the practice of your favorite sport. What matters is being able to do something where instinct is guiding you and not so much reason. A way to reunite with you as a child and feel fully alive.

Pisces – Back to Experience Enthusiasm
One of the most beautiful characteristics of childhood is the enthusiasm you feel for everything. An enthusiasm that you often tend to suppress because of the many worries or the fear of being disappointed. Your sensitivity, in fact, often leads you to think negatively, preventing you from fully enjoying things. With a little practice, however, it can all be scaled down. How to do? Just try to listen to the emotions that flow inside you. In this way you will begin without even realizing it to feel ever new and more and more lively and alive emotions, able to make you re-embrace a feeling of peace and connection with the world that you had long forgotten.

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