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Discover the spring look that best suits your hair based on your zodiac sign.

Spring, you know, is a time of year that pushes you to make changes and renew your look. Preparing for the arrival of the holidays, changing your appearance is a good way to feel more in tune with yourself. What better time, then, to try experimenting with a different look for your hair? After having seen which is the most suitable spring pastime for each zodiac sign and what is the mistake that each sign makes in relationships, today we will therefore discover the best way to wear hair at this time of the year.

Horoscope: a spring hairstyle for every zodiac sign

Aries – A shortcut full of color
Always in line with the times and ready to dive into new adventures, you would love a shortcut as long as it keeps something feminine. A good compromise can be a shortcut but with an important fringe and a color that plays with contrasts, leaving the lighter locks visible. The color can then be revived further with the arrival of summer, also enjoying the natural lightening brought by the sun’s rays.

Taurus – A medium and neat cut
For you, always feeling tidy is a priority. The advice is therefore to choose a medium-length cut that is easy to manage even with the first warm days. For an effect more in line with your tastes, you can give a new touch to your hair color, reviving it with a light bath that can rekindle its natural reflections. In this way, you will avoid distorting your image while still managing to achieve the goal of feeling different.

Gemini – a buildable cut
Hair should always reflect people’s character and in your case, the situation is a little more complex. Changing moods and ideas often make it difficult for a choice to appear correct for a long time. It is, therefore, better to avoid radical cuts and focus on something variable such as a medium and quite elaborate cut on the front but which allows you to tie your hair or perceive it differently simply by changing your hairstyle. A frayed might be for you, as long as it’s not too short. As for the color, the choice is already easier as it can be changed according to the preferences of the moment. Be careful not to bleach too much, though. Changing often, in fact, the risk is to ruin the hair structure.

Cancer – Long hair with a new color
Your romantic nature makes you particularly suitable for long hair to show off differently every time. What you should focus on is therefore the color that you can choose to make in a different shade or by mirroring your base and simply accentuating its reflections. In this way, you will have a natural effect and always be in line with your way of being.

Leo – the medium and cheeky cut
For you who love to always be the center of attention, a good choice is undoubtedly given a cut that is easy to manage and that allows you to always look different. Of course, the choice of color is also very important, which can also be natural but always brilliant and perfect. The idea is to always give the impression of not having applied too much but of being able to count on a good structure and a natural base and perfectly in tune with your way of being.

Virgo – The classic cut but always on trend
Change is not your forte. The risk of experimenting with a completely new cut is therefore that of not being fully satisfied. Better to stay on what you already like and improve it as much as possible to feel at the top without unnecessary upheavals. Same thing for the color. If you have one that you like, focus on it once again when you arrive and if you want to see yourself differently, revive it or implement light effects only on the final locks. This way you will have a better chance of success.

Libra – A simple and elegant cut
Elegance is everything to you and it must be also reflected in your hair. If you decide to cut them, therefore, make sure that there is always a minimum of length to play with and that the color is never excessive. The trick is to always be sober but make yourself noticed. In this way, you can complete everything by always aiming for a different look, able to make you always feel in step with the times but without losing that touch of a classic that you often enjoy playing with.

Scorpio – the scaled and lively cut
Your personality is so complex that even the way you wear your hair is affected. If long ones suit you perfectly, the opposite is also true. A good compromise? A layered cut that gives movement to the hair and allows you to change your hairstyle according to your mood. As for the color, by character, you are good at both black tones and the more lively red ones. Not to be underestimated shatush or light bath able to give more prominence to your image.

Sagittarius – The easy cut to fix
Practice like a few others you need a cut that gives you freedom of movement and allows you to style your hair differently every time. Whether it’s tails, braids, or loose hair, you need to know that you have the choice at any time. For the color, it is better to stay on yours, trying to opt for a good restructuring that makes your hair always shiny and ready to support the many hairstyles you usually subject it to.

Capricorn – the short and colorful cut
Taken as you are with a thousand commitments for you the ideal choice is a shortcut and easy to manage. Color will therefore be your winning weapon. Given the period, a valid choice can be the highlights to be made different each time with more or less bright colors. In this way, you will feel already on vacation without moving a single step from home.

Aquarius – A bob with whimsical colors
Let’s face it, the surprise is something you like and that you do very well. So why not dare with a nice bob and a color that enhances this side of your character? You could go for a nice spring pink or turquoise that can make you feel stylish and sophisticated at the same time. If it seems too much, just opt ​​for a few strands. You will be able to understand if it is something for you and experiment without attracting too much attention.

Pisces – Long straight hair
Romantic and a lover of simplicity, you can focus on a regular cut with a beautiful fringe that can highlight the sweetest aspect of your character. Straight and shiny hair will do the rest, especially if you play with tone-on-tone colors or, even better, with highlighters that can show different effects based on the type of light. An effect that goes well with your character and of which you will certainly appreciate every little variation.

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