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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Text Him, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 2022


If you’re looking for a reason, it couldn’t be easier. Your zodiac is telling you that it doesn’t want to pay attention to you and as cruel as it sounds, it doesn’t even think about you.

Save yourself the trouble and embarrassment and don’t text her. It will be in vain and in the best case you will get a big, big “NO”.

Guess what are the other alternatives?


This man you are thinking of is nothing but a big deal. You don’t have to think twice.

The man you’ve laid eyes on is sure to hurt you.

If you have the time and energy to heal from a broken relationship and pick up the pieces of your broken heart, then go for this new adventure.

Your zodiac, on the other hand, tells you to let this train pass.


Now is not the time to forge new relationships. Don’t ask yourself why, but listen to what your zodiac has to say to you.

Use this time to do something more important with your life.

Instead of wasting time in a relationship that is doomed to fail, do something to improve yourself and make yourself even better.


Think more about yourself. You are one hell of a catch. Are you seriously going to let someone like him have an impact on you?

Honestly, you are much better than him. The problem is, you can’t see it.

Stop settling for less than you deserve and for once in your life aim higher in love because you can achieve it. Believe in yourself.


You have to face the truth. You are very difficult to deal with and you are not exactly the cup of tea for everyone.

This man will not let you be in charge all the time like you are used to. He’s going to outdo you, which you probably won’t let.

Texting her will be the biggest regret of your life, because the relationship you enter will end in flames, in short, disastrously.


His love is not without price. His love hurts and you are not ready to feel this pain.

You are just not emotionally strong enough to feel pain when you are meant to feel happiness.

To avoid this fight, make your life easier and don’t text him. Trust the stars… You are not ready for this.


You always see the best in people; the problem is, not all people react the same way you do and you have learned it the hard way.

People’s indifference and lack of empathy have disappointed you more than once in your life.

Speaking of disappointment, be prepared to experience one if you feel like texting her.

The zodiac is telling you not to hit the send button because the man in this relationship will not bring you what you need.


Scorpios tend to be satisfied with very little. You don’t know how much you are worth and how much you sacrifice yourself.

For lack of self-esteem, you accept whatever comes your way.

Your zodiac is screaming at you not to text this man because he is truly unworthy of you on every level.

There are so many better men than him who deserve more from you.


It’s not wrong to admit that things are not always quite the way you would like them to be in love.

Almost every relationship you’ve had recently has ended badly. Moreover, they ended in disaster.

So let’s stop lying to ourselves and to others.

It would be better if you didn’t even enter the dragon’s lair; a very difficult healing process is on the other side.


Your situation is a little different from that of other astrological signs.

Unlike most, you have a history with the man you think you are starting something with.

There’s a reason things didn’t work out the first time between the two of you. So be smart and refresh your memory of what happened the first time around.

Therefore, do not send the text to him.


Playing tough is not an attractive trait. This is exactly what the guy you fall in love with does.

He wants you to put in a real effort when it comes to him. He wants you to make him lose his mind. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Plus, do you really want to sue someone who is unachievable?

Don’t text him because he won’t respond.

And this text you send will be the first in a long series that you will have to send to get his attention and God knows for how long.


Like Cancer, you think you are not good enough which creates huge problems when it comes to romantic relationships.

The person you so desperately want to be with is just not worthy of your attention.

Text someone who is worthy of what you have to offer.

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