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Horoscope and resilience. This is how resilient each zodiac sign can be. The opinion of the stars.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about resilience. In psychology, this term indicates the ability to face and overcome a difficult or traumatic period. It is not a question of simple endurance but of an innate ability to face adversity positively, reorganizing itself from time to time to the point of even being able to transform a defeat into a moment of growth, capable of leading to future successes.
It is a characteristic of some people that sometimes even in a completely unexpected way, just when everything collapses around them, they somehow manage to make it, overcoming every problem with increasing strength. Understanding whether or not you are resilient is very difficult even if it is a quality that, like many others, can be influenced by the stars.
Today, therefore, after having seen if and how jealous we are and how it is best to act so as not to anger the various zodiac signs, we will try to find out if and how resilient we are. Being a way of being, the advice is to also consult the profile of your ascendant to have a more complete picture.

Horoscope: Are you a resilient person? Find out from your zodiac sign

Aries – Not very resilient
Although you are a very positive person, when it comes to resilience you are not at the top of the rankings. The reason is related to your hatred of difficult things and the very concept of fatigue. If you find an obstacle in your path, you prefer to change direction and continue differently. Likewise, if something bad happens you have a hard time shaking it off and at best you can endure until times improve. Yet inside you have the grit and strength to put some resilience into practice. Trying to see things constructively when everything seems to fall apart could lead you to discover new aspects of yourself.

Taurus – Moderately resilient
From yours, you have plenty of calm and determination and this allows you to react with clarity in the face of any unexpected events. You may not yet be able to get up and start again with more determination than before after a fall but you are certainly well on your way to being resilient in the face of sudden problems or situations that require all your effort. You probably have to improve your self-confidence and the ability to look beyond obstacles. Once this is done, thanks to the resistance you have and the determination that always manages to push you one step further, you can also count on greater resilience, such as to make you improve in life, even if to do so you will have to go against everything and everyone.

Gemini – Resilient under the circumstances
Your level of resilience is proportional to what you feel at the moment and the situations that arise in front of you. In fact, in the face of some difficulties, you can take things in the right way, drawing as much energy as possible to lift yourself and transform what you have in front of you into something good. If you are in your bad days, however, things tend to go differently and every little problem risks turning into something insurmountable, to the point of breaking you down even for days. Since you have a lot of vitality and a lot of imagination on your side, you should try to be more stable, learning to know yourself better and to understand when talking is just a mood more under your shoes than usual. In that case, you just need to stop, look for something that can cheer you up, and focus on the problem so you can find the most creative solutions. It’s something you have a talent for, so you only need to try, and even during difficulties, you will feel life smile at you.

Cancer – Almost Not Resilient
At All When something is wrong, you tend to break down like few others, seeing only the negative aspects of what has happened to you and making yourself hopelessly depressed. Resilience is not one of your gifts, nor is the strength to resist and wait for better moments. If something is wrong, your first reaction is to break down and fight against everything and every one as if something could be solved. Perhaps trying to change your way of doing things can help you learn at least resistance and positivity which, although not resilient, are certain skills that can support you in the darkest moments.

Leo – Resilient more in words than in deeds
Hearing you speak would make you think you are the most resilient person in the world. Your positivity is so contagious that it is good for everyone, giving new energy to those around you. Too bad that if you are very good at talking about good intentions when it comes to facts some of your certainties seem to waver. You certainly know how to get involved and deal with things but you have a rather limited resistance which, in case of real difficulties, leads you to collapse. This is a common aspect of those who always and only aim to win because in front of a fight you want to fight but if defeat looms, the first reaction is to leave the field to dive into different situations and be able to offer you the triumph you seek. To win a war though it is necessary to know how to commit oneself when everything becomes more difficult. Try it on the next difficulty, you may find that winning after the real effort can give you much more satisfaction than you thought.

Virgo – Not Resilient
At All When it comes to resilience, you are probably at the bottom of the rankings. More likely to think negatively, you can’t constructively see the things that happen to you, so much so that you often see them worse than they are. The possibilities of getting up and transforming what you have around you, starting from what is wrong are therefore zero unless you start working on yourself to improve this aspect and learn to act on what surrounds you. to build the reality you want. A strategy that does not belong to you but that would certainly help you improve the quality of your life and, above all, of your thoughts.

Libra – Sufficiently Resilient
When it comes to coping with adversity, you are perfectly capable of rolling up your sleeves and almost always acting proactively. Almost depends on the circumstances that sometimes, if you are completely unprepared, can lead you to an initial block in which sadness and despair seem to prevail. Fortunately, after the initial hesitation, you always manage to recover and in most cases have the right calm to analyze the facts and find the best way to cope with problems, demonstrating greater resilience than you think you have. . Greater confidence in your possibilities and your ability to react will be such as to allow you to emerge victorious from any situation that comes your way.

Scorpio – Very Resilient
You are a born warrior and as such you have stamina, combativeness, and resilience. The latter sometimes tends to arrive with a bit of delay due to negativity caused most of the time by the anger that rises inside you. Once loaded, however, you always know how to cope with situations by making up for lost time and starting in gear with solutions that are most often constructive. The intuition you have is that little bit more than by joining your “paraphernalia” allows you to reprogram your life from time to time, tackling everything little by little and leading you up to an ascent that for many would-be decidedly impossible.

Sagittarius – Not Resilient
Although you appear to everyone as a positive person when it comes to taking action you enter a deep crisis that prevents you from tapping into the right tools to cope with the problems that face you. The need to have a peaceful life full of entertainment means that in the face of adversity you are completely unprepared and not interested in reacting. An aspect that makes you a person not at all resilient but more inclined to look for loopholes to avoid difficulties. Fortunately, you are very good at asking for help and working alongside people who are always able to give you a hand in your time of need. And after all, that’s a quality too, isn’t it?

Capricorn – More resilient than resilient
When faced with difficulties, you are the type of person who tries not to give up, immediately looking for possible solutions. Unfortunately, most of the time, you lack the right positivity you need to constructively get up from the problems that life poses. With a little practice and a greater commitment to really considering the pros and cons of the solutions you usually resort to, they could help you improve this flaw. In the meantime, you can still count on the ability to resist by making yourself strong and fighting as hard as you can to keep going day by day. However, it is a quality that not everyone has and of which it is, therefore, right to be proud.

Aquarius – Not So Resilient
To be resilient you lack the will to apply yourself hard to something. When you find yourself in front of an obstacle, usually, in fact, you prefer to go around it or turn the other way. An attitude that will never help you to progress in this sense but that up to now you have almost always managed to make harmless, finding the right loopholes. Of course, a minimum of resilience could work in your favor for several reasons, allowing you to improve yourself and get out of stale situations that, to date, you are enduring only for lack of alternatives.

Pisces – More Resilient Than
You Appear Many would not bet much on your resilience, confused by your dreamy flair and the world you have of seeing life. Yet, perhaps thanks to the desire to always see things positively, you have a great resilience that emerges strongly in moments of difficulty, helping you to get up and build something new thanks to what you have just experienced. It is a gift that you have and that feeds on your infinite capacity to always hope for the best. A gift that few have and that perhaps only some will be able to understand but which is an integral part of who you are and therefore something to be more than proud of.

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