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Discover the flavor of ice cream that best suits you according to the horoscope.

We recently saw which type of ice cream best matches the various zodiac signs. However, what we have not yet explored is the varied world of flavors available on the market. And yes, because if you haven’t thought about it yet, even the perfect ice cream flavor can be written in the stars or, better said, be chosen by the stars. Thus, you may find that you have always eaten the wrong taste and that you are much more akin to the one you never decided to try, even if you were curious. And what better occasion than to follow the advice of your horoscope? Let’s start this mini tour of flavors, then, and who knows if before the end you haven’t already discovered a new flavor of ice cream to love.

The perfect ice cream flavor for every zodiac sign

Aries – Lemon ice cream
For you the lemon flavor is the most suitable one. Sparkling at the right point and able to give you that extra boost of energy that never hurts. Its aroma goes well with your energy and with the desire to do that does not stop even after many hours. And what is better than a break full of taste and able to bring a little joy in its simplicity?

Taurus – The mix of chocolate flavors
How not to appreciate a good chocolate-flavored cone? The must of all ice creams is the one that best suits a greedy person like you who has a real passion for chocolate. In fact, the stars recommend adding the different declinations to simple chocolate. A dark chocolate with milk chocolate flakes or a mix of white, dark and chocolate with Nutella will instill a good mood even on the dullest days, giving you unexpected moments of relaxation.

Gemini – Stracciatella taste
For the queen of the undecided, a taste that contains two opposites is ideal for putting the soul in peace while guaranteeing an explosion of taste. So what is better than a good stracciatella ice cream? The mozzarella that meets the chocolate represents the union between two choices otherwise difficult to put together. Of course, unless you try to take two different flavors in one ice cream. But for you it would be too trivial a choice, right? Better a special taste born from the union of two opposites that together make sparks. And, needless to say, there must be a lot of chocolate chips.

Cancer – Strawberry ice cream
For a romantic sign you need an ice cream that, at least in color, recalls this trend. The strawberry flavor is just for you and will certainly be to your liking. Simple, able to recall the sweetest memories of childhood and sweet at the right point to give you a moment of peace in which to savor your favorite flavor (and if it is not yet, give it a chance), disconnecting for a while from thoughts and worries.

Leo – Fruit ice cream with cream
A banana flavor or even more refined like the melon one are the ones that suit you best, recalling the colors of summer and the energy inherent in your sign. Obviously, for a queen like you, ice cream must also have its crown and what is better than a good dose of cream to contrast the simplicity of the fruit flavor? A combination that not everyone likes but that you will surely know how to appreciate.

Virgo – Ice cream with cream
The right taste for you must be simple and unmistakable. Usually, more than a specific taste, you are inclined to choose one based on the trend of the moment, only to follow it for years. The best option, therefore, is to opt for something unmistakable like coffee or cream. A way like any other to aim, as always, at precision and to fully enjoy a single flavor that can fill your palate, without getting tired. At least until the next turning point.

Libra – Gelato zuppa inglese
Your elegance is also expressed in a simple cone. For you, therefore, the perfect taste is that of an English soup, simple but at the same time sophisticated and able to give you the feeling of having eaten a good dessert rather than a simple ice cream. Cone or cup doesn’t matter, as long as the flavor is genuine and the ingredients are of excellent quality.

Scorpio – Chocolate, hazelnut, and pistachio ice cream
Why choose when you can have a mix of flavors born to marry each other? The aroma of dark chocolate will blend perfectly with flavors such as hazelnut and pistachio, giving your ice cream a perfect color as well. A single taste, after all, for someone like you is very little. Your need to dig deep leads you to desire a deepening also in taste and what is better, in these cases, to start from the lightness of the pistachio, passing through the strength of the hazelnut and ending in the soft embrace of dark chocolate?

Sagittario – Coffee ice cream
For you the most suitable flavor of all is that of coffee ice cream, which can only be replaced with tiramisu which still contains the aroma of the hot drink that you love to find even in cold ice cream. A way like any other to recharge your batteries by replacing the classic coffee with something sweeter and more pretentious. And when it comes to desserts, ice cream is always at the center of your thoughts.

Capricorn – Vanilla flavor
What is better than an ice cream that focuses on its strong point, namely sweetness? The vanilla flavor for you is synonymous with good humor and cheerfulness. A flavor that brings back to childhood and that is still able to give a lot, especially if in contrast with other flavors such as, for example, licorice. A combination that few would do but that you will surely know how to appreciate.

Aquarius – Cherry ice cream
For you, knowing how to distinguish yourself is almost a vocation. Why not do it also in the choice of ice cream, then? If you want to keep it simple, flavors such as cherry and black cherry are the ones that suit you best, focusing everything on originality and on a flavor that is difficult to forget but no less good than others, simply more common. And when it comes to original things, who better than you can appreciate?

Pisces – Mixed fruit and chocolate ice cream
Let’s face it, your being romantic and at the same time always in need of new stimuli makes choosing the right flavor of ice cream really difficult. Although you are always tempted to throw yourself into something new, in the end you always return to your classic mix of fruit flavors, simple and genuine and a dip in soft chocolate, able to give you that sense of completeness that you can hardly find in others. tastes.

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