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Music is something that can create emotions and put the spirit at peace. Discover the genre that speaks to you best according to the horoscope.

Who hasn’t been thrilled at least once by listening to good music? A song has the power to speak to our soul, feed the spirit, and bring us back with memories. Each of us has personal preferences in the field of music, true music lovers, however, know how to appreciate it above the genres, recognizing the great therapeutic power it has always had. Playing and singing together, after all, has a strength that can bring people together, making them feel more like-minded and bringing them joy and a good mood. For this reason, every song, as long as it does well, should be respected in all its forms.
Having said that, it is beyond doubt that tastes can hardly be changed and, strange but true, even these can depend on one’s temperament and one’s way of being. Of course, being something that acts deeply, the ascendant also has a great influence in terms of genders. The zodiac sign alone, however, can give important indications. And who knows, after discovering yours, you may not be able to discover a new genre to approach.

A musical genre for each zodiac sign

Aries – Rock
Your nature always in turmoil makes it easier for you to appreciate songs that are lit and full of energy. Just like rock which, just like you, never stands still, jumps, shakes and shakes the minds of those who listen to it. If you are not already a fan (which is very difficult) you should give it at least a chance, perhaps by sifting through the various subgenres. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Toro – Opera music
For a traditionalist like you, opera music is the perfect genre, able to make you vibrate to the depths, giving you always new emotions thanks to the skilful combination of voice and music. The visual component also plays an important role in your choice, leading you to daydream. Even if you are also predisposed to other genres, completely different, opera is what reflects you most of all.

Gemini – Techno Music
Let’s face it, the breadth of genres in music is what you like most about music. This way you can vary from one to the other without ever getting bored. If you were to reduce it to just one, however, yours would probably be the techno one, constantly changing and therefore more used to meeting you in your constant need to experience something new.

Cancer – Italian music
Your romantic streak pushes you to pining with love songs, of which you much prefer the ones in Italian. Listening to them, in fact, allows you to fully understand the text, savoring the whole context and thus taking what each song has to offer. And if you can also sing about it, then the pathos is guaranteed as well as the emotion that only this music can give you.

Leo – Dance
Music You have no real preference when it comes to music. You like to range between genres, leaving all doors open. Your nature, however, also comes into play here, making you appreciate in a particular way any type of music you think can be danced. In fact, what’s better than giving vent to emotion by moving and living it fully? Furthermore, dancing will never go unnoticed, thus combining two things that you really like, let yourself be carried away and get consents.

Virgo – jazz
Let’s face it, with some exceptions (let’s not forget that there is always the ascendant), your sign is perhaps one of the least inclined to music. And if you really have to listen to it, it better be sophisticated and ready to give you new ideas for conversation. Jazz music in this case lends itself to your purpose. Of course, everything changes when it comes to having fun. In that case even salsa or tango will be for you, allowing you to get on the dance floor and leave your innate rationality aside, at least for the time of a dance.

Libra – Elegant music
Probably only you will be able to understand this type of music because you are the only one to distinguish the combination of musical notes between elegant and not elegant. In any case, for you good music is the one that is good for your ears, that arrives melodious and transports you to a world where each sound goes perfectly with the other. Perhaps classic and lounge will be more to your liking than other genres. The truth, however, is that all (or nearly all) of music is good for you, as long as it is beautiful to your ears.

Scorpio – The soundtracks
You like to travel in the world of memories and emotions like no other zodiac sign. For this reason, the most suitable musical genre for you is that of soundtracks. Listening to a song you have already heard in a film or a TV series allows you to travel in time, remembering what you felt at that precise moment or feeling the emotions arising from a certain program on you. For this reason you love to collect soundtracks to listen to again based on your mood of the moment, which is why you often find yourself classifying them according to the mood that you yourself attribute to them.

Sagittarius – Hip hop
For you, music is all beautiful and to be listened to, as long as it is cheerful and able to make you travel with your mind. Rock, hip hop, R n’B, are all genres that suit you fully and that you love to listen to when you are traveling to a distant destination or when in your room you like to stop and remember certain adventures or plan new ones.

Capricorn – Classical Music
Of the many genres that you appreciate, classical music is the one that makes you feel most at peace with yourself. The structure of each single composition and the many tools involved can give you a sense of stability that translates into well-being. Opera music is also one of the most popular genres but classical always remains the primary source of inspiration.

Aquarius – Rap
For you, music is a way like any other to tell a story. For this reason, rap is particularly in tune with your way of being, allowing you to listen to stories of all kinds. If a good melody is added to it, then that’s it. Other genres compatible with you? Technically all as long as they have something to tell by meditating on the use of the word.

Pisces – Pop
music Music is essential to be the backdrop to your days. For this reason, you range from one genre to another based on your mood and the type of activity you are doing while listening to it. In quiet moments, however, what you prefer to listen to is pop music, perhaps listening to the text calmly and giving it a voice. Singing, in fact, helps you to feel better and to remove all tension.

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