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What would you say if a sentence were enough to describe you? Find out yours based on your zodiac sign.

Defining a person is often quite difficult. In fact, each of us is the result of various components such as temperament, the type of education received, the experiences lived and, last but not least, the character that is being formed over the years and which at times can even change to make room for a completely person. different. Despite these obvious difficulties, each person suffers a certain influence from the stars, responsible for certain ways of behaving or feeling certain emotions. An influence that, albeit not too deeply, can be summed up in a sentence capable of describing each of us and everything on the basis of the zodiac sign of belonging and, obviously, especially for the way of feeling things, through the ‘ascending. For this reason, today, after seeing what is the hidden quality of each zodiac sign and what is the potential for evil of each of us, we will discover with which words it is possible to describe ourselves best.

Here is the sentence that, by far, best describes it

Aries – You are a person without patience
Probably this will not come new to you but the phrase that most represents you is linked to your total lack of patience. An aspect that shows itself in every detail and that characterizes you above all for the problems it often creates for you. Not knowing how to wait for the times to mature in time is in fact what often leads you to burn the times, risking losing opportunities that could materialize simply by waiting. A phrase that perhaps you should try to change by working on your way of managing times and expectations which, however nerve-wracking, at times, form the basis for success.

Taurus – You are the first in line when it comes to eating and having fun
. Food and entertainment have always been what interests you most and what satisfies you after a day of work. Knowing that there is a delicious dinner waiting for you gives you the right spin to endure the daily grind and the same thing can be said of the evenings spent in the company of friends. This does not mean that you tend to hold back when it comes to commitment but you certainly know how to enjoy life, which is why when you can you always try to enjoy every single moment in order to also keep good memories of every moment of your life. .

Gemini – You are always ready to chat and have your say
If there is an aspect of you that emerges immediately even in the eyes of those who know you recently, this is your being volcanic and always able to get noticed with … the chatter. This is made even more evident by your knowing how to always stay on track, communicating in a breezy and direct way what you think and all without bringing the slightest problem about what others may think of you. A way of doing things that undoubtedly makes you original and at times funny but that gives the image of a person who is always ready to talk, practically everything.

Cancer – You are always on the verge of tears
Those who know you well know it, just a little is enough to make you burst into tears. Whether it is joy, pain, anger or simple sorrow, every emotion is in fact “guilty” of stimulating your tears. An aspect that in some ways seems to want to give voice to your strong sensitivity but that for many others comes to others as a way of showing off. As difficult as it is, therefore, you should try to put your tears aside every now and then, showing yourself stronger and more ready to face the various situations in life. Unless going through the one who always cries is an aspect that is indifferent to you, of course.

Leo – You always want to be at the center of the world
That your primary need is to feel at the center of attention is now known by everyone. To many, however, your way of being is likely to annoy you, especially if you move from the workplace to that of friendships. Every now and then, showing yourself genuinely interested in what others are doing could give you points more in that sense, also showing a more human part of you.

Virgo – You’re always around tidying things up
Your fixation on order is pretty much well known. An aspect that many envy you for and for which you also enjoy a certain respect, at least until it becomes a means of criticizing those who are different from you or simply cannot have the same rhythms as you. To avoid arousing dislikes, therefore try to offer help and support to those who are different from you and all without ever commenting on any shortcomings on the part of others. After all, the world is beautiful because it is diverse, right?

Libra – You are the eternal undecided
Despite one of the things that most characterize you is your constant search for beauty, combined with the desire to always look your best, what remains of you and which, consequently, is also the first impression that many they tend to do, it is the appearance too thick, indecisive and unable to take a precise position. A way of doing things that at times can be almost tender but that in the long run can tire those who find themselves having to support you in these moments and which, on the other hand, always ends up being alone. Maybe start with the little things. Sometimes, taking a stand is just a style exercise in which you may even find that you excel.

Scorpio – You are one who never forgives
Those who know you know well that one of the things that most characterizes you is your proverbial difficulty in forgiving others. Difficulty combined with the need to take revenge for the wrongs suffered. A problem that affects not only those who are in your viewfinder but especially you who, taken by anger, end up concentrating too much on this, forgetting all the beautiful things that life has to offer you and which you can enjoy. Trying to put anger aside, at least for the smallest things, may make you discover how the ability to forgive is something to learn, first and foremost, for yourself.

Sagittarius – You are too direct
How many times have you heard this said? Probably many. And if you still find yourself wondering why this statement, which in fact also characterizes you a lot, the point lies in your speaking too often without filters. And if it is true that being direct and sincere is a great quality, it is also true that knowing how to dose words in order not to hurt others is an increasingly appreciated shrewdness. Not everyone finds themselves on the same stretch of road and some may find themselves in front of crossroads that you cannot even imagine and that your words can make, albeit unknowingly, more harsh. The much-appreciated middle ground, therefore, always remains the wisest choice.

Capricorn – You are always too busy
The commitment you put into work and, more generally, in everything you do, makes you a person who is constantly busy and with whom it is difficult to make commitments. In life, in fact, you find it hard to escape from commitments and this leads you to have days so full that you cannot find time for anything else. A marginal problem that you can solve by trying to work on yourself, in order to learn to say a few no and also carve out spaces to dedicate to yourself, thus obtaining a little relaxation, which is essential to make the most of your work.

Aquarius – You don’t care much for people
Yes, one of the most common ideas that others tend to have about you is that you really don’t care about them. An accusation that has probably been leveled against you several times and that you could avoid simply by showing yourself more involved in their lives and what concerns them. Your independence, in fact, risks being mistaken with indifference, giving you an untrue image. Do not worry, however, because a few small tricks here and there will be enough to change things.

Pisces – Learn to Care
How many times have you been given this advice? It is so true? The point is, you tend to take things and people too seriously, ending up feeling bad too often, sometimes even for fringe situations that you may really ignore. To make things change, you just need to try to listen to this particular advice, learning to say a few no and to live situations with greater detachment. The results will not be long in coming. Seeing is believing.

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