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One or more flowers correspond to each zodiac sign. Find out which one is best for you.

Spring has officially arrived. Many cities are beginning to enjoy the first rays of the sun and the flowers are already showing themselves in all their beauty. At this time of year, admiring them is almost as natural as deciding to buy some to beautify your home. According to the stars, even among the flowers, there are those most suitable for us as they are similar to our way of being. If after you will surely be curious to find out which flower best matches your zodiac sign. And who knows, among those recommended, there isn’t one that you still didn’t know existed. After all, the flower recommended by the stars does not necessarily have to be your favorite but one that can represent you by character and nature. So why not find out if there are other similarities between you?

Aries – The narcissus
Your always wanting to dominate and your always active nature make you a difficult person to understand. Nevertheless, the sensitivity that emerges from knowing yourself allows you to conquer almost everyone with extreme simplicity. You are a sunny person who is very keen to appear in the best possible way and for this reason the flower that best matches you is the narcissus, beautiful, sunny and able to recall that a little flirtatious air that you sometimes know how to show off with particular craftsmanship.

Taurus – The freesia
Your sometimes difficult character and the temperament that pushes you to be a little contradicting yourself gives you a particular charm that is well reflected in freesia. A lover of warmth and comfortable environments, just like freesia shows you its best when you are in an environment that you consider hospitable. Like her, in short, if for a few and not for all but when you are there you do it 100% by making the people around you feel important.

Gemini – The mimosa
Your sign is associated with various flowers such as the cornflower and the lily. What, however, seems to reflect you the best is the mimosa. It is in fact a cheerful flower that represents femininity, strength and freedom: all aspects that distinguish you. Furthermore, the mimosa is a flower that lends itself to many uses, it can be kept in a vase, dried to make it an ornament or used for infusions. A multifaceted flower that, for this reason, will not risk to tire you.

Cancer – The Rose
Your flower is, without a doubt, the rose. Symbol of romanticism but also of the armor that you tend to keep towards those you do not know well yet. Like you, this flower grows protected by many thorns, reserving its beauty only for those who are able to understand and appreciate it for what it is. It is also a flower that tends to bring beauty, the same one you love to surround yourself with, especially in your natural environment which has always been your home.

Leo – The sunflower
Natural leader and sunny person who loves to expose himself, your flower can only be the sunflower, always facing the light and able to convey an idea of ​​strength and beauty which is difficult to escape. Just like the sunflower, you know how to excel without effort, you know how to be the center of attention without almost committing yourself and above all, you can live every situation as a protagonist, without ever feeling in awe. The stronger the light the more you tend to expose yourself and show your qualities.

Virgo – Hydrangea
It is difficult to associate a flower with a precise and meticulous sign such as that of the virgin. In fact, there would be more flowers that could represent you, each for a different reason. Among the many, however, hydrangea seems to be the one that comes closest to you, both for its growth in an orderly way, and also for the feeling of simplicity that it transmits to the viewer.

Libra – the violet
You are also suitable for different flowers. Hyacinths, jasmines and succulent plants but beautiful if treated with the right consistency. The violet, however, is the one that aesthetically suits you the most and that is probably also one of your favorite outings. Beautiful to look at and elegant in appearance, the viola fully reflects your basic characteristics, representing the right flower for you.

Scorpio – The chrysanthemum
Despite its name recalls unfortunate images, the chrysanthemum which in Italy is seen as the flower of the dead due to its blossoming in the period of this anniversary, in the rest of the world it is a lucky flower, linked to life and to love. Just think that in Japan it is the national flower and that its name, in Greek, means “Golden Flower”. Just like those born under the sign of the scorpion, the chrysanthemum is therefore a multifaceted flower with a mysterious charm able to ensnare at first glance. Fragile but strong, it reflects many of the qualities of those born under this sign.

Sagittarius – The carnation
The most suitable flower for your zodiac sign is the carnation and this even if for your way of being related flowers there are different. The carnation, however, has a beauty of its own and is ruled by Jupiter, just like your sign. It is also a symbol of loyalty, energy, desire to do and deep and sincere feelings. A flower that represents you well and that knows how to be pleasing to the eye, leaving a good memory in others thanks to its particular scent.

Capricorn – The poppy
A very suitable flower for you is certainly the poppy, especially the red one, capable of transmitting energy and life force with a single glance. In the same way, it is a flower that must be discovered little by little and that manages to give a feeling of peace to those who look at it. Just like you who, when you choose to open up to others, you know how to be a sincere friend and a person who is always ready to offer her help, thus giving a particular sense of security.

Aquarius – The camellia
A flower with a fragile appearance but which actually knows how to be very strong, surviving the elements. It is the camellia and these characteristics make it the most suitable flower for your personality that has always been complex but able to surprise, even after years, those around you. Your way of opening yourself up to others and always showing yourself ready to take on new challenges are in fact just some of the characteristics that distinguish you.

Pisces – The water lily
Different flowers like the cherry tree, the orchid and the water lily are well matched to your sign. The latter seems to perfectly match your characteristics, recalling the purest ones such as the spirit of charity or purity of feelings. Furthermore, the water lily lives in a submerged and different dimension from that which characterizes other flowers. Another aspect that makes it very similar to you who have always tended to see the world with different eyes.

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