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We can learn so much from looking to the stars — from insight into our love life, preferences, and most of all personality. And while we can learn a ton about our present-day selves, we can also gain insight into what we might be like in the future. Many women often wonder about what type of mom they’ll be like one day. So why not see what’s written in the stars to get an answer?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what each sign says about what type of mom a woman will be. Some of them won’t be too surprising. We know Virgos are neurotically organized and high over achievers, so don’t be surprised that they have such enthusiasm when it comes to approaching motherhood. Likewise, Leos are famous (or more like infamous) for their leadership and, ahem, bossy qualities. So it should be no surprise that they run the household and their kids’ schedules when they become the leader of a family.

But then again, we bet there will be some signs that might surprise you. We bet you won’t guess what sign is a born-to-be mother thanks to their naturally nurturing attitude. And we have a feeling that you’ll be surprised about which signs are bound to be the most supportive parents.

Remember, everyone has the same potential to be incredible parents, regardless of what their horoscope says. Take our predictions with a grain of salt and, most importantly, have confidence in your own capabilities.

20 Fire Signs: The Mom Who Always Plans

The fire signs, which includes Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, are passionate, dynamic, and above all active. They feel restless if they’re caught in the same routine for too long and always feel the need to explore and learn.

This means that, as a mom, the fire signs always have some activity planned. They want to avoid the family getting stuck in a rut and are constantly worried their kids are bored or missing on opportunities to learn.

Weekdays are full of after-school activities and the weekends are full of day trips to explore local surroundings. Needless to say, it’s never a dull moment in the household of a fire sign.

19 Aries: The Fearless Mama

Aries is one of the most confident signs — if you look up the definition of fierce, it’ll tell you to have a look at any Aries woman. This confidence will translate well when you become a mama. You’ll be the most fearless mom on the playground, known for being up for anything and everything.

Nothing in your life will be slow-paced and you’re not afraid to try new things (actually- you prefer it).

You’ll host the most entertaining kid birthday parties, will be up for volunteering at any school function, and also have time to pack up the family for a camping weekend away. You always leave your mark wherever you go, and motherhood will be no different.

18 Taurus: The Mama Who Invests Wisely

Anyone who falls under the Taurus sign is known for their common sense and practicality. You’ve always been good with money, and this won’t change even when you have four screaming kids to feed. You’re not afraid to go great lengths to score a deal and intend on passing on your financially savvy attitude to your kiddos.

Likewise, you believe in return on investment. Not only do you value investing in material goods, but you have the same approach with childrearing — if you raise your kids to be polite, respectful, responsible little humans, they’ll give the same back to you in the future.

17 Gemini: The Mom Who’s Still A Child At Heart

Gemini ladies will love becoming a mother because they’re so youthful down to the core. People might say you’re still a child at heart, but that’s not always a bad thing.

It means you’ll be better able to relate to your kiddos and see things from their perspective. Better yet, it also means you’ll always keep your family guessing.

They’ll never know what fun activity you have planned or surprise is waiting for them at home. There will never be a quiet moment in your home, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just remember that consistency and boundaries are key to raising successful kids, so don’t be hesitant to be firm when you need to be (even if it goes against your nature).

16 Air Signs: The Mom Who Hosts All The Playdates

The air signs — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — are social creatures. Your personality is friendly and lovable, and likewise, you enjoy being surrounded by people. Just because you become a mom doesn’t mean your social life has to suffer, and the air signs know this to be true.

You’ll be the type of mom who always volunteers her house to host parties and playdates.

When your kid has a friend over, you’ll invite the friend’s mom to come have coffee with you while the kids do your thing. You’ll be able to strike up a conversation with moms everywhere, whether it’s at school drop off or your daughter’s soccer game. And it’s likely your kiddos will grow up to be just as big of a social butterfly as you are.

15 Water Signs: The Mom Who Can Keep A Secret

The water signs (think Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are naturally mysterious. You can be a bit shy, but this also means you can sure keep a secret safe.

Likewise, you give great advice and are supportive, which means friends and family come flocking to you whenever they need to get something off their chest.

These qualities will be a huge asset when you’re a mom. Your kids will feel comfortable to talk to you about anything and they’ll also be confident that you can keep their secret safe from dad or the rest of the family. Water signs are highly intuitive and sensitive, so you’ll be able to use your keen judgement to decide if the secret is worth keeping or if it’s in the child’s best interest that their other parent knows, as well.

14 Cancer: The Natural Nurturer

Growing up as a Cancer, you probably felt like a big hug could make anything better and that’s why you’ll be a nurturer when it’s your time to become a mother.

Cancers are known for their sensitivity, sentimentality, and ability to comfort people in the worst situations.

You’ve likely been a nurturer from a young age, whether it was to your friends, siblings, or even just your dolls. Many Cancer women feel that they were born for motherhood and we have a feeling it’s going to come to you easily. Just beware that Cancer moms can easily become overprotective or overly anxious which can turn you into a helicopter parent if you’re not aware.

13 Leo: Mom Runs The Household

Who runs the world? Girls! Who runs the household? A Leo mom!

Leos are natural-born leaders and this will translate into the multiple facets of your life, whether it’s your career or your home. As a mom, a Leo lady is going to be strong-willed, organized, and direct. You know how valuable time is and you hate it when it feels like it’s being wasted.

You’ll be the type of mom to always keep your kids (and subsequently yourself) busy, and you definitely have the last say in your house.

While a Leo mom is hardly mean, she is known to be stern. You’ll have high standards for your kids since you’re likely an overachiever yourself. Just remember that your kids aren’t exactly carbon copies of you, so cut them some slack!

12 Virgo: Mom The Micromanager

Virgos are infamous for being highly organized, highly intelligent, and also highly neurotic. These qualities will be your strengths and weaknesses as a mom. You’ll be incredibly organized, so much so, the family calendar will likely be colour coded and each kid will have their own planner. You’ll have each day mapped out and will insist your kids are in multiple activities at once

As much as you’ll want to micromanage your kids, remember to not overanalyze things.

Virgos tend to be a bit judgemental and even self-righteous, so it’s easy to make your child feel less than because of your high standards. Remember that not everyone is as neurotic as you, Virgo, not even your kids!

11 Earth Signs: The Motivating Mama

The earth signs, which includes Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are all known for being grounded and down to Earth. You can be a painful realist, which is difficult when you have to break some harsh news to someone.

But it also means that you’re excellent at planning and foreseeing obstacles, which will be beneficial when motivating your own kids to reach their goals.

You’re stable and strong, so you’ll be a huge support system for them. Likewise, you’re intelligent and practical, so you can help them devise a plan for how to achieve their dreams. Let’s just say when the time to submit college applications arrives, your kids will be more than prepared!

10 Fire Signs: Raising Little Artists

Chances are if you fall under a fire sign, you’re known for your creativity and artistic talent. Yet even if you’re not, you’re still well adept to raise the next Picasso or Bob Ross.

Fire signs are passionate and always ready for action. They love creating, whether it’s a work of art or making new memories, so you’ll encourage your kiddos to explore their own interests.

Your desire to always try new things will have you enrolling your kids in all sorts of activities, and once they find a passion project, you’ll find a way to get the whole family involved. You’ll find satisfaction in helping your children develop their passions and self-awareness, which in turn will feed your love for adventure.

9 Libra: The Always-Put-Together Mama

Libras are the most put-together signs in astrology, known for their refined taste and eye for style. You’ll be the mom on the playground who always looks like she’s dressed for New York Fashion Week, even though it’s only the 8 am drop-off. Other parents will wonder how you do it, but you’ve been an overachiever all of your life, so it will be simply a breeze for you.

As such, you’ll be a great model for what self-care looks like for your kids. Simply because you’re a mom isn’t a reason to let yourself go, says the Libra mindset. You find satisfaction in helping other people, so inspiring your own brood of kids to be the best they can be will feel like your true calling.

8 Scorpio: A (Scorpio) Mother’s Intuition

Scorpios are highly intuitive signs and this will be a godsend if you become a parent. You’ve learned to trust your gut and will let that inspire your parenting choices. Unsurprisingly, you’ll likely have an amazing ‘death stare’ — you know, the look you give kids when you know they’ve done something wrong and won’t fess up. Your kiddos will never be able to let things slip past you.

As a water sign, Scorpios are very nurturing and emotional, which will let you tap into your maternal side.

Your kids will either cling to you or run away from you depending on your mood (or if you can sense they’ve been up to no good). Motherhood will come naturally for you!

7 Sagittarius: The Mom With Wisdom

The Sagittarius is fiercely independent and has trouble being tied down for too long — but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to be awesome parents. On the contrary, your sense of adventure, great humour, and high rate of maturity will work in your favour. The advantage of a Sagittarius mom is all of the wisdom she’s able to impart on her children.

You won’t see your kids as helpless or reckless. Rather, you’re able to recognize them as individuals and will treat them like real people instead of patronizing them.

You won’t be afraid to give them real, honest advice based on your own experiences and this will help you create a unique bond with your kiddos.

6 Air Signs: Encourage Open Communication

The air signs are communicators. They appreciate deep, intellectual thinking and likewise value constructive conversation. You’ll expect to have the same open dialogue with your children as you do the other people in your life.

Your patience, friendly attitude, and knack for giving advice will ensure you have an easy flow of communication with your family.

You’ll be more likely to have a productive discussion with your kids versus simply getting mad when they’re in trouble. Having such openness and transparency with your children will encourage them to come to you with their problems rather than keep them bottled up, which will be an asset once they hit their teenage years.

5 Capricorn: The Structured Mother

Some signs are more free-spirited than others, but Capricorns are not one of them. Anyone who falls under this sign appreciates planning, organization, and consistency. You’re likely drawn to traditional values and hope to approach motherhood the same way by having a good career, getting hitched, and then having kiddos, in that order.

Your best trait will be always giving your kids a sense of stability. You’ve always got everything figured out and it will make your family feel secure and organized.

You’re not afraid to be stern or even play the bad cop if it’s in the best interest of your children. Just be careful not to let your need for structure and proneness to anxiety overwhelm you, mama!

4 Aquarius: The Open-Minded Mama

Aquarius is the most curious sign in astrology. From a young age, you’ve likely had a plethora of questions and enjoyed discovering the world through your own lens. So, if you become a mom, you’ll likely share this love for adventures and discovery with your own brood. Your creative imagination will allow you to spend hours on end with your kids making memories and having your own adventures.

Your greatest trait will be your open mind. No question is too silly for your kids to ask.

They’ll feel comfortable enough to come to you with any and all questions or concerns. Your youthful, original personality will likely rub off on your kiddos.

3 Pisces: The Mom With The Best Ear

Pisces are emotionally intelligent, meaning they’re good at reading other people’s feelings and responding accordingly. This will be of huge benefit if you become a mom.

You’ll have a great listening ear that your kids will take full advantage of. You’ll be able to sense when something is wrong even if they don’t tell you, and you have a strong sense of intuition.

Likewise, you know the value of self-care in helping you recharge your batteries — an important life lesson you will pass on to your kids. Just be cautious — some Pisces have trouble setting boundaries and can become emotionally drained easily. You can’t do good for others, especially your kiddos, if you’re not taking care of yourself, too.

2 Water Signs: The Supportive Mama

Whether you’re a people person or not, all water signs are known for their friendly attitude and solid advice.

And, as a water sign gains wisdom throughout the years, they become even more supportive and encouraging and this will be your strength come motherhood.

Your kids will never feel you’re lacking in the support department. You’re the mom who makes sure she comes to all of their recitals and sports games. You maintain a strict policy of open communication in the household. You’re the glue that holds your family together; the rock that’s laying the foundation for everyone’s success. Just make sure you’re not lacking in the self-care area, too.

1 Earth Signs: The Always-Over-Prepared Mom

The best qualities about earth signs are their dependability and practicality. So, if a mom falls under an earth sign, you can expect her to always be prepared, well, more like over-prepared.

Seriously, you’ll be the mama who had your hospital bag packed months before the due date. You’ll have the baby’s pre-school and elementary school chosen before their first birthday, and you’ll be talking about college before they head off to middle school.

Sometimes, it’ll annoy your family how you always plan things out. But everyone knows that your preparedness is an asset to the family and they can always come to you if they need a solution to any problem.

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