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Here’s Who The 3 Most Desirable Men In Astrology Are


Scorpio men are wildly charismatic and irresistibly attractive. It only takes one look to realize it.

They are blessed with bewitching energy that no woman can resist.

But if you look deeper into a Scorpio’s heart, you’ll see that they are very complicated.

It takes a lot of effort to win that heart. But if you’re successful, a Scorpio’s love and devotion will never go away.

At first glance, they may seem a little cold and complicated, but deep down they are the most loyal men you can find. They have a heart of gold that should never be let go.

It takes a strong woman to date a Scorpio man. They are extremely honest, which can sometimes sting.

If you want to date him, you should be tough because he won’t keep his mouth shut even when it hurts.

Aside from all that, their main goal when in love is to make their partner the happiest person in the world.

Basically, Scorpio men are the most eligible men to date, to marry, and spend the rest of your life with.


A Gemini man is the definition of a true gentleman. A Gemini man does things differently with a dose of sophistication.

Their qualities make women fall in love with them in seconds.

Their language and behavior is what almost all women expect from a man.

Besides their demeanor, they have personality traits that will have you hanging on to them and never letting them go.

Unlike most men, Gemini men don’t just talk about themselves; they listen to others.

And when you’re done talking, they’ll tell you exactly what they think about your situation and what they would do if they were you.

Their feminine side is strongly developed as well as their masculine side.

This is one of the reasons they understand women so well and care about their issues from the start.

In addition to being extremely nice, Gemini men are romantic as hell. It’s not just about looks, it’s about attitude too.

When you flirt with a Gemini, they’ll have a lovely come back to everything you say. Let’s just say he knows how to keep things interesting.


Libra men are just delicious. There’s nothing he enjoys more than seeing you cum. Your pleasure is what drives it forward.

So if you’re dating a Libra, you can always be sure that he will do anything to please you romantically. And if not, he will not be satisfied with his performance.

They use their artistic and creative side to seduce. Their dating and romantic gestures are one of a kind.

No one will ever throw romantic surprises like a Libra man.

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