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Just because we finally find ourselves in a relationship doesn’t mean that the work here is done. Instead, it’s time to put in extra time and effort to make sure everything runs smoothly.

When we find ourselves head over heels for someone new, we want to make sure that things last. However, there might be something that we keep doing that’s actually pushing our man away. Each guy has that one thing that he isn’t willing to put up with, and we might just have that exact trait stirring up issues.

That’s why we here at thethoughtcatalogs had our astrology expert figure out what each sign can’t stand when it comes to love. While we might be trying our absolute best, there is still that one thing that he just isn’t happy with.

Unless we want our relationship to fall apart, it’s best to put in the effort and make things work. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to make a change!

Remember that this article is based on the guy’s sign, and not ours. We made sure to include some spot-on advice as to how to win him back if we notice them being pushed away. If we truly want our relationship to work, we better get ready to put in the time to make things better!

24 Pisces: Oozing Negativity

A Pisces simply couldn’t care less for someone oozing negativity. That’s because they’re one of the most positive signs and are looking to be with someone who can match their level.

While a Pisces can totally be a little too positive at times, even for his own good, he isn’t about to deal with someone trying to bring him down.

Even if he’s being a little unrealistic, he prefers it that way. He so doesn’t need your pessimism to bring him down and tell him what he can’t do. Instead, his lover has to be able to hold a positive nature when looking at the world. He isn’t about to make any exceptions.

23 Pisces: How To Pull Him Back

If you’ve fallen for a Pisces but feel like you’re pushing him away, there is still hope. However, you’re going to have to completely change your attitude. Your lover isn’t about to stick around with someone who is constantly consumed with negative thoughts.

Get ready to completely reconstruct your mind. He needs someone filled with life and excitement for the future. While we definitely understand that we all have our issues to be bummed out about, it just isn’t going to cut it for a Pisces. Instead, get ready to adopt a whole new attitude when it comes to looking at the world! In time, your lover is sure to come around. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces.

22 Leo: Forcing Him To Change

If you think that you can get your Leo to change, good luck. He knows exactly who he is and isn’t about to change for absolutely anyone, even his new boo.

Leos are one of the most confident people and couldn’t care less if you don’t like what they’re doing.

He spent endless hours building the person he is today. That’s why he isn’t willing to stick around with someone who isn’t proud of the person who he has become. It seems like he’s been through it all and just couldn’t care less about what anyone has to say. If you think you can change him, even for the better, think again. He’s only going to run the other way.

21 Leo: How To Pull Him Back

The main reason a Leo can’t stand someone trying to change him is that it shows that his lover doesn’t think he’s good enough. If he’s starting things up with someone who doesn’t see the best in him, he knows there is simply no chance of things working out.

The best advice we can give is to not try to change a Leo. Instead, look within yourself and figure out why you might be desiring to change him. It’s time that you understand that you can’t mold your dream lover. Instead, you might have to be willing to adapt to the areas of his personality or lifestyle that just aren’t up to your standards. If you’re not willing to, then there is an endless sea of lovers that you can choose from.

20 Scorpio: Chasing After Him

A Scorpio isn’t going to be into a girl if she comes off as desperate. There is totally a difference between someone confident in what they want, and someone completely crazy.

While you might be desiring for him to fall for you, it might come off the wrong way.

A Scorpio simply likes a chase and putting in the effort to get someone. He wants to be the one chasing you, rather than the other way around. While this might be your way to show that you’re interested, it’s time to loosen up. Instead, see if he’s willing to put in more effort to show that he likes you.

19 Scorpio: How To Pull Him Back

The best way to pull a Scorpio back is by giving him space. Rather than being all over him, let him pursue you. He needs some room to breathe and figure out what he really wants. Scorpios are known for working hard and doing whatever it takes for what they want and they feel threatened by someone doing the exact same.

If a Scorpio is interested, he’ll make it known. Give him some air to figure out if you’re the person he’s looking for. If anything, play a little hard to get for him to want you even more. We guarantee that he’ll be interested in a heartbeat.

18 Sagittarius: Creating Conflict

It’s safe to say that basically no one wants to date someone problematic. That’s definitely not the point of a relationship and only causes even more issues.

If you think that creating conflict will get a Sagittarius to fall for you, think again.

Instead, your man is going to be completely confused as to why you’re acting problematic. Rather than putting in the work to better your relationship, this will only stir up continuous problems. No one wants to be with someone always looking for a way to stir up some drama when there doesn’t have to be any whatsoever.

17 Sagittarius: How To Pull Him Back

The key to pulling a Sagittarius back is by being completely conflict-free. He will run in the opposite direction if you keep stirring up issues. Instead, we recommend that you take some time to figure out why you might be acting problematic.

If you’re looking for attention, a Sagittarius isn’t here to give it to you. Instead, he’ll be so over you if you think that causing conflict is fine. He already has a ton to deal with and isn’t about to fight with his lover. Be more chill and you’re sure to win over his heart!

16 Cancer: Wanting Attention From Him

While we all want a little attention here and there that shows that our partner still cares, it’s probably not the best idea if we’re stirring up issues in order to get it. This is completely the case when it comes to a Cancer as he isn’t about to shower you with attention just because you need it.

Instead, he will be already halfway out the door as soon as he senses your desire for attention.

He’s so not about to prove his emotions as they should already be clear. Instead, wanting more attention from a Cancer will only push him further and further away.

15 Cancer: How To Pull Him Back

The key to pulling your Cancer lover back is by being a little more content with what you have. Don’t push your partner to shower you with attention as he simply won’t. Also, it might be time for you to take a look at why you’re desiring so much attention.

There’s a huge chance that you’re not able to read your lover’s feelings for you, and that totally makes sense. You’re obviously going to be trying to get him to prove his dedication if you can’t see it. Figure out if he’s the one not putting in the work, causing you to desire attention and reassurance. If that’s the case, then it’s time for a serious talk with your lover.

14 Libra: Overanalyzing His Every Move

If you think it’s fine to analyze his every move, it isn’t. A Libra definitely knows when someone doesn’t trust them and instead has an eye on them.

While you might be doing it out of care or interest, he isn’t cool with it. 

Instead, it will only push him farther away as he will feel like you don’t trust him. Libras are usually incredibly loyal and don’t have any hidden intentions behind their actions. While you might be interested in playing games, he so isn’t.

13 Libra: How To Pull Him Back

It’s time to stop over-analyzing his every move before you push him away completely. In time, he’ll begin to do things that will make you actually worry. You’ll soon realize that all of your little concerns are actually completely unimportant. He was actually an open book.

Give your lover some space to do his own thing. If you have a concern over something, ask him about it. It’s way better than stressing out and trying to figure out what he’s thinking when you can’t tell whatsoever. We’re sure that he will continue to act completely transparent!

12 Aries: Acting Entitled

The last thing an Aries wants is to date someone who acts completely entitled. This is because he just isn’t willing to stick around with someone who thinks they deserve the world when they just don’t put in the work.

An Aries needs a girl who is down to earth and doesn’t think the sun revolves around her.

If that sounds like you, then you’re just in luck! If instead you catch yourself acting a little entitled here and there, it’s time to completely cut it out. He so isn’t into anyone who thinks they’re more important than the other person.

11 Aries: How To Pull Him Back

It’s time to show your lover that you don’t think the whole world revolves around you. We doubt that it would be too difficult to do as you simply need a positive attitude. Don’t stir up problems when you don’t get your way, and make sure to never complain. If you actually want something, be willing to prove to yourself and him that you actually deserve it.

An Aries can’t stand someone constantly complaining about how the world didn’t align for then when they just don’t deserve it. Instead, show your lover who you truly are, and he’s sure to run your way!

10 Virgo: Depending On Him

There is nothing a Virgo loves more than an independent girl. Someone who doesn’t need anyone in their lives to keep them stable. That’s why as soon as a Virgo gets the vibe that you’re depending on him in some sense, he’s already gone.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you, he just wants someone stable. 

The last thing a Virgo wants is to be used by someone whether it’s emotionally, financially, or in any other way. Instead, he wants someone who has their lives completely together, without any secret agenda. Make sure you don’t have any loose ends before starting things up with a Virgo.

9 Virgo: How To Pull Him Back

In order to keep a Virgo around, it’s critical that he knows that you’re self-sufficient in all aspects of your life. Especially emotionally as he isn’t about to be your rock. While your lover is so willing to be there for you whenever you need him to, he doesn’t want you to depend too much.

There is nothing a Virgo loves more than a girl who has her goals in order. If you think you have what it takes to date a Virgo, then you better make sure each element of your life is perfectly in order!

8 Gemini: Putting Him Down

A Gemini has been through thick and thin and isn’t about to deal with anyone putting him down. Since he’s been through it all, he knows his worth. That’s why if you think that telling him he’s not doing enough is going to work, it won’t.

A Gemini isn’t willing to change for anyone, and that’s that. 

If you throw a few negative comments his way, he isn’t scared to fight back. He’ll prove his worth and will instead head the other way. While we might understand your desire to want him to be the best version of himself, he isn’t about to listen to your opinion of him.

7 Gemini: How To Pull Him Back

If you’re head over heels for a Gemini, make it known. Rather than putting him down, shower him with positive comments. This is sure to push him into your direction rather than the other way.

We all need to be appreciated in our lives, including by our lovers. The last thing anyone wants is to be told that they’re not good enough. Instead, be completely open and let your lover know exactly how you feel about them. However, if it might be something negative, we recommend ditching those comments for positive ones.

6 Taurus: White Lies

We might try to justify white lies as trying to protect someone, but for a Taurus, it’s still a lie. We can’t even say we disagree as he’s technically right. While it might be for their own benefit, they’re still being double-crossed by the person that they trusted most.

A Taurus, more than anyone, values a completely honest relationship.

He isn’t here to play games with someone who isn’t willing to be their genuine self. While you might be lying to truly protect him, don’t. Instead, be completely transparent and let him know what’s exactly going on. While it might actually hurt him, he’ll prefer to know the truth than live in a lie.

5 Taurus: How To Pull Him Back

Tauruses are amazing at spotting when someone is lying to them, even if it’s for their benefit. Rather than appreciating you for protecting them, all they will see is you telling them a lie. That’s why the best advice that we can give is to be completely honest with your lover.

While the truth might eventually bring your relationship down, lying will immediately. Tell your lover exactly how you feel and he will do the same. There really is no point in pretending that everything is okay when it isn’t. Even when telling the truth might bring up a fight, it’s better than lying to a Taurus.

4 Capricorn: Playing Games

We can’t think of any relationship that is able to prosper by the couple playing games. Unless you want your Capricorn lover to completely walk out of the picture, it’s time to stop these games.

It’s safe to say that he has been through it all and isn’t about to deal with someone trying to get the upper hand. 

While you might be playing hard to get, he won’t appreciate it. Instead, he will see you as acting completely problematic and stirring up drama. A Capricorn wants a genuine relationship that isn’t based on two people constantly messing with each other.

3 Capricorn: How To Pull Him Back

It’s time that you’re a little bit more honest with your lover about how you feel. While playing games might be what you’re used to, he so isn’t. Instead, he is completely confused with what’s going on and isn’t about to stick around in this chaos.

If you want things to genuinely work out with an Aquarius, it’s time to put in the work and make that happen. We promise that you will begin to see your relationship completely turn around as you and your lover are more open about what’s going on.

2 Aquarius: Trying To Manipulate Him

If you thought that you would get away with trying to manipulate an Aquarius, you were more than wrong. That’s because he can totally see what you’re doing and isn’t about to be taken advantage of.

While you might’ve gotten away with it in previous relationships, it’s just not going to work this time. 

Instead, you’re going to have to be completely honest with your lover and let him know your intentions. Playing these little games on the side will only stress him out and push him to go. We recommend that you stop trying to manipulate your man, and instead stick to being honest.

1 Aquarius: How To Pull Him Back

Don’t give up hope! We’re positive that you’ll be able to pull him back even closer if you truly desire it. Your lover isn’t going anywhere if you decide to stick to the truth. The last thing that anyone wants is to date someone always trying to get the upper hand in a relationship.

The Aquarius is not your puppet and isn’t about to let you treat him like one. Show him the respect that he deserves and he’s sure to stick around. If you think that you can low-key try to get your way with him, think again. Instead, offering him honesty is for sure the way to his heart!

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