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Find out how you experience the arrival of summer time and how it affects your daily life.

Summer time has now entered into force, giving us an extra hour of light but depriving us of sixty minutes of sleep which in one way or another affect the management of everyday life and mood in general.
Less sleep can lead to a bad mood, nervousness, stress, sleep disturbances, increased chronic pain, and even health problems.
Much depends on the lifestyle that one has and in part also on the influence that the stars have on each of us.
Today, therefore, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that know how to console best and which are those who need others most, we will find out which are the signs that most accuse the change of the hour. which, remember, can be less harmful if you choose to go to sleep an hour earlier, at least during the first week.
To get a more complete picture, it is advisable to also consult the profile relating to one’s ascendant of birth or to that of the person you want to observe.

Horoscope – How do you experience the change of time? Here is the opinion of the stars

Aries – Naturally
Having to change rhythms and schedules is not something that scares you because it is part of your daily life. Of course, doing it for no real reason causes you some discomfort, especially when during the day you find yourself yawning or you realize you have less energy than usual. Nonetheless, you manage to make the best of a bad situation, forcibly ignoring it and trying to wake you up between cups of coffee and physical activity which, in these cases, is always a panacea for psycho-physical health.

Taurus – With patience
Sleeping one hour less is something you just don’t like and it has negative effects on you such as prolonged sleepiness during the day and lack of energy which results in a lack of desire to do anything. Luckily you always know how to pamper yourself and in these cases, you do it by giving yourself some more sweets or by preparing a good breakfast that can give you a good mood. Nonetheless, the need for sleep is always a lot, which is why you might try (work permitting) to indulge in an afternoon nap. Otherwise, the only alternative is to go to sleep earlier and be even more patient. Time two weeks and you will go back to being the same as always.

Gemini – With extreme annoyance
You usually like sudden changes but not if they affect the moment of rest that is sacred to you. Summer time is, therefore, a nuisance that you would gladly do without, so much so that you are among those who wish to see it disappear forever from annual customs. Your irritability is almost skyrocketing these days, better take one less coffee and indulge in some sweets. In this way, you will be able to stabilize the mood a little which will go even better with some evening herbal tea that can make you fall asleep immediately and relax enough to be able to greet the new day with less and less anger.

Cancer – With indifference
To be honest, the change of the hour does not bring you who knows what inconvenience. It’s something you’ve always been used to and you know how to handle it. Work or study cannot stop your desire to feel at the top even these days, which is why you usually organize yourself to recover your lost hour of sleep during the day. Of course, you don’t like having to get up early anyway but you can bear it all thinking about the extra hour of light that allows you to take a few walks and stay longer with friends, thanks to the good weather offered by spring.

Leo – With forced energy
If moving the hands forward brings with it a charge of fatigue, you retort by forcing yourself to an extra dose of energy. For you, this is the only way to progress smoothly, getting on with your daily tasks without a little sleep coming to affect everything. It is a way of life that you have always imposed on you and that over the years has become a sort of routine to be put in place whenever this time of year arrives which, despite everything, cannot fail to give you a good mood given the time. more light.

Virgo – Reluctantly
Having to suddenly change your habits and experience drowsiness that you did not have until the day before is something that annoys you a lot, making you nervous and not used to good humor. Fortunately, the effects do not last long thanks to your ability to organize yourself to sleep more and face this change of time that you just can’t stand with stoic motivation. According to the stars, spending time with friends could benefit your mood, making this time pass less traumatic.

Libra – Naturally
Although for you to the change of the hour brings not indifferent complications, you usually face it naturally, striving to live the days that precede and follow the arrival of summer time with extreme naturalness. In this way you can keep yourself serene and in a stable mood, also acting as a support to those who unlike you are in the throes of moments of extreme nervousness. Knowing yourself well you always know how to move and this is a peculiarity that has always distinguished you and that is also reflected in this particular time of the year.

Scorpio – With positivity
When you know that a different time than usual is about to arrive, you usually get organized and make the best of a bad situation to face it and overcome it in the best way. Things change with regards to the summer time that you live with a positive soul, accepting the change as something inevitable and acting accordingly, sleeping when you can to catch up on the hours of lost sleep, and pampering yourself as you can to gratify and feel. less burdened by the moment. In this way you can live it without too many jolts, recovering in a few days and feeling ready for the next change.

Sagittarius – With a little effort
Although you like to describe yourself as an active person and always open to change, the time change is something you can’t get hold of. A little for the change of pace and a little for the tiredness that usually accompanies this period, you always feel a little nervousness that manages to stay within the limits only thanks to the good weather and the days that are getting longer and longer, allowing you to spend more hours outdoors. Although the beginning is not the best, however, once you become familiar with it you will feel so good that it is almost positive, forgetting the turbulent beginning.

Capricorn – With discrete indifference
To be honest, the change of time does not bring you great inconvenience. The positives are equivalent to the negatives and this makes it almost normal and therefore easy to overcome. Accustomed as you are to working hard and putting your all into juggling all kinds of commitments and tasks, you are more than used to sleeping a few hours less or moving in a hurry to complete a recently started project. For this reason, whether it’s moving the hands an hour forward or an hour back, things don’t change much for you and whatever happens, you know you can deal with them. There will be time to rest in the summer.

Aquarius – With boredom
The change of time? Honestly, it is not something that particularly afflicts you but it bothers you to have to follow this rule that you think is meaningless. Having said that, you know very well how to regulate yourself to recover from lost sleep and to enjoy the extra hours of light and this means that you can live this time of year with tranquility, taking advantage of it to take a few more moments of relaxation to devote to yourself, estranging yourself from social life which at times is uncomfortable for you.

Pisces – With tolerance
Let’s face it, the thought of having to sleep less doesn’t excite you. Your love for life, however, leads you to experience it as a mini-adventure, accepting the consequences and adjusting accordingly so as not to suffer too much. So, between an afternoon nap and a few days to devote to total rest, you always manage to overcome the first few days without feeling too much restless, finding yourself in a condition of normality that almost makes you forget the change that has just occurred. And then, there is always the consolation that next time the hands will have to be moved back, recovering this hour of sleep.

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