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Horoscope: find out if you are made for life as a couple or if you live better single.

In life, you know, there are people who from childhood dream of being able to meet great love and those who, on the other hand, have a free spirit, such that they are almost afraid of a relationship with two. Obviously, there are also those who by spirit of adaptation or by character can feel good both alone and as a couple and who, consequently, choose what to do based on the opportunities that life offers them. In addition to the temperament that one has from birth, the life experiences and those that one has in the family, a more or less marked predisposition towards life as a single or two is given by the influence of the stars. For this reason, today, after seeing how one behaves when one is jealous or s and one is destined to win in an argument, we will find out if we are more inclined to life as a single or a couple and all based on the zodiac sign. As often happens in these cases, the advice is to also check the profile of one’s ascendant who, in this case, can play a decisive role.

Single or couple life? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – The eternal undecided
Your nature would dictate a single life on you. Your always wanting to do what is on your mind and your reluctance at the thought of losing the opportunities that life offers you, such as diving into a new story, make you a free-spirited person who can hardly stand constraints given by a life to two. Nonetheless, and although you are even aware of your limitations, the desire to feel loved and to have someone who is ready to do everything for you often leads you to bond, only to feel suffocated. Yours is therefore a stalemate where indecision is king. Perhaps the most valid alternative would be to start a story with a person like you, perhaps to be kept open in order to combine the need for freedom with the desire to live with an important person by your side.

Taurus – The life of a couple
Always romantic and a lover of stability, you were born to live as a couple with someone. Yours is almost a need that you feel since childhood and that over time has led you to hardly be alone for more than a few months. In short, stories are not for you. On the contrary, you are one of long engagements that you always hope to follow something more like, for example, marriage. Despite your nature, you are not always able to convey what you feel with affectionate gestures. Your approach to life and, therefore, also to love is in fact a practical one. For you, loving means always being there and knowing how to give what your loved one needs. A few more effusions, however, could make the partner feel more loved and push him to want to bond even more.

Gemini – The one who knows how to adapt
Your dual being leads you to know how to perfectly live both situations. If on the one hand the single life fascinates you for the freedom it can grant you and for the many possibilities at your fingertips, on the other you also know how to appreciate the awareness of having a bond with someone. That said, in order to truly unite with another person you have to be fully convinced, which means falling in love to the point of losing your mind. If this does not happen, it is better to wait for the right person to arrive because sooner or later you will end up getting tired, having to come to a separation anyway.

Cancer – The one who has always dreamed of marriage
From an ultra romantic sign and always linked to feelings, for you love is something that must be lived in its entirety. For this reason, you are definitely suited for the life of two. Indeed, to be honest, you live really badly when you do not have someone by your side who can love you. Feeling yourself at the center of attention and knowing that you are important to someone is a source of joy for you. As is living a stable relationship that sooner or later you know will lead you to the altar. For you, in fact, building a family is a dream that you have carried inside you since you were a child and that, in some way, is the guiding thread of your existence.

Leo – Eager to live as a couple but only with the right person
For the way you understand life, lasting love is what suits you best. Always in need of being at the center of attention, you need someone who is able to always be by your side, to flatter you and make you feel important and at the same time able to act as a support for your difficult moments. All aspects that no passing relationship would be able to satisfy. Nonetheless, you are also a person who demands a lot from the people around her, which is why you prefer to be alone until you are sure that you have found the right person. After all, wasting time is certainly not your characteristic.

Virgo – With your spaces but in pairs
As a rational person you are, you are aware that, first of all, it is necessary to know how to be alone. For this reason you always need your spaces in which to express yourself, see who you want and practice the hobbies you like best. With that out of the way, however, your preferences move towards a relationship. Having someone to share your life with and plan things to do is in fact an idea that you really like and that you have always carried around with you. After all, a team works better than a single person and for you the relationship is a bit of a team, able to proceed along the long path of life, facing and overcoming its various challenges.

Libra – Absolutely in pairs
Single life isn’t really for you. Love is in fact one of the aspects that you most appreciate in life and that you continue to look for with greed. Living as a couple, in fact, has always given you the idea of ​​something special where one supports the other and where you can compare, grow together and live knowing that you are never alone. On the contrary, the single life depresses you and, unlike many people, you struggle to find it positive or funny. In short, to feel at the top you definitely need to meet your soul mate and live a life as a couple. A desire for which sometimes you risk even settling for someone who, however, does not perfectly correspond to your ideals. But be careful, by focusing on the wrong people, you risk losing sight of the right ones.

Scorpio – Able to live alone but more inclined to the life of two
Your strong character leads you to know how to adapt to the circumstances, drawing the positives from both situations. If as a single you know how to manage yourself better, taking advantage of the many free moments to give yourself leisure and to improve yourself, as a couple you tend to a very close relationship in which you always give your best, expecting the other person to do the same. Perhaps because of your ability to be alone, in love you are a very difficult person but able to win hearts so much that it becomes indispensable for those around you. But try not to overdo it because sometimes a rope pulled beyond belief can break and if those around you are only half as strong as you, they might even decide to look elsewhere.

Sagittarius – Free until you decide to opt for a more stable life
Eternal traveler and lover of adventures to live mostly alone, you are not the type of person who needs to have someone next to you. Indeed, to be honest, you give your best just when you are alone and therefore free to express yourself 100% and to explore every part of you, putting yourself to the test and accepting the many challenges of life. Sometimes, however, especially if in love, you tend to change your mind and try the relationship as a couple. When you commit yourself you can live it well but you always feel a sense of compulsion due to always having to compromise with another person. For you, the ideal would be someone on the same wave line as you and therefore able to be next to you but at the same time understand your need for freedom.

Capricorn – Able to be alone but wanting a family
For you the best of life is to feel free to act as you want and without ever having to explain to someone. For this reason you are certainly more inclined to a single life than a couple. Your need to start a family, however, over time risks leading you towards life as a couple, where constraints risk making you feel suffocated. If you intend to try, therefore, it is necessary to find a person who can understand you and make you feel free without giving you time or other constraints. A very difficult thing for a life as a couple but which is also the only thing that can guarantee you complete happiness.

Aquarius – In need of your space, both as a single and as a couple
Your character leads you to isolation. Whether you live in a couple or as a single, the time to devote to yourself is an essential requirement for which you do not even give explanations. If as a single all this can also make sense, as a couple, obviously it becomes much more difficult. In order not to have problems it is therefore essential that you choose a person who is free and in turn eager for her space in order to make the thing become the fulcrum of a relationship that, in this way, will not risk withering.

Pisces – Absolutely in couple
Your romance and the need you have to share what happens to you or the things that affect you lead you to be a person who must have a partner in order to feel good. For you great love is not a hope but the very purpose of life. In fact, to feel fully centered you need a partner who is also your accomplice and teammate. Someone you can trust and who is willing to live the great adventure of a life together with you. A beautiful dream to have but for which you must be willing to give yourself the time to look for the right person who is also the only one able to reciprocate as you wish.

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