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Horoscope: find out what relationship you have with nostalgia based on your zodiac sign.

We have all at one time or another found ourselves experiencing nostalgia for someone or something.
Whether it is a particularly happy time in the past, a loved one with whom you have lost touch or a pet that is no longer there, nostalgia is in fact a very strong feeling that when it arrives is difficult to move away and that can cause some sadness. Of course, nostalgia can also be positive but most of the time those who experience it find themselves experiencing unpleasant emotions combined with a sense of helplessness due to the impossibility of returning to the times for which they experience it.
To make the difference between positive and negative nostalgia, as well as the character and way of dealing with things of the single person, there is also the influence given by the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that dream bigger and which are the most sincere ones , we will discover how each zodiac sign lives nostalgia .
To get a more complete idea, the advice is, as always, to also read the profile of your ascendant.

Horoscope: This is how you experience nostalgia based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Not very nostalgic and in a positive way
In your life there is no space to think back to the moments gone with sadness. If you do this it is only to celebrate past victories or to joke about some anecdote from the past that you remember as quite funny. This happens because basically you are not a person who tends to sentimentality to which you certainly prefer everything practical and immediate.
If you happen to miss someone, then, your first instinct is to organize a meeting and if you can’t savor the memory and then let it go and resume your life normally.

Taurus – Nostalgic only for small things and in a neutral way
Your level of nostalgia is not that high and this depends, at least in part, on the fact that in life you tend to always keep yourself the same both in the way of life and with the people you frequent . The moments of nostalgia that you live, therefore, may depend on some happy moments in the past such as those in which you were more carefree, younger, thinner, etc … These are joined each time by the lack of those who are no longer there. In any case, these are transitory emotions that practically never upset your routine which, by now consolidated over time, always remains the same, making you a person always motivated to do and with an eye to the future.

Gemini – Quite nostalgic and often in a negative way
Although you appear to everyone as a sunny person, cheerful and always ready to have fun, you are able to experience high levels of nostalgia for what has been and will never return. This, after all, is also part of your way of being that based on a form of dualism that is difficult to control, leads you to be at times happy and enthusiastic about your life and at times sad and dissatisfied with everything. The only positive note is that these feelings of lack tend to last for a short time, suddenly displaced by the euphoria of some new project or sudden emotions that, when they arrive, you like to ride.

Cancer – The most nostalgic of all and in a decidedly negative way
Yours is undoubtedly the sign of the zodiac that suffers from nostalgia most acutely. Linked as you are to the past for you, every occasion is in fact a reason for memories that take you back to the past moments for which you always feel a yearning nostalgia, to the point of often letting yourself go to tears. This depends on the fact that many of your memories lead you to feel sad for loved ones who are no longer there or for pleasant moments that you know well will never come back. A situation that in small doses can be normal but that sometimes risks taking over, bringing you to the brink of depression. A good reason to get out of it? Strive to focus more on the future than on the past,

Leo – Almost not nostalgic at all and when you are it is only in a positive way
. For you, letting go of memories what has been is mostly a waste of time and energy that you do not like to indulge. In fact, your motto is to constantly improve yourself and this makes it difficult for there to be situations from the past to regret in such a heartfelt way. Of course, you may miss some people who are no longer there but even in this case you tend to experience everything with a certain positivity that pushes you to lull yourself into nostalgic thoughts, drawing new energy from them to move forward, to better enjoy your present and build the foundation for the future.

Virgo – Almost refractory to the nostalgia that you live in a negative way
. Moments of nostalgia for you are something to abhor and this is because when they arrive they end up making you feel particularly sad. Remembering what was, in fact, does not make you happy but sad for what you have lost or that you could have lived in a different way and, in hindsight, certainly better. For these reasons, when you feel nostalgia coming, you tend to stiffen, rejecting it too strongly. Finding a happy medium would probably be the best way to live it, thus venting emotions that otherwise sooner or later would emerge anyway and perhaps in a more violent way.

Libra – Nostalgic towards what you were but in a rather neutral way
Let’s say that you are not a person who tends in a particular way to nostalgia. What has been in the past remains for you as a memory that can be positive or negative but that more often than not just remains so without trespassing into the field of nostalgia. When this occurs it is therefore only for the memories you have of how you were in the most beautiful times of your life. In fact, you happen to feel sad for the years that pass, for the line that is no longer like in the past or for a haircut that you loved in a particular way. Reasons that make your nostalgia rather fleeting. Fortunately, you do not have particular sadness in remembering places or people that you carry in your heart and that you remember mostly for the positive things.

Scorpio – Very nostalgic and in a poignant and at times negative way
Yours is one of the signs of the zodiac that experiences nostalgia most. In fact, at times it seems that you almost like to try it, so much so that you often find yourself lulled by memories of the past that may concern people who are no longer there or moments in which you felt particularly happy. For you, everything is a cause for nostalgia, a certain smell, an old photo, a movie that you have already seen with someone you have lost sight of or who, worse, is no longer there. And if, in small doses, this can be good for your sensitivity, in many other cases it can make you gloomy. For this reason, a solution would be to find the right balance that can make you feel at your best and lead you to experience even the memories that have gone positively.

Sagittarius – Not at all predisposed to nostalgia
You are a person not at all inclined to nostalgia. For you, in fact, life must be lived to the full in every moment and without wasting useless time in memories or regrets. And as for people, you know that if you miss them you just need to call them or organize one of your many trips to see them again, which is why you prefer action to moments that could slow you down and then make you even sad and all without leading you to anything good. . In short, you and nostalgia don’t get along. However, when you happen to meet someone who experiences it rather early, try not to judge them and try to be more empathetic. In this way you will have more points of contact with others and will be able to understand them better than you usually do.

Capricorn – Little used to nostalgia which is still positive
Although you happen, from time to time, to get carried away by the current of memories, nostalgia is something difficult for you to understand and that does not resonate at all in your strings. Of course, it also happens to you to think back to the good times gone, when you do it, however, it is with tenderness. The same you feel for those who have been part of your life and are no longer there. For the rest, for you to live is a continuous move forward focusing on what needs to be done to build a better future. A reason like any other not to give in to nostalgic moments that, you know well, in the end would only lead you to sadden yourself for wasting time chasing something that, unlike your present, can no longer be changed.

Aquarius – The least nostalgic of the zodiac
Yes, yours is the least nostalgic sign of the zodiac. You are too present and future oriented to look back sadly. Sometimes because of your way of seeing things, others think you are almost insensitive when in reality yours is just a rational way of living. After all, thinking about the past cannot improve your present in any way, and you hate anything that can bring sadness or trouble to your life. So, memories to think about with a smile are welcome, but only if they are fleeting and aimed at making you feel better. To everything else you prefer to respond with indifference, focusing on more useful things and above all on yourself.

Pisces – Prone to a sentimental type of
nostalgia Nostalgia is something familiar to you, with which you have lived practically forever. Remembering the past moments or the people who have been part of your life is in fact something that you find normal and that you do almost every day. As for the type of nostalgia, it is difficult to say because it often depends on your mood. If you are positive it will be something that can make you smile, otherwise it will be the bearer of tears. In any case it will be a nostalgia linked to feelings and able to awaken very strong and still alive emotions. Just like the ones you always carry inside.

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